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December 11, 2019

#QuadGoals: SE_FPV

With more than 50 videos uploaded to AirVuz, it was about time we featured SE_FPV in our #QuadGoals series. Sean  tells us about his workhorse quad, which has taken part in plenty of epic flights:

“This is my filming/freestyle rig. It is a lightweight built being under 700g with a Hero 6 and a 1800mah lipo. It is also very reliable. It has been to all my local spots, on an FPV road trip through Germany, at the sea and all the way up to above the clouds at the sea to sky race in Kemer. Also, it never let me down while filming dirt jumping or mountain biking. And if you need it to it will also go up a mountain and all the way back down to get the great landscape shots.”

Drone pilot: SE_FPV

Video filmed with this quad: QuadGoals


Foxeer Predator Mini V3

November 27, 2019

#QuadGoals: mrhappefpv

We go tiny with this week’s #QuadGoals feature — as in Tiny Whoop. Pilot mrhappefpv shares not one but two of his favorite Tiny Whoop builds that he flies for different purposes. And with the winter season approaching for many pilots, it’s a good opportunity to start thinking about flying those Whoops again.

“I fly mostly Tiny Whoop builds and honestly I have a lot of favorite whoops depending on the circumstance. But I have two worth mentioning go-tos.

The 2SR9 Whoop is my go to LR cruiser and it’s flown some incredible areas of Japan while I was traveling there back in spring. This build hasn’t let me down when flying in places that a typical whoop wouldn’t be able to do.

The second, the BeeClopsHD, a Tiny Whoop sized 2s cinewhoop, outfitted with a @Runcam Split Nano 3. While it’s able to record in 1080p, it is safe to fly above and even in a crowd of party-goers at a recent Halloween party I attended.

Because of its Tiny Whoop size, I have no issues carrying them around with me all the time with my Fat Shark/Rapidfire and X-lite transmitter in a shoulder sling.”

Drone pilot: mrhappefpv

Video filmed with 2S Whoop: Tiny Whoop Miyajima Japan

Video filmed with BeeClopsHD: HD Tiny Whooping the GFW Halloween Party

2SR9 Whoop
NewBeeDrone Goober Canopy
BetaFPV v4 frame
Happymodel 0802 16000kv motors
Happymodel Crazybee F4 Pro V2.0 fc
Frsky R9mm
HGLRC GTX nano vtx
Wolfwhoop C5 micro cam
HQProp 31mm props
TBS 260 / 300 mah Graphene 1s lipos

Runcam Split Nano 3 (whoop version)
Happymodel 0802 16000kv motors
Happymodel Crazybee F4 Pro V2.0
HGLRC GTX nano vtx
NewBeeDrone Brushless whoop frame
NewBeeDrone BeeBrain V2 camera mount
Gemfan 31mm 3 bladed props
TrueRC Canada RHCP Singularity antenna
RDQ 300 / 350 mah 1s lipos

November 20, 2019

#QuadGoals: FRY_FPV

Most FPV pilots have several different quads for different occasions or flying styles. This week’s featured #QuadGoals pilot is no different. FRY_FPV shares with us the details about his go-to quad, as well as his main freestyle rig.

“When I travel, I bring with me my go-to quad. It is perfect for any situation I’ll fly into: long range, cinematic, bando, freestyle, proximity and even cinewhooping. It’s a very solid and reliable build, even after staying 2 hours in the water.

When I am back home, I fly my full-on freestyle quad. It’s lighter and very responsive, perfect for gaps that requires precision and is ideal for practicing the Juicy style flying.”

Drone pilot: FRY_FPV

Video filmed with the go-to quad: VIETNAM – cinematic FPV

Video filmed with the freestyle quad: BANDO HEAVEN

October 30, 2019


Want to explore the coast of Australia? You can do just that with this week’s #QuadGoals featured pilot: CLIFFORD FPV. Based in Australia, pilot Clifford Wakeman tells us about his reliable quad, which he flies along the coast for our enjoyment.

“It’s my go-to for high risk flights and anything freestyle because it’s an absolute tank and flies on rails. The Graffiti is a very special frame. You’ve never build anything like this. It’s packed with innovation and a lot of time was spent getting everything right, from the incredible hero mount with carbon screen protector, to the perfect centre of gravity for effortless tuning and incredible flight characteristics. It’s simply stunning. Big shout out to Bryce and Chase at Rebel Miniquads for creating this masterpiece.”
Drone pilot: CLIFFORD FPV
Video filmed with this quad: Long Reef is accurately named

Quad build:

October 23, 2019

#QuadGoals: teammistral

Wednesday means another edition of #QuadGoals. We head to France to feature this week’s pilot — and his quad. Introducing David Aspen, who you might know better as Team Mistral FPV. We’ll let him explain his quad build and why he enjoys flying it:

“It’s a personal creation, a lot of months of hard work and testing to finally have one of the best frames on the FPV game. Nobody has broken any carbon part yet, and the rigidity is awesome! I found exactly what I needed to make Freestyle, Cinematic, or Freeride video. This frame can handle almost everything and I love it A lot of 3D prints are available for free on Thingiverse and you can find all the spare parts in the shop. We decided to have one exclusive retailer in France because we wanted to maintain a low price for this quality of carbon which is really expensive to make.”

Drone pilot: teammistral

Video filmed with this quad: Welcome to Iceland (part 1)

Quad build
Frame: Team Mistral AK47 5 inch (soon available in 6 inch and in DJI HD version)

October 16, 2019

#QuadGoals: Tangybuttfrog

This week’s featured #QuadGoals pilot has an interesting handle — and one of his quads is quite peculiar. But Tangybuttfrog has the skills to back everything up. He tells us the build for a few of his quads, including one that uses a potato as a frame. Yes, you read that correctly. 🥔

“My main quad is the TBS Source One. I like flying it because it’s an inexpensive, durable and smooth-flying drone that outperforms my premium drones and allows me to push the limits a little further.”

Drone pilot: Tangybuttfrog

Video using this quad: Giant tunnel slide freestyle


Quad build (main quad):

Frame – TBS Source One
Components – Emax Magnum Mini stack (flight controller/esc/vtx combo)
Fpv cam – RunCam Micro Eagle
Hd cam – GoPro Hero 7
Potato quad
Frame – It’s a real actual potato
Components – F4 AIO flight controller/Spedix 4in1 esc 
FPV cam – RunCam Micro Eagle

September 25, 2019

#QuadGoals: CataFpv

We head to Italy for this week’s #QuadGoals feature, where we catch up with Francesco Catanese, aka CataFpv. This freestyle pilot has several years of flying under his belt and shares his latest quad build with us:

“My name is Francesco and I am an Italian freestyle pilot. I have started this experience with the drones four years ago and I have discovered a new and fantastic world that made me realize immediately how much I love it. This is my way of flying and most importantly what I like.  I love creating videos of cinematic/juicy for nature and landscapes or freestyle. I have tried different setups in the upcoming years and finally I obtain an amazing feeling with the AstroX. It’s a really light frame but resistant and it looks really nice because it has very slim edges.”

Drone pilot: CataFpv

Video using this quad: FPV – Stick Cam & Crash

Quad build:

Frame: AstroX

FC: Flightone RevoltOsd

Motor: Xnova Smooth Line 2750kv

Esc: Hobbywing 4in1 40A

Vtx: TBS Unify Pro v3

Cam: RunCam Micro Swift 2

Antenna: Lumenier AxII

Rx: TBS Crossfire Nano + Immortal

Props: HQProp v1s 5×4,3×3

Radio: Taranis X9D+

Goggle: Fatshark HDO + RapidFire

GoPro Hero 7 Black

September 4, 2019

#QuadGoals: Florian LE PRIOL

This week’s #QuadGoals featured pilot is not only a French FPV pilot but is an artist as well. The multi-talented Florian Le Priol shares with us a bit about his quad, as well as some FPV graphics he’s worked on.

“This my current setup for freestyle and cinematic shots on the ‘Breizh Rotor’ team! A strong frame made by a French man, Freddy Headshot from the Fiendship Team. The simplicity and the feeling of a full kiss setup. Big thanks to Mr Steele who offered me my first Kiss setup !
Powerful motors with the Hypetrain 2207, 2650 kv ( I have created the Hypetrain logo with the direction of Chad Kapper and the Rotor Riot team ), smooth flights and strong props with the T-Motor, good signal quality link and video feed with the TBS stuff,  and to finish, the “Madcase” to save for ever you GoPro session ! Made by a French man, César Chanussot, who made a really good protection mixing carbon and TPU.”
Drone pilot: Florian LE PRIOL
Video filmed with this quad: Cruising

Quad build

Frame : Coffin V2 from “Fiendship” FPV stuff ( French brand )
FPV cam: Foxeer Predator V3 micro
FPV Antenna: Lumenier Axii
Gopro Protection: The “Madcase” From the work of MDC (Madcase MDC)

August 28, 2019

#QuadGoals: Daviz FPV

We head to Italy for this week’s #QuadGoals feature, where we meet Davide Marica, known by his call sign Daviz FPV.
“Hello!  I am Davide from Sardinia, Italy. I started in August 2017 looking purely at an internet FPV video.  From there my curiosity began and a month and a half later I had assembled my first quad.  My favorite is the Martians.  Initially it had to be a spare build, but it was flying so well that I decided to put it on the pedestal.  I especially like it because I almost always fly over the sea and if something goes wrong, the damage would be minimal.  I like proximity and low pass flights but I especially like flying in places of unique beauty!”

Drone pilot: Daviz Fpv

Video filmed with this quad: Evening light | Fpv Freestyle

Quad Setup:
Frame – Martians
FPV Cam – Foxeer Arrow Mini
VTX – Tramp Hv
RX – R9 mini
Antenna – Foxeer Lollipop 2

HD Cam – GoPro Session 5

Module – Frsky R9M
Antennas – Prodrone

August 14, 2019

#QuadGoals: megmichaels3

Our pilot in this week’s #QuadGoals feature has a name for her favorite quad. The quad’s name? Trixie. The pilot’s name? Meg Michaels. She shares a bit about why she enjoys flying Trixie, which has served as a trusty quad for almost two years.

“Trixie has been around since November of 2017!!! This is my tribute to a drone who still has almost all of her original working components!!! (Switched to TBS Crossfire Nano RX) She was lost in a desert for four months, but when recovered, she worked perfectly! Aside from two broken props and a lost GoPro & battery, and some oil on the motors…SHE STILL WORKS!!”

Drone pilot: megmichaels3

Video filmed with this quad: My Trixie Tribute

Components used in this build:

Armattan Chameleon 5″ frame

FrSky x4rsb receiver

Matek VTX 25-500mw

Rotor Riot Hypetrain 2306 2450kv freestyle motors

PyroDrone HS117 cam

BMC3D Chameleon set

Stikit skin

Spedix Es25a ESCs


HQ Prop 5×4.3×3 V1S