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DVA Finalist from Afganistan

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Unseen Afghanistan 2.0

Khyber Khan

Prepare to be amazed by the astounding views of Afghanistan in this magnificent drone video by contributor Khyber Khan.  Highlights include footage of Dragon Valley, Sharh-E Zuhak, Band E Amir, Shahr E Gholghola, the Buddhas of Bamiyan, Istalif, Band E Nagh, Mahipor Pass, Surobi, and Koh E Babu.  It closes with some epic aerial shots of the capital city Kabul. This video was picked as a Finalist for the second annual AirVuz Drone Video Awards in the Countries & Regions category. 

Afghanistan by Drone

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The Unseen Afghanistan

Khyber Khan

While the Central Asian nation Afghanistan is perhaps most associated with war and conflict, there is more to this country than what is always on news headlines. The country is rich and full of beautiful landscape with snowcapped mountains (including some of the world's highest peaks), lush green valleys, magnificent deserts, and historical monuments from ancient empires. This aerial film by contributor Khyber Khan captures showcases some of the breathtaking beauty of the land.

Kabul: Afghanistan's Capital City

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Kabul City Aerial View


Kabul, Afghanistan is one of the least-known major cities of Asia.  It's the capital and largest city in this Central Asian Republic, which has been wracked by war (civil and otherwise) for much of the past several decades.  In this drone video, you will get a bird's eye view of the Afghan capital city, which is the center of a metropolitan area of over 5 million.  The city is located in a valley of the Hindu Kush Mountains, home to some of the highest peaks in the world.