#QuadGoals: mrgeeseeks

This week’s featured pilot finds some awesome locations to fly his quads — and he sometimes gets experimental with his builds, too. We let mrgeeseeks tell us about one of his favorite quads he’s currently flying:

“This is a light build with a GoPro Hero 7 / Insta360 one X where I can get good torque and smooth moves. It is very versatile it weights only 90 grams including all hardware and FPV camera mount, very easy to maintain at a reasonable price.”

Drone pilot: mrgeeseeks

Video filmed with this quad: fashion electric skateboard with a drone…wait what?



Frame: PyroDrone Hyperlite Flowride – love the weight and maintainability

Motors: PyroDrone 2307 2522KV – 2307 motors keep a balance between good torque and smooth turns

Cam: Run cam micro Swift 2 – with its 2.1mm lens keeps clean FPV feed at good exposure

RX: TBS crossfire micro – nothing better than trusting your gear; this gives me confidence at 100%
Transmitter: Taranis x9d plus – love the customization you get from Taranis
Goggles: Fatshark HD3 – nothing better in the market so far
La Forge v2 – something I need to probably upgrade soon but so far they are being reliable clean feed