June 24, 2017

Yes, you CAN control time ⏱ and space. Its called drone lapse!

For the ultimate dramatic effect, drone pilots everywhere are using drone lapse videography to further amp up their amazing footage.  It’s a direct line to beautiful, spine-tingling content and absolutely takes even the best videos to another level of brilliance.

There are a few methods to achieve it, and chances are, your drone even has a very convenient setting to get you started!  Whether you’re capturing clouds, crowds, or traffic, this element of videography adds drama and texture to your video, not to mention a fun method for channeling your creativity.

To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve got a beautiful collection of Drone Lapse Videos, only on AirVūz

Happy Flying!

Team AirVūz   |   #UnitedbyDrone


June 22, 2017

Happy Selfie Day! (a.k.a Happy Dronie Day for us drone lovers!)

Yes, selfies are cool, but dronies are better! 😉

Today’s the day when you can shamelessly share all of those self-captured moments and revel in the communal fun!  But –  if you can take that selfie one step up (way up…courtesy of your drone) to a fantastic aerial view and create an awesome dronie, we’re pretty certain that’s even better!

We could ‘drone on’ for hours about cool drone videos with people in them…but really, what better way to emphasize our point than with a dronie of our own??

Yeah, we like to have a little fun too.   And while we hope you enjoy this little vid of us goofing off, we really hope it’ll nudge you just a bit to share your own charming, funny, scenic, crazy, and otherwise amazing dronies with us too!

…because after all, behind every cool drone is a cooler pilot, and more often than not, those happy mugs should be in the shot too! 😁

Team AirVuz   |   #UnitedbyDrone

June 20, 2017

Premiering Tonight: DRL 2017 SEASON! Good luck to Team AirVūz FPV pilots FLYINGBEAR and WILD WILLY!

THE DRL 2017 SEASON is premiering worldwide…Are you ready? 

The Drone Racing League has got an amazing season starting tonight, and we can’t wait to take it all in!  You’ll find the excitement on ESPN2 starting tonight at 8pm EST, and the fun continues through mid-July.  BTW – have you heard that the prize money for the winner is set at US$100,000?

Good luck to all the pilots, and especially to our Team AirVūz FPV pilots FlyingBear and Wild Willy who’ll be charging their way through the season the only way they know how — fast!

So get your props up and your DVR set…its going to be a wild and adrenaline filled ride! (For full race schedule – including replays – please check the DRL race schedule!)

Team AirVūz   |   #UnitedbyDrone

June 20, 2017

GUEST BLOGGER: Freybott from Team AirVuz FPV! Racing Drones 120m below Ground!

Yes – you read that right.

Awhile back, I had the opportunity to race drones *below* ground.  Not just in a cool sports court /basement type room either.  I’m talking about something much cooler…the retired Salina Turda salt mine in Romania, which has been renovated into a world class entertainment and amusement center!

Organized by the Drone Champions League in Europe, this drone racing event pulled together the world’s best FPV pilots into the depths of these salt caves, making the most of it’s still air, expansive space, and 3D track.  It was a challenging and exhilarating course, and proves that the DCL’s choice of racing locations is pretty much unparalleled.

I’m proud to race with the DCL and look forward to future races too.   You can see my video of the event here on AirVuz, in which I show a bit of my arrival in Romania, a quick tour of the salt mine venue, and then the race itself.  It was a pretty unique and unbelievably cool set up…I’ll never forget it!

If you’re looking for more videos of DCL events, good news!  A great (and growing) collection of Drone Champions League races has just been created (including vids from the recent Paris event), and you can only find it here on AirVūz!

Let’s go fly!

Phil Freybott   |    Team AirVuz FPV

June 18, 2017

Your Fathers Day plans included flying a drone, right?!?

Because he may have said he’d be fine grilling, but he really just wanted to fly his drone…😉

What better way to capture the father/son,  father/daughter, father/doggie, father/whole family dynamic than from above!?

Seriously though, if you were out flying, you were out of the house, together, doing something you both enjoy, and now you may even have the best souvenir of it too…a dronie!!

Whether you’re doing a little FPV racing or freestyle, or hiking out to a scenic vista, your drone is the best tag-along to make the day memorable.  We’ve got the proof too…we see lots of drone videos of fathers, hanging out with their families, making the memories an old school video camera couldn’t possibly create!  (Hint hint: these fun videos are now spending some quality time together in a great collection of Dads and’ll want to stop over and see them too!)

Hope all you Fathers of all types had the best Father’s Day ever!  And if you were out there flying, we hope you enjoyed the best of blue skies and big smiles, and that you’ll share your goods with us on AirVuz!

Happy Flying!

Team AirVuz  |   #UnitedbyDrone

June 14, 2017

Get to know IG superstar @dirka!

If you’re a drone pilot, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with Dirk Dallas.

Perhaps you don’t know his name or his face, but you might know Dallas for the hashtag he created: #FromWhereIDrone.  Dallas, a long-time photographer and a drone pilot for the past several years, came up with the now-popular hashtag when posting his own aerial work to Instagram.

As one of the first-ever users of Instagram — he downloaded it on the day it launched — Dallas has made a name for himself on the platform. He routinely posts drone images and videos to both his personal account (@dirka) and his drone account (@fromwhereidrone).

Dallas discussed all of that and more on The Drone Dish on  The California-based Dallas also talks about how he first got into drones, what his inspiration is for his photographs, what types of drones he flies and more.  And he explained the idea behind launching his website,

Be sure to check out Dirk’s profile on AirVuz. And catch more episodes of The Drone Dish featuring some of the world’s best and most influential drone pilots.

Happy Flying!

Team AirVuz   |    #United by Drone

June 9, 2017

Go Ahead. Rock the boat (video)!

A sure fire way to stir up some FOMO? Killer drone footage of boats is a good place to start.

Of course riding on a boat is the best way to enjoy the water.  But let’s not underestimate just how stunning the view from above is!  Taking the sights of a gorgeous sailing regatta, a luxury yacht, or a string of tied up boats replete with friends and fun conjures up the best of water and warm weather memories.

Hardworking and historic boats make for great footage as well!  Have you ever seen a cruise ship bust through the dicey waters of the Antarctic?  Or the historic Mayflower II passing through the gorgeous Cape Cod canal?  Maybe you’ve seen ocean liners like the QE2, but you’ve never seen them like this! We’re betting you probably haven’t had the birds eye view of moving cargo ship either (yep – that one took some nerves!) but you can find it on AirVuz!

…and there are of course plenty of cool videos of boats that have unfortunately seen better days. Abandoned ships and half sunken boats also are interesting subjects to capture!

We’ve found all of these (and more!) in our recent uploads, so naturally, we had to anchor them into a beautiful group for everyone to enjoy.

So make waves and set your course for this fascinating collection of boats…and then when you’re back in safe harbor, share your boating goodies with us too!

Happy Flying!

Team AirVuz   |    #United by Drone


June 7, 2017

How To Make Money Flying Your Drone

By Tyler Mason

More and more drone pilots are making money by flying their drones, and now you can too on AirVūz!

A few simple additions to your AirVūz profile can help increase your visibility as a commercial drone pilot. Make sure, though, that you have the proper certification in your country to be able to operate a drone for commercial purposes.

AirVūz offers a few different ways for drone pilots to make money. The first is the “Donate” button. The second is a “Hire Me” button. Both can be added by editing your profile page. To do so, click on the top right corner of the home page and click on “profile.” 

From there, click edit to make changes to your profile. 

You’ll see two boxes you can check to activate both the “Donate” and “Hire Me” buttons on your profile. Add a PayPal address to the donate section. Your email will be used for the “hire me” function. 

That’s it. You’re all set up. If someone sees your work and is interested in donating to a project you’re working on or wants to hire you for a project of their own, you’ll be ready.

Both ThisIsTilt and LA Drones are prime examples of drone operations and creative content creators that have turned their love of flying into full time careers.

Check out the Tilt Demo Showeel

The DroneDish interview of LA Drones gives insight into their process and style –

June 5, 2017

Abandoned, but not forgotten. (Thanks to your drones!)

Drone videos of abandoned places are showing up pretty often on AirVuz! Maybe it’s because of the ultimate challenge they pose to drone pilots?  Maybe it’s because they illicit an emotional response from us, reminding us of  days gone by.  Or perhaps, it’s because nobody likes to see anything left behind – anywhere.

Whatever the case, your drones (per usual) have outdone themselves this time.   They’ve created awareness of these abandoned spots and provided us – as enthusiastic viewers – a vantage point we simply wouldn’t otherwise have.

We’ve pulled together a collection of the best footage of abandoned places: an abandoned ship, abandoned towns, an abandoned psychiatric hospital, the lonely Pontiac Silverdomean empty Air Basea retired mill, and plenty more.  These cool finds are simultaneously both chilling – and – stunning!

We know your curiosity is piqued, so we won’t fault you a bit if you abandon us now here to take it all in for yourself…

Happy Flying!

Team AirVuz   |   #UnitedByDrone

May 30, 2017

Announcing the #SmokinDronesContest with #TinyWhoop and #Tattu!

Calling all Tiny Whoopers!  Win a brand new Tiny Whoop, custom-built by none other than Mr. Tiny Whoop himself, Jesse Perkins!

Here’s all you need to do: Upload to AirVūz your fully edited, 2+ minute video flying a Tiny Whoop or Inductrix (or any other micro-class quad), and share it to the Smokin’ Drones Facebook Page!

The more creative you can get with showing your Whoop skills, the better chance you have of winning!  Set up an awesome track, show off your acro skills, or think up something that has never been done before!  The sky’s the limit!

The fine print:

  1. Upload your video to the Tiny Whoop / Inductrix FPV category on AirVūz (last day to upload is Friday, June 16, 2017 at 11:59 pm PST).
  2. Include these 3 hashtags as keywords: #SmokinDronesContest #TinyWhoop  #Tattu
  3. Share your AirVuz video link to the Smokin’ Drones Facebook Page  by Friday, June 16, 2017 at 11:59 pm PST.   (Not a member yet?  Just submit a request and they’ll get you added!)
  4. Stay tuned for more info for voting, once the submission deadline has passed!

Prizes will be distributed to winners once they are announced!

1st Place:  One (1) Tiny Whoop custom-built by Jesse Perkins, using the latest and greatest motors, FC and camera/VTX, all components handpicked and recommended by Jesse.  Also included in this prize package is a 5-Pack of Tiny Whoop Tattu batteries (1s 220mAh)

    2nd Place: One (1) Inductrix FPV RTF. Also included in this prize package is a 5-Pack of Tiny Whoop Tattu batteries (1s 220mAh
        3rd Place: One (1) 5-Pack of Tiny Whoop Tattu batteries (1s 220mAh)

For more inspiration, we’ve pulled together the coolest Tiny Whoop videos on the site!  And while you’re at it,  you can find more information there too about the contest, prizes, etc!

Good luck to all those who plan to whoop it up!

AirVūz | United by Drone