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DRONE VIDEO AWARDS - Micro Drone Acro Mode Nominees

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Congratulations to our 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards Micro Drone Acro Mode Nominees!

This year's nominees are Trainer Tallman FPV, shoeface76, nurkfpv, Stan FPV, SFPV.

Click the links below to see the full videos of each of our nominees and to find out more about the Drone Video Awards.

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Best whoop spot ever!

Trainer Tallman FPV

Micro drones can be flown almost anywhere, however, it takes serious skill to fly them through tiny gaps. Trainer Tallman FPV shows off his skills in his favorite place to Whoop - the rafters of a pavillion.  The video taken straight from the goggles - no fancy editing here - shows just how good on the sticks this guy is. This video is a Micro Drone Acro Mode nominee in our 2nd Annual Drone Vide Awards.

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Tiny Whoop Acro Video of the Year Submission 2018


In a micro flying piece that brings us around the backyard, through a playground, and around an aerial artist, shoeface has a video worth its Drone Video Awards Micro Drone Acro Mode nomination. This epic flight is accomplished thanks to alienwhoop zero and betafpv boards, plus 6mm and 7mm motors, mixed with some serious skill.  

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City Museum of St Louis, Missouri is a museum whose exhibits consist largely of repurposed architectural and industrial products. Museum founder Bob Cassilly's voice pops up throughout this mystical piece by top first person view (FPV) pilot nurkfpv who was given rare access to fly his micro drone through the legendary museum. It's a moving, inspiring one you won't want to miss. This video was the Winner in the Micro Drone Acro Mode category in the second annual Drone Video Awards.

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Stan FPV

It's a one take wonder! Shot over a single flight, this acro piece by Stan FPV is now a Drone Video Awards nominee in Micro Drone Acro Mode. He says he flew a custom 3 inch Micro HD FPV drone during this rip - flipping, cutting and barreling down a pretty holiday-decked out neighborhood. You'll definitely want to give this one a watch!

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Tiny Whoop Acro Video of the Year Submission - SFPV

  • SFPV
    • 2.5k VŪZ
    • 33
    • 17
  • a year ago

This miniature train town is a perfect playground for FPV pilot SFPV's micro drone and he takes it over with this super fun flight. He performs loops and whirls all over the teensy train tracks with his insane Whoop skills, nabbing him a spot in our 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards' Micro Drone Acro Mode and Tiny Whoop Acro Mode categories.