The most competitive drone racing series in America has a winner!

Sounds like it was an epic weekend of aviation at the 2017 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship in Reno, Nevada! The event was held September 13 - 17 in conjunction with the National Championship Air Races!

Congrats to the top 3 big winners from the weekend: 1st: CaptainVanover (Alex Vanover), 2nd: 32bitsofGil (Gil Coronado), and 3rd: Jerrod Quillen! Nice work, gents!

Kudos to all of those who are participated, including those from our AirVūz community, as well as our Team AirVūz racers who took to the course and to show what they're made of: Furadi, ZoeFPV, FlyingBearFPV, Humboldt710, and Wild Willy FPV! Check out all of their handiwork below!

(Did you attend the event and have a vid to share? Upload it soon with the #MultiGP and we'll add it to this collection!)

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