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Aerial Tour of Dobrogea

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The Brothers M

Dobrogea is a region in the eastern part of Romania, where the mighty Danube River empties into the Black Sea.  Top contributor The Brothers M used a drone to create an unforgettable aerial tour of of this stunning region.  Despite the lack of mountains characteristic of other regions in Romania, you will be amazed by the stunning coastline, incredible shots of migratory birds, ship and bridge traffic on the Danube, and bird's eye views of some of Romania's many wind turbines.  

Romania's Black Sea Coastline

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Black Seamphony


The western Black Sea in Eastern Europe is shared by Romania, Bulgaria, and the Ukraine.  The sea is of considerable importance to Romania, providing it with a waterway to the Mediterranean and thereby to the world beyond Europe.  In this amazing drone video, contributor Mariansterea give us an aerial tribute to the Romanian Black Sea coastline, home to some of the most popular tourist spots in the country as well as the busy seaport of Constanta, the largest port on the Black Sea.

Romania's Great Port of Constanta

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Winter in Constanța


Constanta is the principal city of eastern Romania.  Situated on the country's Black Sea coast, its the country's largest seaport as well as the largest of any seaport on the Black Sea.  It's also the oldest settled part of Romania, having been founded over 2,500 years ago.  Constanta is the largest city in the region of Dobrogea, a region which covers the Romanian Black Sea coastline.  In this video, contributor MarianSterea gives us an aerial look at this ancient port city in the dead of winter.  

Mamaia: Black Sea Town in Winter

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Silence of the Sea: Mamaia, 2017


What does a top beach resort on the Black Sea look like in the winter?  Find out with this drone video from contributor Mariansterea.  He flew his drone over the resort area of Mamaia, a beach town in Romania's Dobrogea region which lies along the Black Sea.  Mamaia is situated a bit north of Constanta, the site of Romania's largest port (indeed, the largest port on the Black Sea) and the largest city in the Dobrogea region.  This popular beach area seems eerily abandoned in this video, shot in the depths of winter.

Constanta Shipyard

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Drone Video of the Port of Constanta, Romania


For centuries, the Black Sea was the world's most important body of water for shipping.   While that is no longer the case, it remains very significant, and is the only water path to the open ocean (via the Bosphorus Strait and then the Mediterranean) for four different countries.  The largest port on the great sea is Constanta, in Romania's Dobrogea region.  In this video, Claboo Media gives us a drone's eye view of this extremely modern seaport, part of a city which dates to 600 BC.

Abandoned Ship in the Black Sea

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The Ghost Ship Evangelia


Contributor Mariansteria created this epic drone video of one of the most famous shipwrecks in the Black Sea.  The Evangelia was a refrigerated cargo ship which was wrecked near the Romanian seaport city of Constanta (Costinești, home of the largest port on the Black Sea) in 1968.  The video contains some epic head-on and overhead shots of the extremely eerie looking 7k+ ton gross ton rusting ship, which stands nearly upright in shallow waters.  The wreck is easily accessible from the nearby Costinesi Resort.  

Danube Delta in Romania's Dulcea County

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Romania's Danube Delta


Contributor Nelstill created this amazing drone video of the Danube River Delta in eastern Romania.  This is where the mighty river, which runs for about 2.75k km (around 1.77k mi.) through Europe (including four national capitals) empties into the Black Sea.  Most of the Delta lies in Tulcea County, part of the Dobrogea (Dobruja) region of the country.  Rising in the Black Forest of Germany, the Danube is the second-longest waterway after Russia's Volga River.

The Frozen Danube River

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Transport Ships Trapped on the Frozen Danube, Romania


Contributor GeogeMarcu used a drone to aerially film a comparatively rare phenomenon - a frozen Danube River in Romania, near its mouth on the Black Sea.  The Danube is Europe's second-longest river (after Russia's Volga River) and in some respects its most important.  It provides access to the ocean (through the Black and Mediterranean Seas) to Austria, Hungary, and Serbia, which would otherwise be completely landlocked.  The freezing of the river to the extent that transport ships are trapped is quite rare.

Constanta's Abandoned Landmark

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Constanța's Casino


Check out this stunning drone video of the great Romanian port city of Constanța. The oldest city in the country, it's  the largest port on the Black Sea. The centerpiece of the video is some epic aerial footage of the  Constanța Casino.  Thje current version of the casing was built in the early 1900's, the casino was intended to be the Monte Carlo of Romania.  The building was damaged during World War II, used by the Romanian government for a time for cultural functions, and is currently abandoned.  

Romania's Delta Danube in Winter

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Winter Mode on the Danube


Contributor Mariansterea created this stunning drone video of the Danube River Delta in Romania during the depths of winter.  While the river does occasionally freeze and close to navigation, most winters it appears as it does here: icy, obviously extremely cold, but useable for shipping.  That's a good thing, because freezing effectively cuts large sections of Central and Southeastern Europe off from maritime access through Europe's second longest river and probably its most important.  

Famous Statue in Adamclisi, Romania

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Drone Footage Cinematic Adamclisi Romania 4K 50FPS

JPG Drone

Check out this drone video of Tropaeum Traiani, a famous statue in the town of  Adamclisi, Romania.  The town is situated in Constanta County, in the eastern region of Dobrogea.  The monument was built in 1977, and it's a reconstruction of a Roman monument to the Emperor Trajan which was built in the second century AD.  It's testament to the age of this area; some of Romania's (and indeed, Europe's) oldest settlements are in Dobrogea.  The video was created by JPG Drones.  

Color Run in Mamaia

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Mamaia: Color Run 2016


Color Runs can be thought of as a cross between marathons and Holi Festivals.  They are 5 km (3 mi) races where the participants get covered in brilliant colored powder, which is made of biodegradable corn starch.  They are deemed the "Happiest 5,000 Meters on the Planet" by the company which organizes them, and it's probably no exaggeration.  In this video, Claboo Media uses a drone to film a Color Run in Mamaia, a city on Romania's Black Sea near the port of Constanta.