December 14, 2017

Netherlands no longer using drone-catching eagles

Back in 2016, we at AirVūz told you about how police officers in the Netherlands were using eagles to catch drones.  Dutch authorities trained the birds to locate drones and take them out of the sky.

Just recently, those drone-catching birds have been retired by the Dutch police. The eagles will no longer be used to snag drones. The program will be ending, and the eagles will be relocated to new homes.

The reason for the retirement of the program is that eagle-catching drones just aren’t especially practical.  As it turned out, there wasn’t much of a need for this type of training. Additionally, it’s not cheap to train eagles how to identify and take down drones.

As more drones take to the skies, there will certainly be a need for identifying rogue drones and potentially taking them down in emergency situations. A few months back, DJI unveiled Aeroscope, which aims to identify and track any of its drones that are flying. SCI Technology released AeroGuard, a drone that shoots a net at rogue drones or drones that could pose a safety threat.

While drone-hunting eagles sounded like a cool idea, it apparently wasn’t meant to be. But if you’d like to re-watch our AirVuz News story on the interesting concept, you can do so below: