AirVūz at the Intrepid Sea, Air &Space Museum "DRONES" Exhibit

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The DRONES exhibit explores the history of drone technology, from the earliest unmanned flying machines to advanced systems of the 21st century. A variety of drones, historical artifacts, and model airplanes will be on display from May 10 through Dec 3, 2017.

This impressive exhibit will also feature an immersive experience showcasing the unique cinematographic perspective of drones, courtesy of contributors from our own AirVūz community!

We're quite proud of our contributors who will be featured! If you want a preview or can't make it to the museum, check out their incredible work, right here, right now!
HASAN AKKILIÇ<br />05324852045

VUZ 6225 | 5 months ago 05:35

By pascha

A tell-all introduction to GAPiT, the man.  And ye

VUZ 1458 | 10 months ago 04:09


Canvas in the air: My reel, Enjoy!

VUZ 1278 | 4 months ago 02:21

By lienzoenelaire

In and out loop

VUZ 1033 | 4 months ago 00:06

By lienzoenelaire

V day 2017

VUZ 4210 | 4 months ago 00:28

By droneloop

Fog Goes Low, We Go High

VUZ 1090 | 3 months ago 00:52

By droneloop

droneloop at venice skatpark

VUZ 758 | 5 months ago 00:25

By droneloop

Short video of a Roundabout in action with the DJI

VUZ 1295 | 4 months ago 00:39

By Joeyzahnd

DJI Mavic Pro

VUZ 830 | 4 months ago 00:36

By Joeyzahnd

graffiti highway is a highway closed to the centra

VUZ 513 | 2 months ago 01:12

By j.l.myers

kinzua bridge was struck by tornado in 2003. befor

VUZ 418 | a year ago 03:16

By j.l.myers

Finally finishing the last flight up from when I w

VUZ 477 | a year ago 03:22

By katie.j11

Teamed up with Sky Candy to bring you this: Limnol

VUZ 451 | 6 months ago 01:22

By F3 Visuals

This is video shot mostly from coastal North Carol

VUZ 1101 | 3 months ago 02:06

By aminuteofzen

VUZ 2151 | 2 years ago 00:25

By tylerjmason

View of Rhein Waterfalls, biggest one in Europe

VUZ 643 | 4 months ago 00:57

By Enrico Pescantini

the head

VUZ 293 | a year ago 01:57

By Stratus Imagery

Aerial shorts

VUZ 262 | 8 months ago 01:49

By Stratus Imagery

RNTR Arrochar<br />The very last torpedo to be ran

VUZ 316 | a year ago 01:10

By Stratus Imagery

This is a video we did of an abandoned amusement p

VUZ 275 | a year ago 06:15

By DiJi

Action Brothers drone showreel #2

VUZ 233664 | 10 months ago 04:39

By Nicko

Took the risk and it was worth it!

VUZ 530 | a year ago 00:15

By _jshin

old abandoned sand castles in ktown

VUZ 352 | a year ago 01:06

By AerialKuwait

A compilation of the different video I have taken

VUZ 12326 | 10 months ago 02:53

By YoumiTrip

Compilation video of the footage I took during my

VUZ 4805 | a year ago 02:38

By YoumiTrip

A quick recap of my trip up north to the Mississip

VUZ 310 | 9 months ago 02:01

By rmchugh

drone flying over art

VUZ 234 | a year ago 00:16

By dena_drones

Beautiful sunset at Lake Eerie in Cleveland

VUZ 210 | a year ago 00:16

By dena_drones

Capturing the beautiful sunset with awesome paragl

VUZ 292 | 2 years ago 00:17

By dena_drones

Chiapas is the poorest region of Mexico but the ri

VUZ 906 | a year ago 09:43

By AurelBaud

Pagodas, cities and landscape in Myanmar, Burma.

VUZ 13818 | 4 months ago 05:51

By GeorgeMarcu

Transport ships trapped in the frozen Danube river

VUZ 716 | 3 months ago 02:32

By GeorgeMarcu

Aerial video of Reading Between the Lines, a semi-

VUZ 444 | a year ago 01:07

By Brent De Bleser

Norway has recently been named as the happiest cou

VUZ 3475 | 3 months ago 01:29

By Brent De Bleser

Visit for more information o

VUZ 1207 | 6 months ago 01:51

By Aerial Flight Productions

Drone footage of the world famous Bruce Monroe lig

VUZ 1237 | 5 months ago 01:17

By Sky Candy Studios

a island in the lake ,<br />Bafa Lake, Turkey

VUZ 414 | a year ago 06:43

By Omer Gokcen BAYRAKCI

Bridge and Submarine

VUZ 911 | 8 months ago 03:35

By Omer Gokcen BAYRAKCI

Such a cool Spot to Fly=) so much fun with my budd

VUZ 233 | a year ago 02:17

By Freybott

2 Beautiful Girls , Awesome Location in Italy and

VUZ 58175 | a year ago 01:00

By Freybott

Highlights from three photoshoots of the Tulips of

VUZ 1966 | 2 months ago 01:49

By eppicphotos

A wild river fed by a wild lake not too far from m

VUZ 1815 | 4 months ago 04:00

By eppicphotos

This is a recap video from some of my most epic ad

VUZ 23211 | 5 months ago 03:00

By PilotViking

AirVūz community members featured include: pascha. Badios, GAPiT, lienzoenelaire, droneloop, Drone_America, Joeyzahnd, j.l.myers, Rob Barbery Photography, katie.j11, JohnnyFPV, F3 Visuals, aminuteofzen, tylerjmason, Enrico Pescantini, Stratus Imagery, DiJi, SKYDRONAUTS.UK, Yellin Yetti Productions, Nicko, Jeff Walrich - TK-421, _jshin, Lucky Mig, AerialKuwait, YoumiTrip, rmchugh, dena_drones, AurelBaud, GeorgeMarcu, Aerial Flight Productions, Sky Candy Studios, Omer Gokcen BAYRAKCI, Freybott, eppicphotos, and PilotViking.

The Intrepid Museum of Sea, Air, and Space is a non-profit, educational institution featuring the legendary aircraft carrier Intrepid, the space shuttle Enterprise, the world’s fastest jets and a guided missile submarine. Through exhibitions, educational programming and the foremost collection of technologically groundbreaking aircraft and vessels, visitors of all ages and abilities are taken on an interactive journey through history to learn about American innovation and bravery.

The DRONES exhibit was sponsored by: DJI, AIAA, IEEE Foundation, and NY Council on the Arts.

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