Aerial Tour of Guatemala
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Guatemala is the largest country in Central America, with a population (over 17 million) close to double that of Honduras, the next largest country in the region.  It shares a long border with Mexico and has coasts along both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea.  Guatemala was the center of the ancient Mayan civilization which also covered much of the nearby Yucatan Peninsula.  Contributor Zaparoli used his drone to create this stunning aerial tour of this amazing country. 

Antigua: In the Guatemalan Highlands
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Antigua Guatemala


Contributor AshvilleAerial used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this beautiful aerial tour of Antigua, a beautiful colonial city in the Highlands of Guatemala.  The city was founded in the mid-16th century by the Spanish Conquistadoras, and was actually the third capital city of what became known as the Kingdom of Guatemala.  Devastated by several earthquakes later in the 16th century, Antigua became one of the most important center of Spanish and Jesuit culture in Central America.

Mayan Guatemala
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Lands of the Maya - Guatemala and Mexico


The Maya people, indigenous to the land stretching across parts of Central America and the Yucatan Peninsula, are known for their sophisticated perspectives on science, engineering, and the arts.  Contributor Dronebros spent two years traveling the Mayan lands and created this video.  His work earned nominations for the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week and Drone Video of the Month, and was the Winner for the 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards' People & Lifestyle category. 

Antigua's Iglesia Merced
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Iglesia de La Merced


Amongst the most well-preserved relics of the Spanish Colonial Era in Central America is Antigua in the central Guatemalan highlands.  Antigua served as the capital of the Kingdom of Guatemala, a division of the Spanish Empire that covered all of the present day countries of Central America save Panama, plus parts of Southern Mexico.  This drone video captures one of the cultural treasures of this well-preserved town: the Iglesia Merced, a church which was completed in 1767.  

Guatemala City
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Guatemala City at Night


Guatemala is the most populous nation of Central America, so it's not surprising that its capital Guatemala City is the largest city in the region, with an estimated metropolitan population of about 2.5 million as of 2018.  It's also much younger than the other regional capitals, having only become a city after the capital was moved here following a series of earthquakes in the former capital Antigua.   Get a bird's eye view of GC in this impressive drone video from SkycamGuatemala.  

Lake Atitlán
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Lake Atitlán, Guatemala, Central America


Contributor Sandergarcia created this beautiful drone video of one of the top natural sites of Guatemala.  It's a volcanic lake called Lake Atitlán, and it's in the Guatemalan Highlands region which sits between the Sierra Madre de Chiapas Mountains and the Petén Basin in this Central American country.  Formed by a volcanic eruption estimated to have occurred about 84,000 years ago, the lake covers 130 square km (50 square mi.), with a maximum depth of about 340 meters or over 1.1k ft.  

Alta Verapaz: Semuc Champey
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Semuc Champey - Guatemala


Contributor and drone pilot nachobovery created this beautiful aerial video of a natural monument in Guatemala called Semuc Champey.  It's a bridge made of limestone over the Cahabón River, a waterway which runs through the eastern part of this Central American country.  It is situated in the department of Alta Verapaz Department, which covers the central part of Guatemala.  While it's not easily accessible, as you'll see from the video, it's a stunningly beautiful place.  

Top Sights of Guatemala
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Visit Guatemala 3.0


Skycamguatemala created this beautiful aerial tour of Guatemala, the most populous of the Central American countries.  The video covers many of the most popular sights in the country, including Antigua, Atitlan, and Panajachel.  At about the 1:30 mark, you'll get a look at one of the country's most well known spots: the ruins of Tikal.  The ancient Mayan city was used for establishing shots to create the fictional Planet Yavin in the original Star Wars movie, now retitled Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977).

Documentary of Guatemala
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Documentary Film of Guatemala


Contributor and drone pilot Zaporolli skillfully blended aerial and ground footage from across Guatemala to create this beautiful documentary for the International Cooperation of Spain.  The video shows the beauty of this Central American land and its native people. While the Spanish conquest had a huge (and generally negative) impact on Mayan lands, the indigenous culture held up better here than it did in the Aztec lands to the north or Inca lands to the south, where very little survived the onslaught.   


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Palms Jungle

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Ipala volcano