December 17, 2018

#QuadGoals: JonhyO Tapadas

This week, we feature JonhyO Tapadas, who tells us about his quad that he used to chase the awesome cars in the video below:

“The combination of the smoothness of the Ethix ltd Mr Steele with 1700kv and the quality of the stack of Hobbywing F4 G2, make this my favorite setup for cinematography captured with a mini drone. With the autonomy of 6s greatly increases flight time, providing more opportunities to capture better moments. The ImpulseRc Reverb has always been a frame that brought me a lot of comfort on the flight and has helped a lot in bringing big shots home. When I ‘sit on the pilot’s seat’ the world around me becomes a real amusement park, looking for the craziest spots and the most spectacular moments. Looking forward to develop more my flight and to bring more cool stories to the community.”

Drone pilot: JonhyO Tapadas

Video created with this quad: CMS – Almada Extreme Sprint – Drone Chase Rally Cars- #FPVRallyCarChase

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