Collection: Drone Videos From Around the World

And off in the far distance, the gold on the wings of the angel atop the bell tower of San Marco flashed in the sun, bathing the entire city in its glistening benediction. 0:53

Venice Italy

A dreamer with wings

I'm a photographer and cinematographer in Brazil, working on many segments of the industry, featured films, documentaries, books and fine art. I was invited to direct a TV show on travels around the world 15 months ago, when I entered the crew and travelled more than 20 countries ever since. 
One of the requirements to get in the show, beyond my photography skills, was the ability to pilot a drone. I have never piloted a drone before in my life at the time. So I left the meeting and read everything I could about It, borrowed the drone from the show and started practicing on my own a week before my first job to be filmed in amazon. 
It was love at first encounter. The possibilities this little machine provides are absolutely amazing. I was naturally familiar with aerial views from the experience  in my geography degree, but on the other side of my passions, the movies, It didn't took so long to comprehend the cinematographic opportunities It can offer on visual arts. It works very well as a dolly, a crane... beyond the unlimited view from the sky. It opened the door for the development of  a new perspective of the world, and above all, a powerful  tool of expression of my own view of the world.     
Last year I was with my crew for 35 days in Asia, and at the end of the trip we decided to spend a week in Singapore. 
Once in this spectacular city, I was amazed with the urban design, the futuristic buildings and the modern aesthetics present everywhere. I felt like In a Science fiction movie surrounded by all that atmosphere. 
It's always very difficult to conceal the pretty tied schedule of our tv demands with my own personal will to express my visions and artistic perception of every place we've been, but I take every chance I have to do so.
During 2 days of intense filming, I split from the crew close to that "magic hour", when the light is perfect, almost in a trance with all those colors and lights popping up at my eyes, and rushed as fast as I could with my friend Patricia Pedroso (executive producer of the show) and a great driver to spot a good  and safe place to pilot. 
 Everyone who flies a drone over big cities knows how difficult It can be sometimes. There are many circumstances we have to worry about in order to get the best results with safety and under the law. All in the name of poetry. 
After running a lot  trying to spot the best places to launch the drone, we found It at time to get the perfect light I was pursuing in order to express this Science fiction atmosphere of the city present in my own imagination. Everything was magic, I felt like flying over an alien civilisation. At the time "I was flying" I got almost breathless.That was a time to remember, and this nomination makes It even more unforgettable.


You might leave Africa, but Africa never really leaves you.

This time I returned with my crew of amazing humans, and we were hosted by the Finch Hattons Luxury Camp in Tsavo West as well as the Ocean Spa Lodge in Msambweni.

I will let the film speak for itself.

Romy Bitar
Lauren Smith
Paul Coetzee
Serge Genge
Agi Christine Fischer
Jana Gharazeddine
Gaelle Fahd.

Filming and editing: Christian Ghammachi
Color Grading: Belal Hibri

Music Credits: ODESZA by Meridian

Equipment used:
Sony A7sii
DJI Osmo Raw (with Zenmuse X5r)
DJI Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X5s 4:20

Return to Kenya 1:00

Los Angeles

Ty Poland (instagram- @typoland) and Tom Harmon (instagram- @tomdrone) travel to Oregon to capture the epic beauty that engulfs the entire state. From the gorgeous coast line to the rugged desert, Oregon's majesty is shown in all it's glory. 2:15

Beautiful Oregon

A collection of drone footage from my (new) favourite city on this planet, Tokyo

Music by the very talented Ross Bugden, go check out his amazing work at: or

This track is called CityScape and can be found here: 3:01

Tokyo From Above

In February of this year, Van and I spent 18 days in New Zealand exploring the South Island first and then making our way to the North.  Our journey started in Queenstown and we drove up to Auckland with as many stops on the way as we could manage.  

Shot with a Phantom 3 Pro and a Sony a7sii. 3:25

New Zealand

Roundtrip Holiday in Sri Lanka and Maladives 2:00

Sri Lanka

Beggining of May I traveled around Yunnan province, southwest China, discovering the ancient Chinese city, millenary rice paddies fields of Yuanyang classified as a Unesco world heritage site, the incredible Songzanlin Tibetan monastery.<br />Facebook:<br />Instagram:<br />My travel video blog:<br /><br />My partner in this adventure:<br /><br />Shoot with: Sony A7sII / 28-70mm / 70-300mm Sigma / 105mm Sigma / DJI Mavic Pro<br />Soundtrack licenced on Artlist: Ian Post - Eternity<br />Clarity 2:16

This is Yunnan

Collection of drone shots from Romania, 2:30

This is Romania

Use headphones for better sound experience.<br />Some clips I collected during an 8 days trip through the entire Moroccan country. Hope you like it!<br />Equipment: <br />DJI Phantom 3 pro<br />Check my Instagram: 2:38

Winds From Morocco

Action Brothers drone showreel #2 4:39

Aerial filming in Russia

Drone Footage of Rome in 4K<br />In my life, I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel around the world. No city, however, has ever awakened the kind of emotions that Rome has, the city in which I was born. The history, the historic sites, the culture and the people are what make Rome so fascinating. Having grown up this incredibly beautiful place, I thought I would pay her homage with this project—Rome as seen through the eyes of a Roman. <br /> 2:32


An aerial exploration of a land galvanized in ice. Discover the unseen on a visual journey through the volcanic beating heart of Iceland's glacial landscape. From Landmannalaugar, deep within the highlands, to Thorsmork, the hidden Garden of Thor. View Iceland's otherworldly landscape through the lens of Mike Bishop and Donal Boyd along with friends Benjamin Hardman, Kiara Schwarz, Ben Rehn, and  Raf Maes.<br /><br />Directed By: Mike Bishop (<br /><br /><br />Music: &quot;The Gift Of Life&quot; By Tony Anderson<br /><br />Shot on: Phantom 4 Pro 4:02

"Awaken" Iceland

Filmed during our stay on Moorea, Tahiti in February 2016<br />All aerial footage filmed using DJI Phantom 3 Advanced<br />Hotels shown are Intercontinental Moorea, Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort, Intercontinental Tahiti.<br />Subscribe to my Youtube channel:<br /><br />Music by Tobu<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> 5:45


Over Bogota 3:30

Bogota 2016 4K

A compilation of shots from the Golden Gate bridge a few weeks back now. Really happy with the way they came out. I hope this inspires some people to take a trip to San Fran. Wish i had more time in the city to explore, I'll have to go back again sometime soon. 0:41

Golden Gate Bridge

A short set of our trip in France, Bretagne, the city of Saint Malo, Cancale and Mont Saint Michel.<br />Filmed by a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced with ND filters. 3:25

France by drone

From trips to Slovenia. DJI Inspire 1 RAW, Canon 5D mark III 2:23


Taiwan has plenty of spectacular views. I took that superb view from the sky.<br />There are more than 30 spots visited for this movie. <br /><br />Shooting by DJI Phantom3 &amp; Phantom4<br />*The temple is shoot with permission. 2:30

Aerial Sketch of Taiwan

FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM<br />@zekedrone<br />@visualdroneart<br /><br />Trip to Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics. 4:43


This is another part of our trip around Indonesia! We couldn't get enough of these footage, so we decided to create another part! With thiy movie you get more impressions of us and our time in Indonesia! For sure, there're some parts, which you already know- but also some new and great footage ..and new music gives your footage a completely new intention! Hope you guys will like it! Enjoy watching and stay tuned for much more!<br /> 5:31