December 5, 2018

#QuadGoals: VerJan FPV

This week’s #QuadGoals pilot debuted a new video just for this special occasion. VerJan FPV flew around BASE jumpers with his quad, and the footage he captured is unreal. We’ll let him explain more about the video and about the quad he used to film it:
“I have always been drawn to flight. I have and still fly fixed wing, 3d heli (albeit poorly) and a lot of the toys however, FPV has become my new addiction.
I started flying the MB Epic 262 frame several months ago and absolutely fell in love with it. Most of my flights are between 1 and 2 miles away and can be a couple thousand feet above or below my starting elevation while still maintaining a low altitude relative to the ground. I have just rounded my first year in FPV and my favorite part is long range flight. The newly concocted/released MB Epic Cinematic 7 is now my go to for distance and smooth HD video.
A few months ago I was contacted by a guy (Mike Zurek) with a different hobby, B.A.S.E. jumping! B.A.S.E.(Building Antennae Span Earth) jumping is something that I knew about but had never been around. Mike contacted me because he had seen some of the videos that I had put out in the past and some of them were in places that he had jumped before. It took us a couple months of waiting and planning but we finally met up. Over the span of two weeks I recorded around 400 gigabytes of video and over 100 B.A.S.E jumps. This will be the first of many videos I am releasing to showcase this extreme sport and the wonderful, wild people I have met
along the way. Thanks all! Do Good!”

Drone pilot: VerJan FPV

Video created with this quad: BASE FPV 1

Quad build:
GoPro Hero 7 (No Stabilization)