May 26, 2017

Your drone called and says its 🌞 TIME TO FLY! 🌞

Let’s face it: this summer’s going to be flat out remarkable, so you’re going to need some killer mementos!  (and yes!  your drone is totally up to the challenge!)

Summer opens to the door to many great drone projects…from documenting a road trip , capturing the crowds at a local game, scoring those epic water shots (surfing 🏄 / sailing  ⛵️/ beach bumming 🏖, anyone?),  to ripping up a crazy drone racing course.

Plus, we’ve found that travel vlogs and drone compilations (complete with fun editing and sweet tunes, of course) are the new fangled creative photo albums our parents couldn’t have even dreamt of.

Don’t leave those awesome aerial shots to just the birds!

1.   Upload your summer drone videos to AirVūz

2.   Next, share them from AirVūz to your fave social media haunts

3.  …and then, think about whom else may want to see them!  There are plenty of travel sites/ forums where users ask questions about potential destinations!  Your video might nudge them to check out that fantastic spot too! (and then you and your video will get all kinds of attention and glory!)

Need some inspiration?  Of course AirVuz is ready to help!  We’ve pulled together some of the coolest summer drone videos for you to enjoy!

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Team AirVuz   |   #UnitedbyDrone