May 23, 2017

Ok, this is just cool (and we are totally committed to it 💎)

You’ve heard, right? We get the most remarkable stuff on AirVuz!   And since (cue the music 🎶 )   we ❤️ to ❤️ your videos, we like to draw lots of attention to them — however and whenever we can.  Doesn’t hurt when they’re about ❤️, either!

Like, for example, this fab couple “O+A around the world who just returned from their 3 month honeymoon (yep – you read that right. A whole season. Literally) with the most fantastic souvenir ever from their first marital trek: an amazing drone video of South America.   Except this wasn’t just a reel of the best aerial footage of Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Columbia; rather,  it’s a perfectly framed, beautifully edited, visual tale of them at each stop along the way.

We could just be jealous of their adventure bound by wedded bliss…but they look so happy and had so many awesome dronies that we sincerely simply toast them congrats and look forward to their next production!

Ready to take the plunge and see more drone videos of proposals, weddings, and honeymoons?  Then say “yes!” (because you know you’ll find on them on AirVūz 😉 )

Do you have a wedding themed drone video to share? (or maybe this just got your wheels spinning?)  Well, then stop jumping on the couch professing your love and share those videos to AirVūz!

Team AirVuz   |   #UnitedbyDrone