Abandoned, but not forgotten. (Thanks to your drones!)

Drone videos of abandoned places are showing up pretty often on AirVuz! Maybe it’s because of the ultimate challenge they pose to drone pilots?  Maybe it’s because they illicit an emotional response from us, reminding us of  days gone by.  Or perhaps, it’s because nobody likes to see anything left behind – anywhere.

Whatever the case, your drones (per usual) have outdone themselves this time.   They’ve created awareness of these abandoned spots and provided us – as enthusiastic viewers – a vantage point we simply wouldn’t otherwise have.

We’ve pulled together a collection of the best footage of abandoned places: an abandoned ship, abandoned towns, an abandoned psychiatric hospital, the lonely Pontiac Silverdomean empty Air Basea retired mill, and plenty more.  These cool finds are simultaneously both chilling – and – stunning!

We know your curiosity is piqued, so we won’t fault you a bit if you abandon us now here to take it all in for yourself…

Happy Flying!

Team AirVuz   |   #UnitedByDrone