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Devon and Dorset: Jurassic Coast


England from Above in 4K


The South Coast of Great Britain contains some of the island's most remarkable natural scenery, including the Jurassic Coast which stretches from East Devon in the west to Dorset in the east.  Top contributor BigHeadGreg, created this marvelous aerial tour of the natural wonders of the coast.  His video includes bird's eye views of two of the most iconic Jurassic coast sites: Old Harry Rocks on the Isle of Purbeck and Durdle Door in Lulworth.  You'll also see the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs further east in Sussex.  

The Cornwall Coast


The Great Coast Of Cornwall | Winter 2019


New AirVūz contributor benhawkinslive used his DJI Mavic Air to create this stunning drone video from Cornwall, England. Cornwall is a county located in the southwestern corner of the country.  It has a long northern coastline along the Irish Sea (into which the Bristol Channel opens) and an even longer southern coastline along the English Channel.  Once known primarily for its tin and other natural resources, Cornwall is now best known for its stunning coastline and quaint seaside villages.  This video was a DVOW nominee in August 2020. 

Dorset: Old Harry Rocks


Old Harry Rocks in Winter 4K

AVEA - Alt...

Old Harry Rocks sit off the Isle of Purbeck (technically a peninsula) in County Dorset, England.  These giant chalk stones are one of the key sites along the Jurassic Coast, a 150 km (95 mi) stretch along England's South Coast which has been designated by UNESCO World Heritage site due to its unique geological features.  Contributor Alta Vista Epic Aerials flew a drone over Old Harry Rocks and created this stunning bird's eye view of this natural wonder, one of the most well known natural sights in the United Kingdom.

Aerial Tour of County Bristol


Bristol by Drone


Take an aerial tour of County Bristol in Southwestern England, compliments of contributor maskedinsanity.  The county is home to some of the UK's oldest historical sites as well as some beautiful scenery along the Bristol Channel.  The video features footage from the following: Clifton Suspension Bridge, Brandon Hill & Cabot Tower, the Clifton Downs, the city of Bristol - harbourside and Hotwells, Victoria Park and Totterdown, Cheddar Gorge, Weston Super Mare, and Severn Beach.

Top Sights of Somerset


Somerset, UK: Chedder Gorge, Glastonbury Tor, and Weston-super-Mare

Nathan Jer...

Top contributor Nathan Jermy used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this amazing aerial tour of some of the most iconic spots in Southwestern England.  The locations featured are all in County Somerset, just to the west of Dorset: (1) Cheddar Gorge, a canyon caused by glaciation rather than a river and home to the famous Cheddar Man human remains; (2) Glastonbury Tor, a hill near the town of the same name, which is topped by St. Michael's Tower; and (3) Weston-super-Mare, a village on the Bristol Channel.

Drone Tour of County Devon


Devon by Drone


County Devon is in Southwestern England, one county in from Cornwall.  It's home to sandy beaches, fossil cliffs, medieval towns and moorland national parks. The has many picturesque harbor towns (both on its North Sea and Bristol Channel coastlines) and, if you follow the southern coastline, you can take in the fossil-rich souther Jurassic Coast. This drone video by maskedinsanity showcases those medieval towns, rocky coastlines, and rolling hills that make Devonshire so alluring. 

Dorset: Corfe Castle


Corfe Castle


Corfe Castle is an 11th century fortification in Dorset on the English South Coast.  Built by William the Conqueror, it was one of the first castles to be built partly with stone.  It has played an important role through many episodes of British history, including the English Civil War.  Built in a gap in the Purbeck Hills, it's considered one of the greatest castles in Southwestern England.  In this amazing video, contributor Benpwalis flies a drone over this amazing Norman castle, an English cultural treasure.

Aerial Tour of Dorset


Dorset from Above


Dorset is the easternmost of the three coastal counties on England's southwestern coast, immediately to the east of Devon and two counties over from Cornwall in the southwestern corner of England.  In this video, contributor Richardhurst treats us to an aerial tour of Dorset, which he created with a DJI Inspire drone.  The video features aerial footage of Corfe Castle, Durdle Door, St Catherines Church, Osmington White Horse, Old Harry Rocks, Weymouth Beach, Portland Bill, and Chesil Beach.

Glastonbury Tor, Stonehenge, Cheddar Gorge


Somerset Aerial: Glastonbury Tor, Cheddar Gorge, and Stonehenge

  • ForAdun
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Contributor ForAdun brings us this beautiful aerial tour of some of the most important sights of two counties in Southwestern England.  The video opens with a beautiful view of the 4-5,000 year old ruins of Stonehenge in County Wiltshire.  From there it moves to Cheddar Gorge in neighboring County Somerset, the site of Britain's oldest human skeleton.  The video wraps up with some epic footage of Glastonbury Tor (also in County Somerset), an iconic hill atop which sits St. Michael's Tower.

Gloucestershire: Severn Valley


Stroud, Gloucestershire: DJI Inspire

Kevin Watk...

Contributor Kevin Watkins used a DJI Inspire drone to create this beautiful video of an area of the Severn River Valley in Southwestern England.  Stroud is a town in the middle of Gloucestershire, the county where the Severn River becomes the Severn Estuary which then flows into the Bristol Channel.  The town was saw an influx of Huguenots (French Protestants) and later Jews; during the Industrial Revolution it was one of the most important milling towns in Southwestern England.  

South Devon


South Devon from Above


Contributor ccaerialsolutions used three different DJI drones to create this lovely mini-tour of the South Devon coast in Southwestern England.  Devon sits just to the east of Cornwall, at England's very southwestern tip.  Like Cornwall, Devon has two coasts - a northern coast on the Bristol Channel and a southern coast on the English Channel.  The video includes footage of some of the most famous towns on this southern coast, namely Paignton, Torquay, Exmouth, Goodrington, and Dartmouth.  

Cornwall: St. Michael's Mount


Beautiful St Michael's Mount Film


Michael's Mount is a small island in the southwestern corner of England, connected to the mainland of Cornwall by causeway.  The island, which is protected by the UK's National Trust, has just a few dozen residents.  Topped by a small castle and chapel, it's been occupied, albeit not continuously, since at least 2500 BC.  Contributor Osker C Drone Photography used a DJI drone to create this spectacular aerial view of this tiny island, which is sometimes compared to Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France.  

Dorset Coast


Stunning Dorset Coastline England

Jason Stur...

Prepare to be blown away by this stunning 4k drone video of England's Dorset coast, compliments of contributor Jason Sturgess.  County Dorset is in Southwestern England, to the east of Cornwall and Devon.  Its coastline offers some of the most spectacular natural scenery in England.  It's the heart of the so-called Jurassic Coast, which runs from Studland Bay west to Exmouth in Devon.  The unusual erosion patterns here have exposed rock formations from three different geological periods, covering almost 200 million years.

Dorset: Portland Bill


Portland Bill & Lighthouse - Short Cinematic Film

AVEA - Alt...

Contributor Alta Vista Epic Aerials brings us this fantastic drone video of one of the most well recognized spots in Southwest England.  Portland Bill is a small island connected via sand bar to the mainland just south of Weymouth in County Dorset.  At the southern end of the island is a narrow promontory, upon which sits the Portland Bill Lighthouse.  The lighthouse is one of England's most important; it protects ships moving through some of the most dangerous (as well as busy) waters on the English Channel.  

Aerial Tour of Cornwall


Cornwall, UK: An Aerial Postcard


The southwesternmost county of the UK, Cornwall offers some of the finest scenery in the country: rocky coastlines alternating with secluded beaches and natural harbors along the English Channel to the south and the Irish Sea to the north.  In this drone video by ChrisBaish, you'll get an aerial tour of this storied region.  It opens with some spectacular shots of the St. Michaels Mount island near Penzance, continuing with equally epic footage of the Cornish coast's cliffs, hidden beaches, and quaint port towns.  

Somerset's Cheddar Gorge


Cheddar Gorge


Located in Cheddar, Somerset, England, Cheddar Gorge in a limestone gorge that is a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of its archaeological finds: caves, located in the gorge, where Britain’s oldest complete human skeleton was found in 1903. Archaeologists estimated him to be over 9,000 years old. Other remains that date back to the Upper Late Paleolithic era have also been found there (ranging back to 12,000 - 13,000 years ago). In this drone video, BenLumber gives us a breathtaking aerial tour of the famous canyon.

Devon: Ladram Bay


DJI Phantom 4 - Ladram Bay, Devon UK


Ladram Bay is in eastern Devon on the western end of the Jurassic Coast in Southwestern England.  It's part of a large UNESCO World Heritage Natural Site known for its stunning rock formations.  Contributor and pilot Dronestuffbyrich used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to capture this marvelous bay and its well recognized Sea Stacks, massive sandstone formations which poke out from the sea and are spectacular when seen from a bird's eye view.  The bay is located a bit to the east of Exmouth, one of Devon's principal harbors.  

Gloucestershire: Forest of Dean


The Forest of Dean by DJI Mavic Pro

Ro-Jo Goes...

The Forest of Dean is a wooded area in County Gloucester in southwestern England bounded by the Rivers Wye and Severn.  The iconic forest was the inspiration for J. R. R. Tolkien's forested Middle Earth worlds in his famed book series.  Some decades later, the forests here served as a filming location for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015).  In this video by contributor Ro_jo Goes, you'll get a bird's eye view of this famed woods, courtesy of contributor and drone pilot Ro-Jo Goes.

Summer in Cornwall


Summer Has Landed in Cornwall


Cornwall is probably the easiest county to identify on a map of Great Britain - it's the very southwestern tip of the island.  Cornwall contains some of the oldest inhabited areas of Britain, and (somewhat like Scotland and Wales) the Roman influence was comparatively minor.  Like neighboring Devon, Cornwall has a southern coast along the English Channel and a northern coast along the Bristol Channel.  Cloudpixel created this beautiful aerial view of Mother Ivy's Bay and Padstow on the North Cornwall coast.  

Dorset: Poole


Poole Park and Poole Quay at Sunset

AVEA - Alt...

Southwestern England is known in part for its beaches and recreational areas.  One of the biggest destinations is the town of Poole, which sits in a natural harbor in County Dorset.  Its port was once one of the busiest in England, and in World War II it was an important departure point for the D-Day landings across the English Channel.  Contributor AVEA (Alta Vista Epic Aerials) created this beautiful drone video of the harbor and the town, the second largest in Dorset after Bournemouth (which lies just to its east).

Lulworth Cove, Dorset


Lulworth Cove, Dorset - Cinematic Drone 4K (GoPro Karma)


Lulworth Cove is one of the wonders of England's Jurassic Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage site on its southern (English Channel) coast.  Considered one of the world's most perfectly-formed coves, it's located near the town of West Lulworth in County Dorset, roughly between the towns of Swanage and Poole.  Seen here in this drone video by contributor and pilot adaamcollins, Lulworth Cove "played the role" of the Freeport Safe Zone in Nova Scotia in the 2013 blockbuster thriller World War Z.

Sunrise at St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall


St. Michael's Mount: Catching the Perfect Sunrise

Joshua Pau...

Contributor Joshua Paul Gardner drove through the night to be able to create this magnificent early morning shot of one of the most iconic sights in England.  St. Michael's Mount is a tiny island off the coast of Cornwall, the southwesternmost county of Great Britain.  Topped by a small castle and a church, the island bears considerable similarity (including its name) to Mont St. Michel in Normandy, France.  Like the French island, it is a tidal island - connected to the island at times, but with no permanent bridge.

Devon: Dartmoor National Park


North Burrator

Flying Hor...

While Southwestern England is generally associated with its coastlines, it offers some spectacular scenery on its interior as well.  Dartmoor is a moor (upland area) in Devon, the next to westernmost county of the island.  Most of the area, which lies northwest of Plymouth, is now part of Dartmoor National Park.  Contributor Flying Horizons used a Yuneec Typhoon H drone to create this stunning video of the area around North Burrator, a small town which lies entirely within the park. 

Stonehenge: Neolithic Cultural Monument


Stonehenge Sunrise


New AirVuz contributor and pilot scdronemedia brings us this fantastic early-morning drone view of the famous English archaelogical site known as Stonehenge.  Located in County Wiltshire in Southwestern England, the neolithic ring of stones  is estimated to be 4-5,000 years old.  Over the centuries, the complex has earned countless cultural references ranging from the paintings of John Constable and J.M.W. Turner, to the the poetry of William Wordsworth, to Thomas Hardy's 1891 classic novel Tess of the D'Urbevilles.

Devon: Torbay


Torbay: A Little Bit of Heaven


Torbay is a borough of Devon, on the southwest coast of Great Britain.  The area is one of the longest settled in all of England, with habitation going back many centuries.  It consists of three iconic looking seaside towns lined up along a bay which faces to the east - north to south, Torquay, Paignton, and Brixham.  Contributor CCaerialsolutions created this amazing aerial tour of the area, a "Little Bit of Heaven", which lies a short distance to the south and a bit west of the larger port of Exmouth.

Wilshire: Wardour Castle


Old Wardour Castle


Wardour Castle is one of the most well known castles in Southwestern England.  Situated in County Wiltshire (not far from Salisbury), the castle played an important role in England's War of the Roses.  Its iconic look has led to numerous movie appearances; both the 1991 film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and the 2016 film Journey to Aresmore used the landmark as a filming location.  In this video, you'll get a bird's eye view of this 14th century castle, compliments of contributor Mike1554 and his drone.

Devon: Burrator


Moody Burrator

Flying Hor...

Contributor Flying Horizons took this brilliant drone video of Burrator, a town in Devon in Southwestern England.  The town is part of the Dartmoor National Park, which was created to protect the highly iconic natural landscape of moors and rolling hills. Dartmore has a storied place in English literature; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic the Hound of the Baskervilles, published in serialized form in 1901-02, was set here. Doyle spent months walking through the park beforehand for inspiration.

Cornwall: Godrevey Lighthouse


Godrevy Lighthouse: The Best Sunset Views in Cornwall

Joshua Pau...

Contributor and pilot Joshua Paul Gardner used a DJI Phantom drone to create this amazing video of an important lighthouse in the South of England.  The Godrevy lighthouse was built in the 1850's on St. Ives Bay, on the northern side of the western tip of County Cornwall.  It was built as a navigation aid around the Stones Reef, which had caused many shipwrecks over the years.  In 1854, a passenger ship with about 40 onboard wrecked on the reef, providing the final impetus for the lighthouse to be built.  

Cornwall: Rouche Rock


The "Famous Rock" and Chapel at Roche Cornwall UK


Cloudpixel created this remarkable drone video of a famous rock formation in Southwestern England.  It's a granite outcrop called Rouche, and it's located near a town named after it in County Cornwall.  The rock stands about 20 meters (66 ft.) tall and is of great interest to geologists due to its unusual chemical makeup.  Atop the rock is a ruined chapel, believed to once be the home of a leper.  Roche is located about midway between Cornwall's northern (Bristol Channel) and southern (English Channel) coastlines.

Hartland Point Light, North Devon


Hartland Point Lighthouse with DJI phantom 3

Marian Pec...

The North Devon coastline on the Bristol Channel in Southwestern England is home to a number shipping hazards.  Among them is Hartland Point, which is a promontory which marks the dividing line between the Channel and the Atlantic Ocean.  To protect shipping in and out of the ports on and around the Channel, Hartland Point Lighthouse was constructed and opened here in 1874.  It was decommissioned in 2012 in favor of a modern LED apparatus.  In this drone video by Marian Peciar, you can check out this landmark from above.    

North Devon: Valley of the Rocks


In to the MYSTICAL Valley of the ROCKS with DRONE

Marian Pec...

The North Devon District in southwest England is known for its dramatic cliffs, wild seas, and sandy beaches. The coastal area features incredible sand dunes, rocky coves and medieval towns, making it a great spot for a getaway. In this drone video by Marian Peciar, you'll get some great aerial views of a North Devon spot called Valley of the Rocks.  It's a valley that runs parallel to the North Devon coastline near the town of Lynton.  The valley was one of the settings for the 1869 classic Lorna Doone by R. D. Blackmore.  

South Devon's Coastline


South Devon Coast From Above - Aerials Of Home


Because Devon in southwestern England has two coasts, South Devon refers to the area on the southern (English Channel) side.  South Devon is home to some of the most treasured cultural sites in the UK, including the towns of Exeter, Dartmoor, Torbay, and Plymouth.  In this amazing video, contributor TomInspires does just that with this inspiring drone video of this area of Old England, which includes some of the country's most important historical ports and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage natural site.

Castle of St. Catherine's, Cornwall


Cinematic Footage of St Catherine's Castle


During the middle part of the 16th century, England's King Henry VIII constructed a series of coastal fortifications designed to protect the country against a possible invasion from France and/or the Holy Roman Empire.  One of the most impressive of these forts is the Castle of St. Catherine's, which is situated at the mouth of the Fowey River in Cornwall.  Seen here in this drone video by osker_c_drone_photography, the fort was refitted several times and was on alert as late as the Second World War.  

Swanage, Isle of Pulbreck


Filight over Swanage Harbour

AVEA - Alt...

Swanage is one of the most storied harbor towns on the coast of Dorset in Southwestern England.  It's situated at the tip of the Isle of Purbeck, which isn't actually an island but rather a peninsula which extends into the North Sea.  An old fishing village, Swanage became a major and fashionable seaside destination with the coming of the railways during the Victorian Era.  Seen here in this drone video by AVEA, Swanage features prominently as the town of Knollsea in Thomas Hardy's The Hand of Ethelberta (1876).

A Castle and Lighthouse on Pulbreck


Durlston Castle and Anvil Point Lighthouse on Jurassic Coast of UK

AVEA - Alt...

AVEA - Alta Vista Epic Aerials brings us this beautiful drone video of two important man-made landmarks on the Jurassic Coast of southern England. The first is Durlston Castle, a 19th century country manor built atop a hill in Swanage, a town on the peninsula known as the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset.  The second spot featured is the Anvil Point Lighthouse.  It's located at the very southeastern tip of Pulbreck, just south of Swanage.  Completed in 1881, it is still operational and continues to protect shipping in this dangerous section of the coastline.  

Lyme Regis and the Cobb


Lyme Regis, Devon, UK. The Jurassic Coast.

Drone Eye ...

Check out these drone views of the famous southern UK seaside town of Lyme Regis, compliments of Drone Eye View.  The town lies on the Jurassic Coast, on the borders between Counties Dorset and Devon.  The video features excellent footage of the Cobb, the town's harbor wall.  This landmark made appearances in Jane Austen's novel Persuasion (posthumously published in 1817) and in John Fowles' modern classic the French Lieutenant's Woman; it was also used as a filming location for a 1981 film adaptation of the latter starring Meryl Streep.

Brownsea Island, Poole Harbor


The Mystery of The Brownsea Island

AVEA - Alt...

Brownsea is the largest island in Poole Harbor, an important inlet of the English Channel in County Dorset in Southwestern England.  Owned by the UK's National Trust, the island is known for its forested heath and unusual wildlife.  It is perhaps best known as the venue for the Brownsea Island Scout camp session of 1907, which led to the birth of the international scouting movement.  Check out this beautiful island from above in this drone video by content creator AVEA - Alta Vista Epic Aerials.  

Tintagel: Arthurian Castle in Cornwall


Stunning 4K Drone Footage of Tintagel Bridge and Castle in Cornwall - DJI Mavic 2 Pro


England's Tintagel Castle is closely associated with the legend of King Arthur.  It's situated on a small peninsula on the northern coast of Cornwall.  The current structure was built in the 13th century.  Tintagel was described extensively by the 12th century proto-historian Geoffrey of Monmouth, whose History of the Kings of Britain is credited with establishing the King Arthur legend.  Tintagel had fallen into a ruined state and was "discovered" during an upsurge of interest in King Arthur in the mid-1800's.  

North Cornwall's Stepper Point


Stunning 4K Drone Footage of Pentire & Stepper Point, Cornwall - DJI Mavic 2 Pro


Contributor foggy701 brings us these awesome drone views of a beautiful spot on the coast of Cornwall near the southwestern corner of England.  It was filmed in the area around Stepper Point, a small peninsula on the North Cornwall coast, at the entrance of Padstow Harbor.  It's recognizable from the stone tower (seen in the video), which serves as a navigation aid in these dangerous waters.  Stepper Point has been declared a Site of Scientific Interest under UK law due to its unique geological features.  

Bocastle, North Cornwall


Stunning 4K Drone Footage of Boscastle & Pentargon Falls, Cornwall - DJI Mavic 2 Pro


Check out these stunning drone views of England's North Cornwall coast, compliments of contributor foggy701.  The video was shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 around the town of Bocastle, which lies just east of the town (and castle) of Tintagel.  It includes some great shots of the nearby Pentargon Falls.  The area is part of the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which covers about a dozen different locations that collectively account for over a quarter of the land area of Cornwall.  

Wiltshire's Longford Castle


The Beautiful Longford Castle - Mavic Pro

Nick RC's ...

Content creator and pilot Nick's RC Aerial created this excellent drone video of the United Kingdom's Longford Castle.  It's located near the town of Salisbury in Wiltshire, one of the counties of Southwestern England. Situated on the banks of the Avon River, the current structure dates to the 16th century.  Among other distinctions, the castle served as the inspiration for The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia by Sir Philip Sidney, considered one of the great works of Elizabethan literature.   

Rockham Bay, North Devon AONB


England is epic

epic drone...

Check out these stunning drone views of England's North Devon coastline, compliments of epic drone films.  It was filmed around Rockham Bay on the North Devon coastline, near the spot where the Bristol Channel gives way to the Atlantic Ocean.  The bay lies just to the north of the resort town of Woolacomb, home to some of the finest beaches in the United Kingdom.  The entire  area is part of the North Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, providing a degree of environmental protection to this beautiful region of Southwest England.

Natural Sites on the Isle of Purbeck


Studland Heath and Agglestone Rocks. Area of stunning natural beauty. Dorset, UK.

AVEA - Alt...

AVEA - Alta Vista Epic Aerials brings us this drone video from the Isle of Purbeck, a peninsula in County Dorset in Southwestern England.  The Studland and Godlingston Heath National Nature Reserve is a protected area on Purbeck, known for its lowland heath, sand dunes, and other natural features.  The video also features footage of the nearby Agglestone Rock, also known as the Devil's Anvil, a 400 ton rock formation which is perched on a hill.  According to local legend, the rock was thrown from the Needles on the Isle of Wight by the Devil.  

Dorset's Chesile Beach


DRONEing - Chesil Beach and Fleet Lagoon - Weymouth UK


Chesil Beach is a long, narrow, pebble-covered beach west of Weymouth on England's southern coast in County Dorset; it and the Fleet Lagoon which it creates are part of the legendary Jurassic Coast.  You can see Chesil from above in this drone video by contributor and pilot DRONEing; at about the 1:05 mark, you'll see one of the pillboxes installed here during World War II in anticipation of a possible German invasion.  The beach was later the setting for Ian McEwan's 2007 novella, On Chesile Beach.

Silbury Hill, Wiltshire


Silbury Hill Ancient Neolithic Monument, Avebury, UK


Southwestern England is home to some of the world's most important monuments from the Neolithic period, the most recent sub-division of the Stone Age.   Silbury Hill is one of these landmarks. It's a gigantic chalk mound near the village of Avebury in County Wiltshire.  Located about a half-hour drive north of Stonehenge, it stands 40 meters high (about 130 ft.), making it the tallest known prehistoric structure in Europe.  Seen here in this drone video by ChrisBaish, it's believed that the hill was constructed nearly 4.5k years ago.  

Bristol's Clifton Suspension Bridge


Clifton Suspension Bridge | Bristol | DJI Mavic 2 Pro |

High On Yo...

Check out this drone video of England's famous Clifton Suspension Bridge, which was shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2.  The bridge, completed in 1864, crosses the Avon River near the southwestern city of Bristol.  Considered one of the marvels of 19th century civil engineering, the bridge has a total length of a bit over 400 meters (about 1.35k ft.) and a height of just over 100 meters (330 ft.) above the river's high water mark, The video also features some excellent footage of the adjacent Clifton Observatory.

Cornwall's St. Ives


St Ives, Cornwall, UK.


AirVuz is pleased to welcome new contributor Amazingdevon, who uploaded this beautiful drone video of a seaside resort town in Southwestern England.  The town is called St. Ives, and it lies on the northern coast of Cornwall, the southwesternmost county of England.  It's situated on the western side of St. Ives Bay, an inlet of the body of water known as the Celtic Sea.  Once primarily a fishing town, St. Ives later became popular with writers and artists, most notably the great early 20th century novelist Virginia Woolf.

The Dancing Ledge, Isle of Purbeck


Dancing Ledge of Jurassic Coast - Short Landscape Film

AVEA - Alt...

The Jurassic Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the English Channel. Covering portions of Counties Devon and Dorset, this site spans 185 million years of geological history with rock formations covering the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods.  In this drone video by AVEA - Alta Vista Epic Aerials, you'll get a bird's eye view of the Dancing Ledge, a Jurassic Coast formation on the Isle of Purbeck (which is actually a peninsula), located just west of the  the Dorset town of Swanage.

Famous Windmill in County Wilshire


Wilton Windmill in Winter

Nick RC's ...

Check out this drone video of a historic English windmill, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Nick RC's Aerials.  It's located in the town of Wilton, County Wilshire.  Built in 1821, it operated for about a century before being shut down in the 1920's.  Restored in the 1970's, it continues to make flour and is a notable tourist attraction in the area.  The windmill was featured in an episode of the TV show Victorian Farm Christmas, a popular program which aired on BBC Two in 2009.

Fort Nothe: Protecting Portland Harbor


Fort Nothe, Weymouth. Amazingly preserved 19th century Military Complex

AVEA - Alt...

In the 1850's, England's Royal Navy constructed a giant artificial harbor between the town of Weymouth and the Isle of Portland in County Dorset.  Shortly thereafter, Fort Nothe was built just north of Portland Harbor to protect it from seaborne invasion,  presumably from France.   The guns of the "D"-shaped fort were never fired in anger, and the facility was closed in the 1950's.   Considered one of the UK's best-preserved 19th century artillery forts, you can see it from above in this drone video by Alta Vista Epic Aerials.

Cornwall's "Lizard"


Coverack, Cornwall, UK


The southernmost point of England is a peninsula called the Lizard, which extends southward from Cornwall's coastline along the English Channel.  In this drone video from contributor ChrisBaish, you'll get a great aerial view of a quaint fishing town on the Lizard.  It's called Coverack, and it lies on a shallow bay on the eastern side of the Lizard, just north and east of the peninsula's tip.  Very well-preserved, it's become a popular area for water-sports as well as those interested in Cornwall's fascinating geology.  

Point Start Lighthouse, Devon


Start Point House - Sunset


England's southern (English Channel) coast is home to many navigational hazards, presenting an age-old challenge to some of the world's busiest shipping routes.  Among the most difficult spots is Point Start, a promontory off of the South Hams district of County Devon.  To assist shipping navigation, the Start Point Lighthouse was constructed in 1836.  It's been electrified since 1959 and automated since 1993.  You can check it out from above in this drone video by contributor upandawayvision.  

Durdle Door, Jurassic Coast


Durdle Door


Durdle Door is a natural limestone arch on England's Jurassic Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  It's situated near the town of Lulworth in County Dorset.  The arch is a manifestation of the unusual patterns of sedimentation and erosion which are the hallmark of the Jurassic Coast.  Durdle Door has been referenced and filmed in numerous cultural works over the years, ranging from 19th century British poetry to numerous films such as Wilde (1997) and Nanny McPhee (2005) as well as multiple music videos.  

Avebury: Wiltshire's "Other" Neolithic Monument


Avebury Henge & Stone Circle


Contributor scdronemedia brings us this excellent drone video of the ancient Avebury monument in Southwestern England.  Less well known than nearby Stonehenge, Avebury is nonetheless one of the world's most important neolithic sites and continues to be of interest to followers of Paganism.  Consisting of three giant stone circles, it's believed that Avebury was constructed over the course of the Third Millennium BC.  Largely destroyed during the Medieval and Early Modern periods, it was carefully reconstructed during the 1930's.  

Padstow and Daymer Bay, Cornwall


Stunning 4K Drone Footage of Padstow & Daymer Bay, Cornwall - DJI Mavic 2 Pro


One of the delights of the UK's North Cornwall coastline is the area around Padstow, a small village on the estuary of the Camel River.  Once a major shipping center, the area's suitability for maritime transport diminished considerably with the appearance of the Doom Bar in the late Middle Ages; the sand bar has resulted in literally hundreds of shipwrecks over the ensuing centuries.  In this drone video by foggy701, you'll get a bird's eye view of the town of Padstow and the adjacent Daymer Bay.  

Wilton Windmill, Wiltshire


Wilton Windmill, Wiltshire, UK


Check out this beautiful drone video of a well-known windmill in Southwestern England, compliments of contributor ChrisBaish.  It's called the Wilton Windmill, and it's situated between the towns of Great Bedwyn and Wilton in County Wiltshire.  The mill was built in 1821 and was in regular service for about a century.  Now owned by Wiltshire Council, the windmill has been back in operation since 1976 and is open to the public.  The building has been designated a Grade II structure under UK conservation laws.  

Cornwall's Roseland Peninsula


Roseland, Cornwall UK


England's South Cornwall Coast has some of the most iconic scenery in the United Kingdom.  In this drone video by AirVuz contributor ChrisBaish, you'll get a great aerial tour of a peninsula which lies in the heart of this storied coastline.  It's called the Roseland Peninsula, and it forms the eastern side of the Carrick Roads estuary, opposite Falmouth Harbor.  The video shows the beautiful coastline, the village of St. Anthony, and the St. Anthony's Lighthouse at St. Anthony's Head, the southernmost tip of the peninsula.  

Abandoned Birnbeck Pier, Bristol Channel



Marian Pec...

The now-abandoned Birnbeck Pier is a well-known landmark on England's Bristol Channel, the estuary of the River Severn in the southwestern part of the country.  It's situated in the town of Weston-super-Mare, a few km/mi west of the city of Bristol.  Opened in 1867, it's the only UK pier to connect to an island, specifically the tiny Birnbeck Island.   Seen here in this drone video by Marian Peciar, the pier was taken over for military purposes during World War II; it never regained its popularity and has been abandoned since the 1970's.  

Farming in Gloucestershire


Potato Planting. Gloucestershire U.K. (4K)

Kevin Watk...

While farm mechanization began with the harvesting process, the mechanization of planting is equally important.  Precise planting in order to conserve seed and maximize yield depends on a host of technologies, including high horsepower tractors.  In this video, contributor Kevin Watkins uses a drone to show how the process of mechanized potato planting.  The video was shot in Gloucestershire in the southwestern UK.

Cornwall's Penwith Coastline west of St. Ives


The Beauty of South West Cornwall, UK


Check out this beautiful drone video of one of the most remote stretches of coastline in the UK, compliments of ChrisBaish.  The area filmed is on the northern coast of Cornwall, England's southwesternmost county.  It's just west of St. Ives, the seaside town which is one of the country's most popular beach destinations.  Part of a sub-region known as Penwith, the coastline here features spectacular formations.  Their distinctive appearance is a manifestation of the highly unusual geology which characterizes much of Cornwall.  

Devon: Burrator Dam


Burrator Dam

Flying Hor...

Not all dams provide electricity; many of these structures are built for flood control or to provide drinking or irrigation water.  Case in point is Burrator Dam, in County Devon in southwestern England.  It's actually a system of two dams, with Burrator being the largest.  Situated on the River Meavey, the dam was completed in 1898 primarily to supply drinking water to the region.  In this video, you'll get a bird's eye view of this prominent structure and the reservoir created by it, courtesy of contributor Flying Horizons.

Wheal Prosper: Cornish Mining Landmark


Wheal Prosper Tin Mine, Cornwall, UK


England's County Cornwall was one of the world's most important sources of copper and tin from the Bronze Age until the late 20th century, when its last mine was closed down.  You can see one of the area's old mines in this drone video by AirVuz contributor ChrisBaish.  It's the Wheal Prosper Mine, which is located in the county's southwestern corner in the town of Rinsey.  The mine opened in 1860 and put in three shafts, the deepest of which is about 125 meters (around 420 ft.).  The mine was not successful and closed just six years later.  

North Cornwall's Trevose Head Lighthouse


Trevose Head Lighthouse, Cornwall UK


The shipping lanes in and out of the Bristol Channel in the southwestern UK were once some of the busiest in the world.  For that reason, the peninsulas which line the northern coasts of Counties Cornwall and Devon invariably became important lighthouse locations.  One of these is Trevose Head Lighthouse, which lies on a promontory of the North Cornwall coast, just outside of Padstow Harbor.  Seen here in this drone video by ChrisBaish, the lighthouse was completed in 1847.  It stands 27 meters tall, or about 85 ft.  

Obelisk in South Devon


Mamhead Obelisk, Devon, UK

Red Zeppel...

Check out this aerial view of an idyllic spot in Southwestern England, compliments of contributor Red Zeppelin.  It was filmed in the area of a village called Mamhead on the southern coast of County Devon.  The main estate of the village dates to the 11th century and possibly earlier.  The most recognizable landmark around the village is a giant obelisk which was built in the mid-18th century; it is a navigational aid for ships operating on this somewhat treacherous section of the coastline.  

Five Spots in Cornwall


A Trip to the Coast of Cornwall

Swedish Od...

The beauty of Southwestern England is on full display in this excellent drone video of Cornwall by AirVuz contributor Swedish Odyssey.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro drone, the video feaures footage of the following locations: Falmouth, a town near the mouth of the River Fal in South Cornwall; Penryn, just to its northwest; the Bottalack Mine, a UNESCO World Heritage site near Cornwall's western tip; Zennor, a village in North Cornwall; and Lands End, a headland which represents the westernmost point of England.  

Stonehenge Drone Views


Stonehenge | DJI Mavic 2 Pro | Sunset

High On Yo...

Contributor High on You Drone Boy used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 to create this marvelous sunset drone video of the famous Stonehenge monument in Southwestern England.  The ring of standing stones, each of which weighs around 25 tons, is believed to date to somewhere between 3000 and 2000 BC.  It's believed that the complex was built over several stages and that its precise purpose evolved over time.  One of the world's most important cultural sites, Stonehenge has been referenced in everything from 19th century British paintings to video games.



Wheal Coates Blow Hole





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Durdle door in 4K

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