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Ancient Ruins Compilation

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Aerial Views of Ancient Ruins

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Modern technology meets ancient history in this aerial compilation created by AirVuz. Drone pilots are flying at some of the world’s most famous ancient ruins. The video starts in Greece with amazing drone footage of the Acropolis of Athens, then makes at the Colosseum in Rome Italy, Angkor Wat in Cambodia England's Stonehenge, Petra in Jordan and the Great Wall of China. Other notable stops include Perga in Turkey, Armenia's Temple of Garni, Israel's Masada, and Peru's Machu Picchu.

The Parthenon, Athens Acropolis

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Flight over the Acropolis of Athens


For an aerial view of one of the most famous ruins of Ancient Greece, it's tough to beat this drone video of the Athens Acropolis complex by Geopahas.  The centerpiece of the site in the heart of the Greek capital is the Parthenon.  This temple to Goddess Athena was commissioned by Pericles in the 5th century BC, at the height of the city-state's glory and power.   The video also includes footage of the complex's other landmarks including the Propylaea, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Monastiraki, and more.

Rome's Colosseum

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Il Colosseo I Roma I drone shots


Contributor Volovisione, one of the top drone piloting companies in Italy, treats us to a highly stylized aerial view of the great ruins of Rome's Colosseum.  It is the largest amphitheater which was ever constructed, and it's estimated it could hold between 50,000 and 80,000 spectactors.  The Colosseum was tied directly to the Seige of Jerusalem in 70 AD; the building was adorned with booty captured from the Temple of Jerusalem and built largely with captured slaves from that bloody campaign.  

Masada: Fortress in the Judean Desert

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Israel's Great Masada Fortress


Masada is an ancient fortification built atop a plateau in the Judean Desert of southern Israel, overlooking the Dead Sea.  During the First Jewish War of the first century AD, Masada was the site of a famous seige by Roman troops following which the Jewish defenders (numbering perhaps a thousand) committed suicide en masse rather than surrender.  Contributor Nelly Volkovich used a drone to create an amazing aerial video of this hallowed mountaintop, which is a UNESCO World Heritage cultural site.  

Turkey's Ancient Ephesus

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Ephesus - Virgin Mary - Selcuk


During much of the Antiquity, the city of Ephesus in what is now western Turkey was one of the half-dozen most important cities in the world outside of China and India.  Abandoned since around the time that Constantinople fell to the Ottomans, its remains sit outside of Selçuk in Turkey's İzmir Province.  In this drone video by jesus_tr, you'll get an aerial view of these famous ruins, as well as those of the nearby House of the Virgin Mary, believed by many to be the final home of the mother of Jesus.

Templi dei Paestum, Southern Italy

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Templi di Paestum - Poseidonia - Cilento National Park, Italy


Contributor Franxifra created this amazing aerial video of Templi dei Paestum, one of the most significant ruins sites of Southern Italy.  Paestrum was an ancient city built by the Greeks in what is now the Salerno province of Campania.  The core of the site is three very well preserved temples, two of which (the Hera temples) are shown in the video.  The temples are believed to have been built sometime between 500-600 BC, and relate to a Doric order which is distinguished by the design of the column tops.

Greece's Temple of Poseidon

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Cape Sounio: Temple of Poseidon

Moses B.

Contributor Moses B. created this marvelous drone video of the Temple of Poseidon, one of the ancient ruins of Greece.  It's located at the tip of Cape Sounion, a promontory at the far end of the Attic Peninsula of Central Greece.  The temple was built in the mid-fifth century BC, replacing an earlier temple at the site which was destroyed during a Persian invasion of Greece which occurred earlier in the century.  Construction occurred during the time that Athens was ruled by Pericles.  

Amathus: Ancient City of Cyprus

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Amathus Cyprus, the oldest Citadel in the world.

Nour Dupir

Contributor Nour Dupir created this amazing drone video of an important ancient ruins site on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.  Amathus was an Iron Age city on the southern shore of the island, dating to about 1100 BC.  The city was founded by Cinyras, an ancient king of Cyprus who is much mentiond in many stories of Greek mythology.  Its sanctuary to the Goddess Aphrodite (whose home was Cyprus) was the second most important on the island after Paphos.  Amathus continued to be an important city through Roman times. 

Pula: Croatia's Roman Ampitheater

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Pula, Croatia


One of the best-preserved ancient Roman ruins sites isn't in Rome at all or even in Italy.  It's the arena in the city of Pula, which lies at the southern tip of the Istrian Peninsula in northern Croatia.  Pula became an an important Roman outpost during the waning days of the Republic.  Construction of the arena began at the outset of the Empire and was completed in 68 AD. Considered one of the top attractions in this Southeast European country, you can check it out from above in this drone video by ImagesCairns.

Ancient Armenian Temple

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Garni Temple, Armenia

johny kondakjian photography

Contributor Johny Kondakjian Photography used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this spectacular video of the Temple of Garni, one of Armenia's cultural treasures.  It is the country's only standing temple dating to the period before Armenia became the first proto-country to convert to Christianity, in 301 AD.  Believed to have dated to the first century, it collapsed in an earthquake in the 17th century, and was excavated and rebuilt in the 20th century.  It lies in the Kotayk Province in the middle of the country.

Side: Ancient Mediterranean Port in Turkey

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Side Antique City

Altan 35.5

Contributor Atlan 35.5 created this beautiful drone video of one of the best-preserved ancient ruins sites in southern Turkey.  It's the ancient city of Side, a coastal town which sits on the Mediterranean Sea in the province of Antalya.  It's believed that the city was originally settled by Greeks in the 7th century BC.  It later fell under the control of Alexander the Great, followed by the Ptolemaic dynastic and later the Seleucid Empire.  Still later, it became an important regional city in the Roman Empire.  

Anfiteatro Campano: Roman Ampitheater

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Anfiteatro Campano - Santa Maria Capua Vetere


Less well known than Rome's Colosseum, the Capua Ampitheater in Santa Maria Capua Vetere (ancient Capua) was the second largest Roman amphitheater.  The town is situated due north of Naples, in Italy's Caserta province (part of the Campania region).  Built in the first century BC, the amphitheater was the scene of many important events in the Roman Republic and the Empire.  In this video, contributor feola.mike captures these ancient ruins brilliantly with a DJI Phantom 4 drone.   

Israel's Ancient Judean Desert

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Secrets of the Judaean Desert


The Judean Desert runs parallel to the Dead Sea in the eastern part of Israel.  It is an area steeped in history, with tremendous historical importance to Judaism, Christianity, and (to a somewhat lesser extent) Islam.  In this video, contributor Rea Burla treats us to spectacular tour of this amazing desert, which includes bird's eye views of St. George’s Monastery in the Wadi Qelt valley, the tomb of Moses, the UNESCO World Heritage site Masada, and the Dead Sea.

Sardis: Capital of Ancient Lydia

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Ancient City of Sardes - 4K


Here's a fantastic aerial view of one of the most important ancient ruins sights in Turkey, compliments of top contributor jesus_tr.  It's from the ruins of the ancient city of Sardis in Manisa, one of the (inland) provinces which makes up the Aegean Region of western Turkey.  Sardis was said to be founded by the sons of Hercules.  Later it was the capital of the kingdom of Lydia, one of the most important of the Antiquity.  Still later, the great city earned frequent mention in the New Testament.  

Diocletian's Palace, Croatia

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Awesome city of Split in Croatia - DRONE VIDEO

RVB Drone Studio

Split is Croatia's second largest city, after the capital city of Zagreb.  With a metropolitan population of about 200,000, it's the primary city in the Dalmatia region, which covers much of the country's Adriatic Sea coastline.  A very old city, it became home to Diocletian's Palace, which was built for the Roman Emperor Diocletian in the 4th century AD.  Here is an amazing bird's eye view of the city, compliments of contributor and drone pilot RVB Drones. 

Mardin, Turkey

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Mardin (Heritage City)


Contributor jesus_tr used a DJI Spark drone to create this stunning aerial video of Mardin, a city in southeastern Turkey.  Mardin is the capital of the province of the same name, in Turkey's Southeastern Anatolia region.  The city lies just a short distance north of the Syrian border.  The city has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, and was part of two different Assyrian empires.  Most of its prominent architecture dates to its time under a Turkmen dynasty in the 11th-12th centuries.

England's Stonehenge

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Stonehenge is a pre-historic monument in County Wiltshire in Southwestern England.  The famous ring of stones, estimated to be 4-5,000 years old, is one of the most recognized and important cultural sites in the United Kingdom.  The purpose and precise construction date(s) of Stonehenge continue to be matters of some debate.  Contributor Mikee1554 used a drone to create this amazing aerial view of the ruins, which were the setting for the climax of Thomas Hardy's 1891 classic novel Tess of the D'Urbevilles.

Phrygia: Home of King Midas

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Phrygia: Home of King Midas


Phrygia is an ancient ruins site in southwestern Turkey.  For around 500 years beginning about 1200 BC, it was the center of a very powerful regional empire - two of its kings were amongst the most well known names during the Antiquity, namely Gordias (he of the Gordian Knot)and  Midas (whose "touch" could famously turn ordinary objects into gold). In this video by yasinilcebay, you'll get an amazing bird's eye view of the ancient city, which is located in the western part of the modern day region of Central Anatolia.  

Greece's Temple of Aphaia

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Ancient Temple of Aphaia, Aegina Island, Greece

Contributor and drone pilot georgelek1966 used a drone to give us this bird's eye view of an ancient temple on the Greek island of Aegina.  The temple of Aphaia was built in the fifth century BC on this island, which is one of the Saronic Islands.  The islands are located in the Saronic Gulf, an Aegean Sea inlet which lies between the Attica and Peloponnese Peninsulas. Aphaia was a Greek goddess, worshipped exclusively at this site, who was thought to be important to fertility as well as to the crop growing cycle.  

Roman Ampitheater in Tunisia

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Amphitheatre of El Jem

Fabio Knoll

Check out this drone video of the ancient El Jem amphitheater in North Africa, compliments of Fabio Knoll.  The amphitheatre El Jem was built in 238 AD in present-day El Djem, which lies along the country's eastern Mediterranean coastline and was part of the Roman province of Africa.  Seating an estimated 35k spectators, it was one of the largest in the world.  Considered one of the best-preserved Roman ruins in Africa, the amphitheater was used to film the 1979 comedy classic, Monty Python's Life of Brian.  

Turkey's Ancient Perga

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Turkey's Ancient City Perga from Above

Turkey Home

The ancient city of Perga lies in the Anatolia region of southern Turkey, just northeast of the regional capital Antalya.  The city was one of the most important in a region known as Pamphylia during the Antiquity.  It was visited twice by St. Paul, whose travels here are described in the Acts of the Apostles.  Contributor Turkey Home created an amazing drone video of this ancient Turkish city, which is strategically situated between two rivers and is one of the most popular destinations in southern Turkey. 

Dún Aonghasa: Irish Hill Fort

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Inis Mór, Aran Islands


Check out this stunning drone video of some of the most famous ancient ruins of Ireland, compliments of contributor iampeternagy.   Inis Mór is the largest of the Aran Islands in Galway Bay on the country's western coast.  It's also the largest Irish island not connected to the mainland by bridge.  It is best known as the home of the Dún Aonghasa hill fort, which is featured prominently in the video.  The construction date of the fort is not known exactly but is believed to be around 1100 BC.  

Jerash, Jordan

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Jerash, Jordan

Fabio Knoll

Jerash is an ancient city in northwestern Jordan, near the country's border with neighboring Israel.  It dates to the Antiquity, although it was nearly destroyed in an earthquake in the 8th century and later rebuilt.  It bears the marks of having been in the orbit of both European and Middle Eastern civilizations.  Award winning contributor Fabio Knoll used a drone to create an amazing aerial tour of this city, which was unearthed by archaeologists in the early 1800's.

Hadrian's Mausoleum, Rome

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SUNSHINE - Castel Sant' Angelo

Why Not Channel

Check out this amazing aerial view of one of the most well-known ancient ruins sites in Rome, compliments of contributor Why Not Channel.  It's the Mausoleum of Hadrian, also known as Castel Sant'Angelo.  Commissioned by the Emperor Hadrian, the structure was completed in 139 AD and was the tallest in Rome for centuries.  Due to its location in the Parco Adriano district on the northern bank of the Tiber and just east of the Vatican, it was later used as a papal fortress.  

Pantalica: Neolithic Sicilian Site

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Pantalica: Sicily Before History


Sicily is not only the largest island in the Mediterranean, it's also one of the oldest in terms of human settlement.  Archaelogists believe that it may have been settled as long as 12,000 years ago, long before most areas of Europe.  In this video, contributor armandoWDN gives us an aerial tour of Patalica, an area in the southeast corner of the island, near Syracuse.  Pantalica is the site of the Necropolis, a cemetery which is thought to hold as many as 5,000 graves.

Ancient Rock Fort of Sri Lanka

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Sigiriya, Sri Lanka


Contributor NGreyTravels used a DJI drone to create this remarkable aerial video of one of the world's most famous hilltop structures.  The Sigiriya ("Lion Rock") is a gigantic rock fortress and monastery complex located near the center of Sri Lanka, the island nation off the southern coast of India.  The fortress was built in the 5th century AD as a new capital city by Kashyapa I, a long-serving king of Sri Lanka.  It was later converted to a monastery, which was active until the 14th century.

Hadrian's Wall: Roman Outpost in England

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Hadrian's Wall


Hadrian's Wall is probably the single most important relic of Roman rule of England, as well as the largest intact set of Roman ruins anywhere.  It was built in the second century AD as a defensive fortification "protecting" England from attacks from the land now known as Scotland.  It extends from the Irish Sea in the west to the North Sea in the east.  In this drone video by Newcastlemale, you'll get a bird's eye view of this magnificent structure, which runs just to the south of the present-day Scottish border.  

Lake Garda's Grottoes of Catallus

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Grottoes of Catullus

Enrico Pescantini

To pcontributor Enrico Pescantini created this stunning drone video of some important Roman ruins in northern Italy.  The Grottoes of Catullus are the remains of a Roman villa which was located on Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy.  They are situated at the tip of the Sirmione Peninsula at the southern end of the lake, which is part of the region of Lombardy.  The video does full justice to the stunning natural beauty of the lake and the 2,000+ year old ruins from the ancient civilization.  

Bulgaria's Perperikon

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Perperikon | Ancient City In Bulgaria Kardzali


Dronevfx used a DJI Spark drone to create this beautiful video of one of the more important ancient ruins sites in Bulgaria.  Perperikon was a city in ancient Thrace, a region which was bounded by the Balkan Mountains, and the Black and Aegean Seas, now split between modern day Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.  Located in the southern part of Bulgaria, Perperikon is thought to have been the location of the Temple of Dionysius.   The ruins have been under excavation since 2000.

Turkey's Afrodisias Stadium

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Afrodisias Stadium / Ancient Footage


Check out this amazing drone videos of one of the best-preserved ancient stadiums, compliments of contributor IlkerCagatayAsik.  The stadium is part of the ruins of Aphrodisias, which was an ancient Greek settlement in western Turkey.  It's situated in the province of Aydin, one of the southernmost provinces which makes up the country's Aegean region.  It's believed that the stadium once seated 30,000 spectators; larger than the better-known stadium ruins at the stadium ruins of Delphi in Greece.

Ancient Troy

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Troia - Assos


For centuries, scholars have debated whether the story of the 'Trojan Horse" has historical foundation.  Based on archaeological evidence, it is now believed that Troy, the city state which was at war with Athens and Sparta, was an actual city in western Turkey, near the present day city of Hisarlik.  In this drone video by jesus_tr, you'll get a look at the site from the second millennium BC, which was famously referenced in two of the greatest works of western literature: Virgil's Aenid and Plato's The Odyssey.  

Israel's Rujm el-Hiri

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Rujm el-Hiri - "stone heap of the wild cat"


Contributor AirWorks created this amazing drone video of Rujm el-Hiri, an important ruins site in northern Israel.  It's a series of concentric stone circles situated in the Golan Heights, an area east of the Sea of Galilee which was annexed by Israel in the 1980's.   The site is made of over 42,000 stones, with a roughly 5 meter (15 ft.) mound at the center.  The purpose and age of the site are the subject of considerable debate within the worldwide archaelogical community.  

Antipatris: Home of Herod the Great

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Antipatris - Tel Aphek National Park


Walking around the modern-looking Tel-Aviv, Israel, one can forget that this is a very old place - Tel-Aviv's southern "suburb" of Jaffo is mentioned repeatedly in the Bible, for example.  In the city's eastern suburbs, you will be reminded when you see the remains of the ancient city of Antiparis here-once the home of Herod the Great, who ruled what was known as Judea on behalf of Rome in the first century BC.  It's part of the Tel Aphek National Park, which you'll see in this drone video by AirWorks.

Termessos, Turkey

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Termessos Ancient City


Contributor and drone pilot iskenderfilms created this beautiful aerial video of an important ancient ruins site in southern Turkey called Termessos.  The city, which was part of the historical region of Psidia, sits in the Taurus Mountains, in the northern part of the province of Antalya.  Termessos was famously one of the very few cities which Alexander tried to conquer (in 333 BC) but could not.  Abandoned when an earthquake destroyed its aquaduct, it's one of Turkey's best-preserved ruins sites.

British Camp: Neolithic English Fortress

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British Camp


Colin484 brings us this drone video of some famous ruins in the heart of England.  British Camp is an iron age fortress which is located atop one of the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, in the West Midlands region.  It is thought to date to the 2nd century BC, well before the arrival of the Romans.  At times, castles have been built upon the site, testament to its strategic importance and defensability.  The site is a Scheduled National Monument and protected under UK preservation laws.

Ireland's Ruins in County Meath

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Loughcrew Cairns, Ireland


Contributor Difshot created this stunning drone video of an important ancient site in Ireland called Loughcrew.  Situated in County Meath in the eastern part of the island, the area is known for its hilltop tombs which sit atop a prominent hill.  It's what is known as a passage tomb, one of four such sites identified in Ireland.  The tombs date to the 4th millennium  BC - over 5,000 years ago.  The area including the tombs and the hill is known as Slieve na Calliagh, and it's a protected national site.

Huaca Pucllana: Lima's Pre-Incan Ruins

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Huaca Pucllana: Lima, Peru


Check out this amazing drone video of some famous ruins in Lima, Peru, compiments of contributor Auquicu.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Air drone, the video beautifully captures the Huaca Pucllana ruins in the Peruvian capital city.  The centerpiece of the site is a tiered pyramid constructed of adobe and clay materials.  The structure was built by the Lima Culture, a pre-Incan society centered around modern-day Lima which existed in the first seven centuries AD.  

Takht-i-Bahi: Buddhist Monastery in Pakistan

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Takht-i-Bahi Monastery in Northern Pakistan

Backpacker Let's Explore The World

Check out this drone video of Pakistan's most famous Buddhist monastery, compliments of contributor Backpacker Let's Explore the World.  It's called Takht-i-Bahi, and it's located near the town of Mardan near the middle of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.  It's actually a complex which includes the monastery, a court, assembly hall, and other buildings.  The monastery, which is the oldest part, dates to the first century AD.  It hasn't been used since the 7th century, falling into a ruined but well-preserved state.  

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Callanish Standing Stones & Luskentyre Beach Isle of Lewis & Harris

Albacross Imaging

The Callanish Standing Stones are an important Neolithic ruins site in the Scottish Highlands.  They are situated on the western coast of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. The site consists of a circle of stones around a monolith, with rows of stones emanating outwards from the center ring.  The circle is believed to date to 2600-2900 BC.  In this drone video by Albacross Imaging, you can see the famous site, which has appeared in numerous TV shows, movies, music album covers, and works of literature.  


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Aspendos Ancient City

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Ephesus Antic City

Alp Karagulle
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Sardinia Nuraghe Seruci

Sergio Madau