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The results are in for the April 9th - 15th drone video of the week! CONGRATULATIONS GOES TO...Postandfly for his drone video MEXICO A TRIP OF 5 YEARS! AirVūz contributor Tarsicio Sañudo Suárez, known in the community as "Postandfly", is a drone pilot based in Mexico City, Mexico. Although he is a Mexican local, he never loses interest in exploring all the wonderful sights of Mexico with his drone! He got his start in the drone world five years ago while in search of economic independence and a new position in life. About six months after starting, he purchased a DJI Phantom 1 drone and the rest is history. He quit his job to pursue his own aerial videography company and has had much success in the drone industry. Other notable recognition he received for his work includes nominations from numerous drone film festivals like the NYCDFF and the London Drone Film Festival. He now owns quite the assortment of DJI Drones including a Phantom 1, a Phantom 2, a F450, a Inspire 1, a Mavic Pro, and a Phantom 4 Pro and can't stop capturing all that impressive aerial footage. Check out his winning video along with the 90+ uploads he has on AirVūz! Massive thanks to last week's nominees for sharing some of their best aerial work on AirVūz!

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