By Magnus Bo Hansen
Off of the East African coast is the tropical island nation of Seychelles. AirVūz contributor Magnus Bo Hansen captured this island’s white sand beaches, vibrant forests, and tranquil way of life in this must-watch drone video. Click that play button to take a trip to paradise!

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Welcome back to AirVūz ReVūz, a show dedicated to

VŪZ 53 | 2 hours ago 03:45

AirVūz ReVūz: DJI Inspire 2

By AirVūz ReVūz

So ready for spring to spring, Kirk loses his temp

VŪZ 94 | 4 days ago 00:54

Ice Ice Baby

By Perk

At the Liberty Science Center for the "Day of

VŪZ 125 | 4 days ago 02:43


By AirVūzNews

It's Friday! That means TopVūz is here! This weeks

VŪZ 767 | 4 days ago 02:57

TopVūz: March 23rd

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Tyler Mason travels to New York City in this episo

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The Drone Dish: dizifilms

By The Drone Dish

FREE MONEY!?!?!<br /><br />Make sure to get your u

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YourVūz: Madness Deadline Reminder

By YourVūz

Hello from Oregon! This is one of the most scenic

VŪZ 1942 | 8 days ago 07:18

Droning America: Portland, OR

By Droning America

Have you ever wanted to test out a drone before yo

VŪZ 481 | 8 days ago 03:15

AV News: Up Sonder

By AirVūzNews

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Filming my home sweet home country in switzerland

VŪZ 2908 | 12 days ago 01:06

Filming my home sweet home

By Ultraprod

Contact: ilkoiliev777@gmail.com<br />Stunts: Ilko

VŪZ 5992 | 9 days ago 05:38

2D RUN - MMP 3 (Mixed Motion Project)

By ilko

2016 was without a doubt one of the best years of

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2016 sure was a beauty!

By Jaimen

The Minneapolis skyline like its never been seen b

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Drone Super Ball

By AirVūz Official

The 'Preikestolen' hike is highly recommended if v

VŪZ 2443 | 25 days ago 01:34

Sunrise at Preikestolen, Norway

By chrisnorway

I can't wait to do this on a proper car track!<br

VŪZ 3054 | a month ago 00:50

Lambos in Miami

By JohnnyFPV

Pinnacle Mountain Hike at Sunrise

VŪZ 2258 | a month ago 00:49

Pinnacle Mountain Hike at Sunrise

By droneloop

An unfortunate event didn't allow me to put the ex

VŪZ 3513 | a month ago 04:28

Can't touch it

By NytfuryFPV

Relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of Hawaii.

VŪZ 2647 | a month ago 02:32

Tropical Meditation

By OpticalHI

This is a small collection of some of my favorite

VŪZ 10724 | a month ago 02:09

Aerial Reel

By dirka

This is just a short sample of some of the awesome

VŪZ 3189 | a month ago 01:04

Air + Style L.A.

By AirVūz Official

http://bradscottvisuals.com Lake Tahoe Drone foota

VŪZ 10665 | 2 months ago 02:30

Tahoe 4K Drone footage

By Brad Scott Visuals

Various drone shots from across the world

VŪZ 6042 | 2 months ago 03:19

Across The World

By skuhlman2

Another footage from the beautiful Allgäu in south

VŪZ 5068 | 2 months ago 02:23

The Beauty of Winter

By Eye-Catchgraphy

Showreel of Veerdonk Visuals

VŪZ 11483 | 2 months ago 03:00

Veerdonk Visuals Showreel

By Veerdonkvisuals

One year traveling around the world..

VŪZ 14153 | 2 months ago 01:00


By Isabellefabre

Ice fishing with a drone.

VŪZ 6467 | 2 months ago 00:32

Drone Fishing

By Matt Rafferty

Ship in Istanbul

VŪZ 169872 | 2 months ago 06:53


By Omer Gokcen BAYRAKCI

2 Continents and New Bridge Conbstruction in Bosph

VŪZ 344806 | 8 months ago 04:15


By Omer Gokcen BAYRAKCI

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FRAME: CC185X<br />BATTERY: 4S 1300MAH <br />PROPS

VŪZ 11 | an hour ago 00:44

CC185X Test Flight

By Kekonline

A video showcasing the beauty of Northern Iceland

VŪZ 12 | an hour ago 04:16

Iceland from the Air

By harryharper

Welcome back to AirVūz ReVūz, a show dedicated to

VŪZ 53 | 2 hours ago 03:45

AirVūz ReVūz: DJI Inspire 2

By AirVūz ReVūz

A new edition dronie of our trip to the Colombian

VŪZ 10 | 2 hours ago 02:36

Dronie whales and dolphins

By FabianBPhoto

A short video of our trip so far. 4 months mashed

VŪZ 13 | 2 hours ago 01:02

Show you the world

By They went there

Not another back yard flight... <br />Sorry. Last

VŪZ 4 | 3 hours ago 04:19

Not Again


Sunday was  great. I flew 15 packs on 3 different

VŪZ 6 | 3 hours ago 03:20


By Maxi FPV

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Philippines , Negros island north in the Kanraon(C

VŪZ 223325 | 4 months ago 03:00

Kanlaon Volcano(Canlaon)


Video by www.yolo-ca.fr<br />To discover more coun

VŪZ 252170 | 3 months ago 02:55

Philippines - Choose Your Island

By Yolo (MrOuch)

Iceland drone footage in 4K.

VŪZ 8876 | 2 months ago 11:50

Iceland in 4K - Drone Footage

By dronesantana007

Fly over Manila, Philippines

VŪZ 4507 | a month ago 04:18

Tropical Vacation III

By Omer Gokcen BAYRAKCI

Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: http://youtube.co

VŪZ 143485 | 5 months ago 04:49

7107: Islands of The Philippines

By christer_isulat

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

VŪZ 3818 | a month ago 04:30


By Omer Gokcen BAYRAKCI

Action Brothers drone showreel #2

VŪZ 208876 | 7 months ago 04:39

Aerial filming in Russia

By Nicko

A compilation of shots from the Golden Gate bridge

VŪZ 24350 | 3 months ago 00:41

Golden Gate Bridge

By jordanthe

Some beautiful places in Bali Island from above

VŪZ 40865 | a year ago 02:49

Bali Island From Above

By MarcosPohan

Some DJI footage of one of the most beautiful coun

VŪZ 15226 | 5 months ago 02:32

Ultimate Iceland

By Aleksandar Petakov

Después de nuestro increíble viaje en el Pacifico

VŪZ 131856 | 4 months ago 02:20

El Peñol Guatapé

By FabianBPhoto

Waterfall.... - UltraHD 4K<br /><br />Here the you

VŪZ 66697 | 9 months ago 04:47

Islanda 2016 from Sky - Seljalandsfoss

By altrove

This is another part of our trip around Indonesia!

VŪZ 6648 | 4 months ago 05:31


By Kamuethy

The spectacular Norwegian nature, captured by dron

VŪZ 24546 | 5 months ago 03:55

Spectacular Norway

By simenhaughom

Soul of Sea

VŪZ 3396 | 3 months ago 05:36

Soul of Sea

By Sardinia from Sky

David Etienne Durivage, <br /><br />Director - Pro

VŪZ 5187 | 13 days ago 01:34


By dizifilms