FPV Update: Aug 11, 2017

We’re all hearing about who’s in Muncie for the Riot MultiGP International Open

Sounds like a blast!  Wishing everyone who’s attending safe travels, great intros to fellow pilots, and a crazy-good time enjoying the best of FPV!

AirVūz would love to see video proof of your adventure! Include #RiotMultiGP to your video uploads and we’ll add them to our Riot MultiGP Collection! 😎

…and BTW – have you checked out the FPV Pilots to Watch on AirVūz this week?  Or the sick moves of our Sponsored Team AirVuz FPV Pilots?

So so much FPV goodness (and not enough tiiiime!) 😜

Team AirVūz   |   #UnitedbyDrone