June 22, 2017

Happy Selfie Day! (a.k.a Happy Dronie Day for us drone lovers!)

Yes, selfies are cool, but dronies are better! 😉

Today’s the day when you can shamelessly share all of those self-captured moments and revel in the communal fun!  But –  if you can take that selfie one step up (way up…courtesy of your drone) to a fantastic aerial view and create an awesome dronie, we’re pretty certain that’s even better!

We could ‘drone on’ for hours about cool drone videos with people in them…but really, what better way to emphasize our point than with a dronie of our own??

Yeah, we like to have a little fun too.   And while we hope you enjoy this little vid of us goofing off, we really hope it’ll nudge you just a bit to share your own charming, funny, scenic, crazy, and otherwise amazing dronies with us too!

…because after all, behind every cool drone is a cooler pilot, and more often than not, those happy mugs should be in the shot too! 😁

Team AirVuz   |   #UnitedbyDrone