#QuadGoals: Mako Reactra

This week’s pilot and her husband are both FPV pilots. Mako Reactra shares with us about her quad build and talks about the process of learning to build quads. Check out more from Mako:

“I started flying miniquads just over a year ago.  My first quad was a PNP with Betaflight, the same software my husband uses. When it was time to build my own quad, I talked to pilots, read forums, and watched videos. I quickly discovered the Flightone community. I decided to go my own route and built a quad with their stack. Yes, my husband and I use two different softwares under one roof, but not for long! I’m not only thankful I made the switch to F1 because my quads fly better, but I’m now a Flightone Team pilot. I’m on a team with many of the best pilots of in the world, so I hope I learn a lot and improve my skill.

Most of my quads, including the Flightclub PROton 5 inch race quad pictured, have my favorite stack combo: the RevoltOSD FC and Skitzo Bolt32 50A ESC.  For racing, you can’t beat the Foxeer Predator Micro V3 with its low latency and vivid colors for spotting gates. Plus, my video quality is top notch with Fatshark HDOs and Immersionrc Rapidfire. I typically fly Brother Hobby motors. I have the Long Range R3, the Dead Pool R5, and the Limited Edition R6. My Flightclub PROton rips with these sexy Limited Edition Returner 6 2306 2450kv motors.  For props, I often fly HQ as pictured, but lately I have been testing out the Azure’s Johnny Props for freestyle flight. My transmitter is the DX9 Black Edition decked out in this stylish NXGraphicsfpv wrap. One of my goals is to fly the LED track at MultiGP International Open, so I’ll be adding some TinyLEDs to my PROton next.

I’d like to take this time to thank my sponsors, both Flightone and Diatone for all of their support! AirVuzFPV, I appreciate you showcasing my quad and flying.”

PilotMako Reactra

Video featuring this quadSpring is here, but we’re still freestyle flying in winter hats! BRR!

Quad build:

Flightclub PROton 5 inch frame

Flightone RevoltOSD FC

Flightone Skitzo Bolt32 50A 4 in 1 ESC

Foxeer Predator Micro V3

Fatshark HDOs

Immersionrc Rapidfire

Brother Hobby 2306 2450kv Motors

Wolfwhoop Q3 Pro VTX

Johnny FPV Azure Props