#QuadGoals: Yubeta.Blv FPV

When it comes to chase footage of FPV quads and vehicles, Jake Yubeta (aka Yubeta.Blv FPV) is one of the best. He checks in with us for this week’s #QuadGoals feature to talk about his latest build that he’s been chasing some awesome trucks with.

“This is one of a couple Gordo builds that I’ve been cycling through for the end of 2018. It works great for the task of chasing motorsports, carrying lots of speed and minimizing drag surfaces with its centralized mass. Higher battery voltage has really helped get the speed, consistency and flight times a little better, though battery is still the limiting factor for most projects.  When it comes to straight up freestyle flight characteristics I tend to prefer top mount batteries but I find that the point and shoot nature/flight dynamic afforded by this style frame makes getting reliable and repeatable footage a snap. The durability provided by the thick arms and comprehensive 3d print package make it one of my favorite grab and go video quads!”

Drone pilot: Yubeta.Blv FPV

Video created with this quad: Race Truck Chase Footage – Cabot Bigham – Glen Helen