#QuadGoals: InspireFPV

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to feature another FPV pilot and another quad. This week, we asked Reza Kurniawan — aka InspireFPV — to share more about his quad build. Take it away, Reza:

“Greetings all! Much love to AirVuz for the #quadgoals feature! For the past few months, I have been focusing on more finely edited vertical format posts to take advantage of the vertical landscape of mobile applications. To make this all possible, I keyframe both motion and zoom in Adobe Premiere for proper framing.  Using the Hero7 to record in 4:3 ratio allows for more vertical video capture, and keyframing the video’s motion and scale to keep the subject in frame is really what makes all of these dynamic shots in a tall format possible. For GoPro settings, I usually record in Hypersmooth 2.7K, 4:3, 30fps, with 1/60 shutter for cinematic motion blur (following the “180-degree rule” of double shutter speed) and PolarPro ND filters for dropping exposure. ISO min is 100, and ISO max is set anywhere from 200-800, generally determined by how dark the shadows are.

With regards to the drone equipment used, it certainly pays to have a rugged and consistent quad to be able to nail that shot without having to worry about a fragile quad ruining your opportunity. The cinematic quad frame used in this video was the Armattan Marmotte. The easily adjustable 15 to 40-degree titanium camera cage allows you to quickly change your flight speed, while also providing unrivaled protection! Paired with the Armattan Velvet 2306 2300kV motors, I am able to use both 4S and 5S batteries, as well as get run over and still fly smooth (personally tested)! My go-to batteries are the Funfly 4S 1550mAh 100C packs. Despite being a budget freestyle battery, this new Funfly chemistry doesn’t puff, doesn’t get hot, delivers consistent power and is therefore far exceeding all my expectations! The final piece of equipment I would have to recommend are the T-Motor T5143 propellers. These ultralight 3.8g propellers spin up faster, delivering more throttle control while also mitigating propwash!

I’ve had to learn a number of things since starting FPV, but this information is stuff that I feel would have helped me when I first started. So with that in mind, I hope this helps you to reach your #quadgoals as well!

“You don’t recommend things to Friends, you recommend Solutions.”

Much love and many thanks!”

-InspireFPV of the Bay Area Quad Squad


Video featuring this quad: Part 107 – This is NOT a Commercial‼️

My Loadout:
Armattan Marmotte frame
Armattan Oomph Velvet 2306 2300kV motors
Tattu Funfly 4S 1550mAh 100C
T-Motor T5143 Propellers
Joshua Bardwell F4 FC
Butterflight with Kalman Filter
ImmersionRC Tramp
TBS Triumph Antenna
TBS Crossfire Nano Rx + Micro Tx
TBS Diamond Antenna
RunCam Swift Mini 2 JohnnyFPV Edition with 1.8mm Lens
Taranis X9D Plus Special Edition + Hall Effect Gimbals
GoPro Hero7 Black