Guest blog: Kelly Needleman

Drone pilot Kelly Needleman was one of the youngest guests on “The Drone Dish” on The talented filmmaker has implemented drones into his work to help elevate his videos — literally and figuratively — to the next level.

Now Kelly shares more insights on how he uses drones, what they’ve allowed him to do — and what he hopes to do with drones in the future.

What do you think has been the biggest change in the drone industry since you started? 

“The use of new small compact drones such as the DJI Mavic Air. My first ever professional drone system was the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, which is absolutely amazing except for its size. The use of compactable drones while maintaining high resolution is defiantly the biggest change I have seen in the drone industry.”
How do you think the use of drones plays in to the social media creator world? 
“I think that drones have enabled creative and unusual perspectives which resulted in a wide range of people interested in aerial photography and videography. I have noticed that an increased amount of people have been attracted to my page due to the use of aerial footage. I feel that focused social media organizations such as AirVūz are a great way to create a community of people who share their aerial work to other like-minded people. “
If you have, what has been the easiest way to monetize your aerial work? 
“Working with companies by creating short films including the aerial aspect.”
You mentioned on “The Drone Dish” on AirVuz that you hoped to get into create full feature movies using drones. Is that still a goal of yours? Or have you started pursuing that already?
“Yes, I am currently in pre-production for my film ‘Lost Visibility.’ The logline for my feature film ‘Lost Visibility’ is: Maybe they weren’t as close as they thought they were. Three friends share intimate dreams that bring their secrets to reality. The movie is in the genres of Teen drama, mystery, and psychological thriller. I will be incorporating the drone perspective an extensive amount in the film.  “
What sort of drone content do you enjoy watching most?
“I love to watch all drone footage, but I would have to say that landscapes are the most powerful use of an aerial drone perspective. Using a drone to shoot landscapes allows the viewer to feel an emotion of familiarity.”
As a filmmaker, what advancements or improvements in drone technology would you personally like to see?
“I would like to see a drone that has multiple camera perspectives on the gimbal. The ability to film two or three different shots at the same time would be ideal.”
What’s your dream location to fly your drone, and why?
“My dream location to fly a drone is Patagonia because of its vast landscape. I am traveling to Patagonia this spring with a group of friends to create a documentary. I will be bringing my DJI Mavic Air to shoot aerial video!”