#QuadGoals: Afpvwolf

Another week means another #QuadGoals feature. We check in with Atlanta, Georgia native Afpvwolf, who shares his current quad setup

“Hello people! My name is Mike Mike aka A Fpv Wolf! I try to fly as much as I can. I love this setup because it flies extremely well and can take a decent beating. The Signature claw ends on the arms are not special but they are my logo paw and that’s pretty awesome! But this is my favorite quad and it’s capable of 6S which can average me 6 minute flights with ease on 1100mah thunderpower 6S packs. I absolutely love it and I’m comfortable with fully sending it anywhere 😉 thanks AirVuz for the feature! You all are awesome!”

Pilot: Afpvwolf

Video featuring this Tiny Whoop: CabinFever2

My current setup:

MIB 5inch www.Droneracingparts.com

“Afpvwolf” special edition style frame.

Flyduino.net kiss v2 fc

Kiss32a esc

Ethixltd.com S3 props

Ethixltd straps

Ethixltd Mrsteele Stout motors

Mr Steele Pdb

TBS Unifyprohv vtx

TBS Triumph antenna

TBS Crossfire nano

Runcam Swift 2