#QuadGoals: Whofpv

This week’s #QuadGoals feature highlights a pilot doing some pretty awesome stuff with HD micro quads: Whofpv. He tells us about the quad he used to film some of his most popular videos: the Nano Vespa 100.
“A slight upsize from the Nano Vespa 80 used in the video “Oannanocos” X Micro Drone.  This 100mm quad has DYS Mini Stack, Runcam Split Mini, AKK micro vtx with smart audio, Spektrum receiver
 I’ve been a fan of DYS products for over two years now. Their electronics are reliable, durable and each FC comes with internal blackbox which I use for tuning these little beasts.
Runcam Split Mini hands down wins over the Turtle for me. Straight out of the box the thing is ready to record great with stock settings, even though I tweak them for a bit flatter profile so I can color post. Although the Turtle can be tweaked to look nice, stock plastic lenses don’t cut it for me. I will admit I have tweaked my own cam to have its ND filter applied to the inside of the lens. There’s 3d prints now but it’s the tinkerer in me that went internally and see what the cam was all about. Bigger fan now than ever when looking at the internals.
Reelsteady: it’s part of my process. Some may think of this as a one button fix for footage. It really isn’t. It’s just as integral to the equation as flying smoothly. You truly have to learn not only to fly, but fly for Reelsteady itself.
Smoother Footage: you don’t need Reelsteady to create a smooth flight. I would say the hardest thing to acquire is altitude control at 5 degree tilt. There’s a finesse to the stick input that helps you set that up and the only thing that helps is stick time. One little trick at that low of angle is using the crosshairs in your OSD and try to focus on keeping the middle steady always while your piloting. And fly acro. It allows for smoother footage when you’re not fighting a gyro.
Spektrum: Yeah I fly it. Stock, too. The flying I do interiors doesn’t really call for long range. But I am surprised sometimes how far I can get.
Hope this helps any pilots out there wanting to Nano whoop and take on the building yourselves. I began building these out last May and since then many RTF’s are out now. I can’t comment on quality since I build all of mine, but they all look great and affordable. As always never buy hype, buy with knowledge and research. Much love to AirVuz and thanks for the support.”