Drone Video Awards analysis: This is Yunnan by Face du Monde

As we look more in-depth at the winners of the 2017 Drone Video Awards, we now move to the “People” category. While all of the finalists were great, “This Is Yunnan” by Face du Monde came away with the win in that category.

The concept of having people in a drone video is one we here at AirVūz preach to content creators looking to make their videos stand out. Showcasing a beautiful landscape is one thing. But adding a human element to the video — either to show the scale of the aforementioned landscape or to simply vary your footage — can go a long way.

That’s exactly what Face du Monde did in this great video. The film focuses on the Yunnan province of China, a region in the southwest of the country that is filled with mountains, rice terraces and lakes. While the landscape of Yunnan is featured prominently in the video, so too are its people.

One of the reasons “This is Yunnan” was so successful — and why it won the People category — is the variety of footage. Of course there is drone footage used throughout the video, but there are also hyperlapses as well as close-up shots of a variety of people. The music choice also perfectly fits the mood of the video, which is always an important element.

The general feeling of this video is that the drone footage compliments the rest of the ground footage, not the other way around. Consider that next time you’re looking to do something to make your drone video stand out.

Stay tuned for more analysis of the rest of the winners of the Drone Video Awards.