Announcing the 2019 MultiGP International Open!

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MultiGP International Open 2019


The enthusiasm is building as FPV pilots and spectators make their way to the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) campus in Muncie, Indiana, USA, to catch a piece of the fun at the 2019 MultiGP International Open.  With multiple events scheduled,  plenty of fun offered by the event sponsors (AirVuz is proud to count ourselves in, especially with the #AirVuz8TrackChallenge!), the thrill of racing, and the best camaraderie of these good natured pilots, it's surely an event not to miss!

See the 2019 MultiGP IO World Cup Track!

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MultiGP 2019 International Open World Cup Track


The MultiGP International Open has become a yearly road trip / worldwide destination for FPV racing pilots from across the globe.  Each year draws more and more FPV drone racers and spectators to the welcoming fields outside the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) in Muncie, Indiana.  It's the largest drone racing gathering on the world stage and even better - arguably the most fun event in FPV.  Don't miss out on the action!

TEAM USA to be Selected at the 2019 MultiGP IO!

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MultiGP 2019 International Open hosts FAI Team USA Selection Race


From June 26-30, the largest professional drone racing league in the world - MultiGP Drone Racing League - will again host the biggest drone sports gathering in history, and for the second time, it will also host the TEAM USA selection race; winners of this race will represent the USA at the FAI (The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) World Drone Racing Competition. MultiGP is proud to host these exciting events at the Academy of Model Aeronautics headquarters in Muncie, Indiana, USA.  

DRL Champ and Team AirVuz Pilot NurkFPV Will Be There!

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Behind The FPV Goggles: nurkfpv

Behind The...

If the Drone Racing League is the premiere drone racing league, then Paul Nurkkula (aka NurkFPV) deserves the moniker of the world's best drone racing pilot.  He emerged as the winner in the third season of the DRL's racing championship series, which was broadcast throughout the world on ESPN.  He is also a highly accomplished freestylist, and his "Flight of the Year" took the Best FPV Video honors at the first annual Drone Video Awards.   Get to know him better in this episode of BTG.  

Find DRL and Team AirVuz Pilot Gab707 in Muncie too!

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Behind The FPV Goggles: Gab707

Behind The...

Gabriel Kocher, aka Gab707, lives in Quebec, Canada.  He first developed worldwide attention with his FPV videos flying over the Alps of Switzerland, where he lived for a time.  His long-range "mountain surfing" videos got worldwide notice, and he was selected as a pilot for the Drone Racing League for its second and third seasons, which were broadcast on ESPN.  In this episode of Behind the Goggles, you'll hear about his exciting journey to becoming a professional FPV drone pilot.  

Count Team AirVuz pilot Phluxyfpv In!

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Behind the FPV Goggles: phluxyfpv

Behind The...

The newest Team AirVuz Pilot PhluxyFPV has been pushing his limits ever since he started drone racing, and it's clearly paid off:  After he just missed making it into the Drone Racing League in 2018, he pressed on to become the newest Drone Racing League pilot in 2019.  Phluxyfpv is also a die hard Tiny Whoop pilot, competiting in local and national events, so it's clear his heart is clearly in FPV.

MaiOnHigh Will be Making Her Way There!

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We messed up - problem solving | MaiOnHigh


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right? When life gives you rain and you’re trying to race, problem solve. That’s what female FPV pilot MaiOnHigh and her crew did at recent race, taking their park session to to an epic bando in the woods. This flight and fun, documentary-style video earned the mini quad pilot an AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch nod in June of 2019. 

StingersSwarm is Going to IO too!

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Epic Long Range Drone Flights and Tips from Gab707 and Jet


Hearing tips and tricks of the trade from some of the best pilots in the world is always a treat. In this 20-minute informational/behind-the-scenes video by Rotor Riot's StingersSwarm, Kevin reminisces about a recent long range flight session with Gab707 and Jet. For most of us, this is as close as it's ever going to get to flying with these 3, top pilots. If you're an FPV fan, definitely give this video a watch!

Be Sure to Find SFPV in Muncie!

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Behind The FPV Goggles: SFPV

Behind The...

Drone pilot and competitive racer SFPV (aka Colby Curtola) certainly has staying power.  He takes on challenges and projects all over the world and is readily recognized as both a proven champ (with plenty of trophies to back him up) and a fierce competitor in current rankings too.  Be sure to see SFPV (weaving his home base of San Francisco into his handle) while in action at the upcoming MultiGP International Open!


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What Is Drone Racing?

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MultiGP IO Sunday Callout

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AV News: FPV Champ NYTFury

AirVūz New...
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SailGP San Francisco

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