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Den Bosch Is Mooier...


Den Bosch is an important city in the southern Netherlands.  It is the largest municipality in the province of North Brabant, a region rich in historical significance which is in the southern Netherlands, along the border with Belgium to the south.  Top AirVuz contributor Veerdonkvisuals used a drone to create this unforgettable aerial video of the town, which was created in the 12th century and whose names translates to "Duke's Forest" in reference to its early ownership.


Beyond Amsterdam, a 2017 showreel.


Amsterdam is certainly the most well known city in the Netherlands, although technically it is not the seat of the central government, which is located at the Hague.  In this beautiful drone video, AirVuz contibutor Jaap gives us a bird's eye view of the splendid Dutch city and its immediate surroundings, which includes pastoral landscapes replete with iconic windmills, tulip fields, canals, and other hallmarks of the Dutch urban and rural landscapes.


Unesco - Kinderdijk 4K


Kinderdijk is an incredibly well preserved Dutch village in the Netherlands province of South Holland.  It is known primarily for its large concentration of old fashioned windmills, which were not invented by the Dutch but where an older design was perfected.  AirVuz contributor Mike Zwiggers used a combination of drone and ground footage to create this amazing video of the town, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  


The Art Of Drones - Dutch Tulips 4K

The Art Of Drones

Perhaps no other country sees such profound change with the arrival of Spring as the Netherlands.  As March turns to April and May, the tulip fields which dot the Dutch countryside turn to brilliant colors of pink, yellow, and red.  As amazing as this is from ground level, a drone brings an entirely new perspective to this phenomenon.  Contributor Art of Drones created an amazing aerial view of a Dutch flowerfield in this video.  


Mavic + GH5 - cinematic video of the Rotterdam container terminals


Netherland's port of Rotterdam is the largest shipping port in Europe.  For a forty year period after World War II, Rotterdam was the largest shipping port in the world.  As the end point for many containership routes, it is the most crucial connection point for freight traffic between Europe and Asia.  Contributor Mike Zwigjers used a DJI Mavic Pro to create an amazing aerial video of this mammoth port in the southern Netherlands, the driver of the economy of the second largest Dutch city.


The Dutch Deltaworks by drone


Much of the Netherlands lies below sea level and is thus prone to flooding.  Over the centuries, the Dutch developed advanced water control technologies to keep the land from being washed away by the sea.  The Dutch Deltaworks is one of the keys to this whole flood control system.  Top contributor Mike Zwijgers used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this amazing video showing this sophisticated system from an aerial perspective.  


Lighthouse Westhoofd (Ouddorp, The Netherlands)

XL Creations

An early seafaring nation, the Dutch excelled at navigation.  This translated later into sophisticated lighthouse systems to allow ships to avoid the dangers of the oftetimes treacherous North Sea shores.  The Lighthouse Westhoofd in Ouddorp occupies an important position in protecting the opening of the Hollands Diep.  Contributor XL Creations used a drone to create an great aerial view of the lighthouse, constructed in 1946. 


The gorgeous fishing vilage Urk, The Netherlands

The Netherlands from above

The Dutch seaside village of Urk has roots that go back for a millenium.  It sits on the approaches to the Zwarte Zwarte Meer in central Netherlands.  The life of the town revolves around fishing.  Contributor The Netherlands from Above used a drone to create an amazing aerial view of his hometown.  Take in the beautiful red roofs, the greenery along the water, and the gorgeous fishing boats, all from a bird's eye view!


Castles and Windmills - MavicPro 4K


While the Dutch did not invent windmills, they  developed the post mill design which is the most iconic.  The harnessing of wind to saw timber for ships was one of the reasons that Holland (the western province of the Netherlands) was able to establish a huge overseas empire in the 16th-17th centuries.  Contributor Benpwallis used a drone to create an amazing aerial tour of these predecessors to modern wind turbines.



Dutch flowerfields


Big AIR Tulips

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