#QuadGoals: Blue Owl FPV

Our featured pilot this week is Blue Owl FPV, a nominee in the 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards in the “FPV Freestyle Flow” category. She shares with us some info on one of her favorite (and more unique) quad builds:

“For me FPV is all about challenges. The first challenge I faced was learning how to fly and build quads from scratch. The most recent one was switching to a high tilt style (65 degrees camera uptilt), building a dedicated quad suitable for high speed backwards flying and rewiring my brain to get a hang of a completely new stick control. This build has proven to be extraordinary strong, which gives me a lot of confidence in both my abilities and the gear. It’s the first build in which I used a full KISS v2 setup and I love it so far! Even though it is only a beginning, I’m excited to see what this new adventure is going to bring. “
Drone pilot: Blue Owl FPV
Video created with this quad: Go high tilt or go home | FPV upside down

Quad parts:

Foxeer Predator with 65 degrees uptilt
GoPro Hero Session 5 with 65 degrees uptilt