Bran Castle - "The Visit Of Dracula" (Aerial Drone)

By fabriziob
Dracula uttered through sharp fangs, “I want you to believe…to believe in things you cannot.” When you watch this drone video of Bran Castle, you better believe this spooky abode doesn’t just exist in fiction! AirVūz contributor fabriziob captured some intense aerial shots of this famous Transylvanian castle that you won’t want to miss. Watch if you dare…

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Video produced by Ceos Imagens Aéreas<br />Phantom

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Guarda do Embaú - SC - Brasil

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Around the warehouse with critical foundations

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Foundations inspection

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Beautiful fly up the lake

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Flying through the lake

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Motorcycle show

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he best view in the downtown of Caracas

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Caracas downtown

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The best view of Margarita island

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Margarita island

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Nice concert in Hesperia Hotel

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By DronesDeVenezuela

UNICEF run Caracas 2015

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UNICEF Run Caracas

By DronesDeVenezuela

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VŪZ 5 | 9 hours ago

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Loving these packs!

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Railroad Bridge


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Bridgend from Beddau

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Church of St. Mary

By Mediaguy

VŪZ 15 | 15 hours ago

flirting with the giants

By Joe.images

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Ukranian Drone Model Lisa

By Omer Gokcen BAYRAKCI

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I have been flying since March 18, 2017 it is now

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Three months of flying MOTIVATIONAL

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Sorry guys, had to reupload it due to some copyrig

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Use headphones for better sound experience.<br />S

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Everything is from today 9 June 2017! Took my son

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Bros, Beer & FPV : Texsun "I Mean It"

By TexsunFU

Happy Birthday to my free spirit dancing machine,

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Drone Girls Just Want to Have Fun

By Queen of the Drone

Hey guys this is my short edit of my norway trip l

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A Drone In Norway

By tramontohiti

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City of Lakes Udaipur : India

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