By Fabio Knoll
Is this drone footage of the red planet, Mars? Actually, this seemingly extraterrestrial location is the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan. AirVūz contributor Fabio Knoll captured its dramatic rock formations and red sand dunes in this incredible drone video. Don't miss out on this one!

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DJI Phantom 3 Pro 4k

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Dubai Palm Island 2015

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From 2016 to now, I have made many movies from var

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DJI Mavic Drone footage of Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka by Drone

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South Island of New Zealand [4K]

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A short summary of my summer 2016 family vacation.

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By Carlo Caacbay

Downtown, Houston, Texas

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Short flight in the brautiful Area of the Walensee

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Amden - Switzerland with DJI Mavic

By TenzK82

A flight over the Turkish culture.

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By Fabio Knoll

Golden wheat fields and lush green hills highlight

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Beauty & Bounty

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Take a aerial trip through the Middle East through

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Dubai: A Bird’s Eye View

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David Etienne Durivage, <br /><br />Director - Pro

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Filming my home sweet home country in switzerland

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Filming my home sweet home

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Fields in Skåne, Sweden in the springtime

VŪZ 1 | a minute ago 03:53

Over the fields in Arrie, Sweden

By Amussssss

Just another day at the beach.

VŪZ 3 | 8 minutes ago 01:57

Blacks Beach | Bottoms Up

By JacuzziSurfer

Gear:<br />Realacc X210 Pro 3k<br />CC3D REVO F4 r

VŪZ 2 | 10 minutes ago 02:00

one pack session at my homespot

By FreerideTyrol

Just some fun

VŪZ 3 | 13 minutes ago 01:21

Friday rippage

By Pittfly

Well after 2-3 years of flying with the Fatshark t

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Dam Rippage

By b_radFPV

A short video filmed at Indura Golf Resort in Tela

VŪZ 4 | an hour ago 00:56

Golf at Indura Golf Resort

By Andyba

Set up a quick race course in the crib, loving the

VŪZ 8 | an hour ago 02:23

Whoopin the house

By b_radFPV

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VŪZ 7 | 3 hours ago

Geiranger fjord

By Mohri Films

VŪZ 7 | 11 hours ago

Alaskan Highway

By alaska42

VŪZ 5 | 12 hours ago

Cubadak Island Flight

By Mattcoq

VŪZ 11 | 12 hours ago

Napa Valley

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By Flying_Panda_FPV

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Real Estate Sydney

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Icleand III

By karmakoma

VŪZ 11 | 17 hours ago

Alte Schlosskirche

By jocelyn

VŪZ 8 | 18 hours ago

Through the Fields

By vierafly

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Philippines , Negros island north in the Kanraon(C

VŪZ 317952 | 6 months ago 03:00

Kanlaon Volcano(Canlaon)


Surfers enjoy the crystal clear waters of Phillip

VŪZ 23558 | 2 months ago 01:00

Aussies Surfing With Sharks

By Aero Retina Optics

In January 2017 we spend 3 weeks in the Ross Sea,

VŪZ 26278 | 22 days ago 02:09

Ross Sea Antarctica 2017

By emanhu

Rachel Vedder Bikini shoot with an aerial touch.

VŪZ 13725 | 18 days ago 01:26

Rachel Vedder SI Swimsuit

By F3 Visuals

Hey guys this is my short edit of my norway trip l

VŪZ 6449 | 13 days ago 02:23

A Drone In Norway

By tramontohiti

A poem to the city of Bogota, the city of the wind

VŪZ 17463 | 6 months ago 06:44

Ciudad de los Vientos

By la.drones

Infinity Visuals Demo Reel<br /><br />Facebook: fa

VŪZ 5063 | 7 months ago 02:53

Infinity Visuals Demo Reel 2016

By Infinity Visuals

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

VŪZ 45737 | 3 months ago 04:30


By Omer Gokcen BAYRAKCI

Secrets of the Judaean Desert<br />---------------

VŪZ 3904 | a year ago 02:35

Secrets of the Judaean Desert

By Rea_Burla

Aerial Glimpse -Bangladesh is about seeing Banglad

VŪZ 54957 | a year ago 02:36

Bangladesh - Aerial Glimpse

By shumon

A compilation of the different video I have taken

VŪZ 6334 | 9 months ago 02:53

A flight through Mongolia

By YoumiTrip

shot in different aprt of the Romanian Mountains.

VŪZ 18013 | a month ago 02:36

Beautiful Carpahia

By The Brothers M

Another weekend getaway :D

VŪZ 12424 | 5 months ago 03:16

Zambales, Philippines

By jedidiah08

Aerials featuring several parts of the philippines

VŪZ 9552 | 5 months ago 03:58

Perspective - Aerial Reel

By franz.evo.aerials

Pagodas, cities and landscape in Myanmar, Burma.

VŪZ 9122 | 3 months ago 05:51

Amazing Myanmar (Burma)

By GeorgeMarcu