#QuadGoals FrankheadFPV

Welcome to the first edition of “Quad Goals,” where we feature the gear that some of the top FPV pilots are flying. Find out what equipment the pilots use and hear stories about what makes these quads special for the pilots. Our first pilot is Frankhead FPV, a master of the long-range flights. It takes a special quad to fly distances as long as he does, so he lets us in on his secret for perfecting the long-range game.
Drone Pilot: FrankheadFPV
Video Created with Quad: Skårasalen Cliff Diving

About This Quad:
“Funny story about this quad…I had just dived Europe’s highest cliff face ‘The Troll Wall’ in Norway, (at 1700m high) and while flying back to myself I started to feel the battery lose power! Shortly after, the quad slowly loses altitude as I watched on painfully through the fpv camera. The video feed cuts to static and I figured it must have crashed in the forest about 400m from where I was standing. I gather my gear and start walking to where I think it had crashed. I was interrupted in my search as I discover a river 50m across, consisting of ice cold glacier melt water blocking my path! Hmmm, I knew the quad was somewhere on the other side of that river, so I got down to my underpants and tried swimming across. The water was freezing cold and the current was strong! so I gave up disheartened, having lost a 4th quad in 2 years.
Later that day I drove to a nearby town, and I saw that one of the shops had children’s body boards for sale! So I went in and bought one. I then drove back to the river with a determined smile on my face! 20 minutes later I am standing by the river once again in my underpants, with my FPV goggles on my head, but this time armed with a kids body board. I start swimming across. Immediately the current takes me and I am suddenly 100m down river and still halfway to the other side… I paddle harder and eventually I get to the other side, now 200m down river! It takes me 3 hours of searching in the forest to locate the quad and an additional 45 minutes to dislodge it from the canopy of the tree it was perched in. I yell for joy as my shaking of the branches eventually causes it to fall to the ground. I think to myself how strange I must appear to someone watching this ridiculous scene unfold.  But then I realise there is no one around. I am 15m up a tree, in nothing but underpants and fpv googles and I am on the other side of an ice cold river. No one comes here, ever. I think to myself, “If I fall out of this tree, I am totally screwed”, so I very carefully climb my way down. I pick up the quad and head back to the river, this time taking into account the strength of the current. So I start swimming from a location upstream and arrive exactly where my clothes and belongings were situated on the other side of the river. It was an eventful afternoon.
If I hadn’t retrieved the quad, I would have lost quite a lot of footage from this summer, so I am glad I got it back!
The quad has a range of about 2km, and a flight time between 4 and 6 minutes. It is such a joy to fly these devices and nothing quite matches the feeling of really being connected through FPV. Once it can behave the way you want it to, and you learn to fly it confidently, anything is possible. Nothing beats the feeling of surfing jagged mountain peaks, diving cliffs or getting up close with exposed glaciers. Being able to share the footage of our adventures is an added bonus.”

Frame: Custom homemade design
Flight Controller: Revolt V3
FPV Camera: Runcam Swift
5.8g Antenna: Aomway Cloverleaf
Receiver: Crossfire Micro