#QuadGoals: FPV Evil_Munkey

We’ve got a Cinewhoop being featured this week in #QuadGoals. This drone, which belongs to FPV Evil_Munkey (aka Mike Stafford), is capable of taking HD footage while flying into small spaces. We’ll like Mike tell more about the build:

“My Quad is a Shendrones Squirt v2 or also known as a Cinewhoop. 20×20 stack with an Omnibus F3 flight controller, 4in1 BLHeli esc, 1306-3100kv motors, AKK vtx, 3078 Race Kraft props, Foxeer Predator micro, and GoPro Session. The quad is great because it’s small portable. Also you can get some amazing footage. This is by far one of my favorite quads I own.

I picked to build the Squirt because I have always been interested in doing slow cinema style videos. It’s light and portable and can go places where a full size quad can’t fit. It’s super smooth and fun to fly. If you’re looking into some for cinematic movements, this is your quad.”‘

Pilot: FPV Evil_Munkey

Video featuring this quad: Cinewhoop rates and battery update

Quad build:

Shendrones Squirt v2

20×20 stack

Omnibus F3 flight controller

4in1 BLHeli esc

1306-3100kv motors

AKK vtx

3078 Race Kraft props

Foxeer Predator micro

GoPro Session