Discover The Canary Islands from Above

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The Wonders of Tenerife | Drone 4K


Top contributor Davidaguilar, whose video "Magic Iceland" won the People's Choice Award at the second annual Drone Video Awards, used a DJI Mavic Air to create this stunning video from Tenerife in Spain's Canary Islands.  The largest and most well known of the seven islands  which make up the archipelago off the coast of North Africa, Tenerife's beauty has led to its "starring" in numerous movies such as the Sophia Loren classic One Million Years B.C. (1966) and Fast & Furious 6 (2013), among others.

Fuerteventura by DJI Mavic Pro 2
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FUERTEVENTURA - Only The Winds (2019)

IVAL PhotoVideo

The second largest of the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura is a popular tourist destination because of its white-sand beaches and year-round warm temperatures coupled with its constant cooling winds. Situated in the Atlantic Oean just 60 miles off the coast of Africa, this gorgeous island is known for its excellent water sport conditions. IVAL PhotoVideo combined nearly 200 videos to create this piece that highlights the island from the perspective of the Mavic 2 Pro.  This was a DVOW Finalist in March, 2019.

Gran Canaria
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Agaete - Gran Canaria Island, Spain


For a nice aerial view of Spain's Grand Canaria, it's tough to beat this drone video by Franxifra.  He captured this footage at Agaete, a small town in the northwestern part of the island.  Somewhat confusingly, Gran Canaria is not actually the largest island in the archipelago - that distinction belongs to Tenerife, which lies to its west.  Nevertheless, Gran Canaria is probably the best known of the seven main islands which make up the group.  

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Tenerife 2018 with Mavic 2 Pro


The amazingly powerful DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone is put to good use in this epic video of Tenerife, the largest of Spain's Canary Islands off the coast of North Africa.  Contributor MartinD combined drone footage with ground camera footage and some skillful editing to create an epic look at this spectacular island, which currently receives an incredible 5 million visitors per year.  You'll get bird's eye views of the island's spectacular coastline, beautiful ports, and amazing volcanoes.

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Fuerteventura - The Red Pearl

Jeroen Schrage Videography

Jeroen Schrage Videography created this breathtaking drone video of Fuertaventura, the second largest of Spain's Canary Islands.  Situated towards the eastern side of the archipelago, Fuertaventura covers a land area of just under 1.7k square km (about 640 square mi.), and has a population of about 75,000.  The other-worldly appearance of the island has not gone unnoticed by filmmakers; Fuerteventura was a filming location for the 2018 Star Wars derivative Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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Lanzarote - The Island Of Fire - Aerial & Timelapses 4K

  • Zdronu
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Lanzerote is part of the Canary Islands, a Spanish administered archipelago that lies off the coast of North Africa near Morrocco.  It is one of the more remote islands, situated to the northeast of better known Fuerteventura.  In this stunning video, contributor Pedrolftavares flies his DJI Phantom drone over the island, the closest of the Canaries to the African coast, giving us incredible aerial views of volcanos, black and white beaches, national parks and many more scenic vistas.

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Fuerteventura: A Solo Travel Film (DJI Mavic Pro 2)

Paride Musci

Of the seven in Spain's Canary Islands, Fuerteventura is the second largest. There are a few stories about how the island got its name, from a reference to the likelihood of escaping the dangerous ocean turbulence to the good luck gained from being on the island. Drone pilot Paride Musci found his own good fortune while spending a solo week armed with a DJI Mavic Pro 2, a Go Pro Hero 5, and a good eye for amazing shots; the result is this stunning travel video of the island.

Gran Canaria and Lanzarote
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Islas Canarias - Gran Canaria & Lanzarote - trip with DJI Mavic PRO


Contributor tigger_81 created this epic drone video of Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, two of Spain's Canary Islands.  Gran Canaria is situated in the middle of the archipelago, which sits off the coast of North Africa.  Lanzerote is the northeasternmost of the islands.  Gran Canaria is the second most populous island (after Tenerife), with about 850,000 inhabitants, nearly 6x the population of Lanzerote.  As you'll see, the volcanic origins of both islands makes for some stunning scenery.

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Vamos Tenerife!

Contributor captured some incredible aerial footage of Tenerife, the most populous of the seven main Canary Islands.  Using a DJI Mavic Pro drone, his footage features an island which represents a blend of Spanish and North African cultures.  With nearly 900,000 inhabitants this is scarcely a deserted island, yet as you'll see in the video Tenerife still features some pristine natural beauty, brought to life with some very skillful timelapses.

Fuerteventura: Volcán de Arena
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Sand Volcano

LRM Videos

LRM Videos used a combination of ground camera and drone footage to create this amazing video of Volcán de Arena, one of the volcanoes of Fuerteventura in Spain's Canary Islands.  This is one of a half dozen volcanoes on this island, which is situated due east of Gran Canaria.   The video features dramatic sweeping shots of the crater, time lapses, and even a peak at a large predatory bird.  The number of active volcanoes is a function of their relatively young geological age.

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Lanzarote Aerial


Contributor Pedrolftavares used a drone to give us a beautiful aerial tour of Lanzarote, one of Spain's Canary Islands off the North African coast in the Atlantic.  It's the fourth largest of the Canaries in terms of land area, and it's considerably less well known than Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and Fuerteventura.  Lying to the north and east of the other islands, it's also volcanic in origin.  The last known volcanic activity on the island occurred in the 18th century.

Gran Canaria
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Trail Running TEASER | Canary Islands | Gran Canaria


Get those trails, gurl!  Take an aerial trek up to the rocky, mountainous hills of Tenteniguada, Gran Canaria (the third largest in the archipelago of Spain's seven Canary Islands) to see this literal trailblazer bounding through the challenging terrain.  The exhilarating aerial views, provided by drone videographer Rodolfofalcon, of this intense trail run will have you on the edge of your seat, and possibly thinking of the Canaries for your next vacation adventure. 

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Sergei Pinin

From the view of his DJI Mavic 2 Zoom drone, contributor Sergei Pinin filmed the incredible views of Tenerife. As the biggest of the Canary Islands, it offers a range of stunning views from its inland mountain ranges and geothermal landmarks, to its choppy coastal waters.  You'll enjoy soaring along as the setting sun warms the face of a striking sea cliff that plunges straight into the sea.  The Canaries are located off the coast of Morocco, and are territories of Spain.

Fuerteventura: Corralejo Dunes
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Corralejo Dunes Park, Fuerteventura

Enrico Pescantini

Enrico Pescantini created this outstanding drone video of the Corralejo Dunes Park on Fuerteventura, one of Spain's Canary Islands.  The dunes are located at the northern tip of the island, the second largest of the islands by land area and the fourth largest in populations.  If these dunes look familiar, you may have seen them in the 2016 World War II thrilled Allied starring Brad Pitt; in the movie, the Coraralejo dunes "stood in" for the Sahara in the desert scenes.  

Tenerife: Mt. Teide
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Tenerife by Drone

Alex Assenmacher

Alex Assenmacher used a DJI Phantom 3 drone to create this stunning aerial view of Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands. Most of the video was shot around Mt. Teide, the great stratovolcano rising up from the Atlantic floor which created the island.  With a peak elevation of 3.7k meters (12.2k ft.) it's the highest mountain on Spanish territory.  Measured from the floor of the ocean, it's the highest volcano in the world outside of Hawaii.  Its last eruption occurred in 1909.

Fuerteventura: El Cotillo Beach
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Entanglement: El Cotillo, Canary Islands

  • Yapov
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Yapov brings us this beautiful drone video of the beach around El Cotillo Beach on Fuerteventura, one of Spain's Canary Islands.  It's on the northwestern shore of the island, which lies near the western end of the chain.  The beach here was the primary shooting location for one of the more memorable scenes of 21st century film thus far: the (computer enhanced) "Parting of the Red Sea" sequence in Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings, one of the biggest box office hits of 2014.

La Palma: Southernmost Canary Island
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La Palma 4K Drone Footage

LRM Videos

LRM Videos created this stunning drone video of La Palma, the northwesternmost of Spain's Canary Islands.  In terms of both land area and population, it is the fifth largest of the seven main islands which make up the Canaries.  Like the other islands, La Palma arises from a volcano on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.  The volcano's summit rises about 2.4k meters (just under 8k ft.) above sea level, although much taller when measured from the depths of the ocean floor.

Tenerife and La Gomera
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Canary Islands 2018: Tenerife and La Gomera


Contributor Lemelpictures used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this beautiful view of two of Spain's Canary Islands: Tenerife and La Gomera.  Tenerife is the largest (both in terms of population and land area) of the Canaries, a chain of seven main islands which sit off the coast of North Africa but which are Spanish territories.  La Gomera lies just to the west of Tenerife.  It is the second smallest of the group, also measured both in terms of land area and population.

El Hierro: Smallest Canary Island
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FPV: El Hierro

  • Lougedo
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  • 6 months ago

The smallest of the Canary Islands, El Hierro, is paradise for those looking to escape the daily grind but it's also perfect for first person view (FPV) drone pilots, especially freestylers. FPV Pilot Lougedo explores all the amazing features of El Hierro with his racing quadcopter. Remembering that he is flying with video goggles, see how he zooms between gaps in the wave-lapped rock formations on the island's Atlantic coasts and high above the sharp mountain ridges. 

Gran Canaria: Maspaloma Desert
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Gran Canaria: The Desert


Contributor Hamed.razzaghi created this memorable drone video of a spot on Gran Canaria in Spain's Canary Islands. Maspaloma is a town on the southern coast of the island, which lies in the middle of the archipelago.  It is surrounded by an arid area of other-worldly beauty.  Moviegoers may see some familiar territory here; the Maspaloma sand dunes were used to film the 2010 blockbuster action movie Clash of the Titans, which grossed nearly a half billion dollars at the box office.

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Beautiful Lanzarote: DJI Mavic Air


Contributor Tonyfinn used a DJI Mavic Pro to create this stunning aerial video of Lanzarote, the northernmost an easternmost of the seven main Canary Islands.  The islands, which are sovereign territory of Spain, are located off the coast of Morocco.  The video captures the beautiful coastlines and magnificent volcanic landscape on the island's interior.  The island was a filming location for the movie Clash of the Titans (2010), much of which was shot throughout the Canaries.

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Cinematic Drone Video of Tenerife: DJI Mavic Pro

Gabika Travel

Check out this stunning drone video of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, compliments of contributor Gabika Travel.   Tenerife is the largest of the seven main Canary Islands, which constitute a semi-autonomous region of Spain.  The video will take you first to the area around Mt. Tiede, the great volcano which created the island.  Much of the rest of the video is filmed around Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the colorful port town (and regional capital) on the island's northeastern coast.

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Fuerteventura: 4K Cinematic Video

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If your having a hard time picking your "favorite Canary", this drone video by contributor Yuran may tip the scales in favor of Fuerteventura.  The second largest of the archipelago, Fuerteventura may be the most "other worldly" of the group.  It's why the island has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.  Its coloring, the shape of its volcanic craters, the shape of its seaside cliffs - everything about the place is spectacular, and the best of it is brought out here.  This video was filmed with a DJI Mavic Pro.

Lanzarote by DJI Mavic 2 Pro
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Lanzarote | a solo travel film - DJI Mavic 2 pro

Paride Musci

The beauty of the Canary Islands and the cinematic power of the DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone are both on display here in this marvelous video by Paride Musci.  It was shot on the island of Lanzarote, the fourth largest of the group (third most populous), which lies to the northeast of  Fuerteventura.  Lanzarote has about 210 km (around 13 mi.) of coastline, 90% of which is spectacularly rocky.  Its interior landscape includes two mini mountain ranges and the El Jable Desert. 

Gran Canaria: Las Palmas
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Las Palmas, Canary Islands: DJI Mavic Air


Contributor Pinpinbobis used a DJI Mavic Air to create this beautiful aerial video of Las Palmas, the capital of Spain's Canary Islands region.  It is situated on the northern coast of Gran Canaria, the central island of the group.  With a population of nearly 400,000, Las Palmas is the most populated city in the archipelago, and is one of the ten largest cities in Spain.  Founded in 1478, Las Palmas was the first city established in the Spanish Empire, which for a time covered a major part of the globe.  

Tenerife by Drone
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Canary Islands: Happiness People

Yolo (MrOuch)

Take a tour of Tenerife in the Canary Islands in this amazing drone video by top contributor Yolo (aka Mr. Ouch).  The largest and most populated of the seven main islands which make up this Spanish archipelago off the coast of North Africa, Tenerife sees an incredible 5 million tourist arrivals per year - over 5x its population of just under a million.  The video will take you across this spectacular land, which is the tip of a giant shield volcano on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

Las Palmas: Co-Capital of the Canaries
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The Beauty of Las Palmas, Spain


Check out this drone video of Las Palmas in Spain's Canary Islands, compliments of contributor PinpinBobis.  Las Palmas is the principal city of Gran Canaria, the second most populous Canary Island.  It is the largest city and co-capital of the Canary Islands semi-autonomous region along with (Santa Cruz de Tenerife).  The video will give you a bird's eye view of the epic surfing scene here (one of the best in the world) as well as the beautiful cliffs around the city.