April 20, 2017

We agree! 👍 AirVuz is home to the Best Drone Videos!

We can’t help it…we’re like proud parents or something (well, some of us actually are IRL 😉), especially when we see the quality of the videos rolling on into AirVuz.com!

So what are we to do when we see these insanely cool vids?  Show ’em off  to the world, of course!  …and how do we show them off, you ask?   When you’ve got the great audience like we do, it’s pretty fun and easy, and it goes a little something like this:

Every week, we like to point out a handful of goodies we especially liked, and we promote them in a cool show of ours called TopVuz (because, of course, these are our TOP choices of everything wonderful we get to watch on the site….and making these selections are not always easy either, mind you!).

This week’s episode packs in everything from scenic drone footage of Lake Tahoe to a gorgeous video of Jinki Ridge Australia, and even an insane drone stunt under a moving semi (yep – you read that right!).

You’re going to love it, so much so we don’t mind a bit if you go check the whole awesome collection out right now!

But if you stick around to read more, then we’re betting we can probably also interest you in this great collection (actually, we’ve titled it the Best Drone Videos on AirVūz, which we think is pretty darned appropriate) which shows off generally awesome creations we’ve been watching over the last few months…everyone else is watching and liking, so why haven’t you??? (not trying to mess with you, but, we are wondering 😉).

Happy flying and happy watching!

Team AirVūz   |   United by Drone