#QuadGoals: FRY_FPV

Most FPV pilots have several different quads for different occasions or flying styles. This week’s featured #QuadGoals pilot is no different. FRY_FPV shares with us the details about his go-to quad, as well as his main freestyle rig.

“When I travel, I bring with me my go-to quad. It is perfect for any situation I’ll fly into: long range, cinematic, bando, freestyle, proximity and even cinewhooping. It’s a very solid and reliable build, even after staying 2 hours in the water.

When I am back home, I fly my full-on freestyle quad. It’s lighter and very responsive, perfect for gaps that requires precision and is ideal for practicing the Juicy style flying.”

Drone pilot: FRY_FPV

Video filmed with the go-to quad: VIETNAM – cinematic FPV

Video filmed with the freestyle quad: BANDO HEAVEN

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