August 27, 2017

Cookie Delivery, by Drone?! 🍪

When a world-renown chef and food critic needs a cookie, he gets a cookie…so this story starts at the Minnesota State Fair, where millions gather at the end of every summer for rides, shows, and some of the best ‘fair food’ the world has to offer.

Chef Andrew Zimmern has been busy traveling the globe while eating, well, bizarre foods, and is checking out what the State Fair has to offer when the craving hits; he needs some Sweet Martha’s Cookies in his life!  Meanwhile, Sweet Martha is making sure things are running smoothly in her cookie shop on Opening Day of the Fair. Her phone buzzes – it’s Andrew Zimmern! He has tweeted that he needs some cookies ASAP! What does the sweet lady do? She sends them the fastest way she knows how: via drone.

Follow the cookie drone’s journey as it makes it’s way past the Weisman Art Museum, beyond U.S. Bank Stadium, around Target Field, by Gold Medal Park and over the Spoonbridge and Cherry to Andrew Zimmern’s kitchen.

Will it make the voyage on time to satisfy the famous chef? Will the cookies be warm enough to satiate our favorite foodie? How will the bonafide critic take the delivery method? Find out on “Cookie Drone!”

Team AirVuz   |   #UnitedbyDrone