What a Year...Remember 2017?


My Year 2017 - Wild Willy

Wild Willy...

AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) drone pilot Wild Willy FPV is one of the top professional FPV pilots in the world. In this edit, he shows off his true skills through the drone experiences he gathered in 2017.  All of the amazing places he was able to fly are compiled into this one drone video, including a demolished stadium, skyscrapers all over the world, vineyards, race tracks, and more!  As we can see in this vid, this acommplished freestyle and racing pilot captures the best in FPV 'footy.'

Epic Flight through the Demolition



Wild Willy...

Professional drone pilot Wild Willy FPV scores a real touchdown with this freestyle video that takes place in the debris of a demolished NFL stadium.  As he flies through the destroyed bleachers, field, and structures of the former Dome, you can see the fancy new Mercedes Benz Stadium off in the distance. It's quite flight!

Diving and Dodging in the U.K.


CLIFFS OF POOLE || EPIC europe spots PT. 1

Wild Willy...

On the sea cliffs of Poole in the United Kingdom, FPV pilot and AirVūz sponsored pilot Wild Willy FPV took some time for a rip session.  Some of the English locals brought him out to this amazing coastal spot where he loops through gaps in rock formations, dives steep bluffs, and dodges sea birds in this drone video.

Relentless Recoveries by Wild Willy


FIRST and ONLY pack w/ CRAZY recoveries

Wild Willy...

Not every flight is going to be perfect. Even the pros can find themselves getting ghost-branched and tangled up in twigs from time to time. As Wild Willy FPV proves in this flight, it's how you recover from mishaps and mistakes that can really show your true drone skills.  Watch how Team AirVūz pilot, Wild Willy FPV, reclaims this super fun rip session!

Wild Willy Comes to AirVuz Turf!


3 drones walk into a bar...

Wild Willy...

AirVuz pilot Wild Willy FPV made it up to our headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota to fly around one of our favorite breweries - home of the 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards and a plethora of other local micro drone races, Bauhaus Brew Labs. He’ll rip it up with three different drones: his Tiny Whoop to fly through the bar with, his FPV mini quad to rip up his own “obstacle course” out back, and a DJI Mavic Pro to grab all of his “super cinematic” drone shots. It’s a fun piece that might inspire you to walk your three drones into a bar.

Dynamic Drifting, FPV Style



Wild Willy...

Top AirVuz contributor and first-person view (FPV) pilot Wild Willy FPV does it again in this dynamic FPV video of the Winton Winter Drift Matsuri. Chasing drift cars with an FPV mini-quad looks (almost) easy thanks to the tight shots he's able to grab. That, combined with the ground camera close-ups shot on his Sony A7III makes this a textbook example of how to create a cinematic piece with your quad. This video is a nominee in the second annual Drone Video Awards in the FPV Freestyle Cinematic category.

Bikes, Bugs, and an FPV Flight through the Outback



Wild Willy...

Who can make a day with a mountain bike into a sexy, 30-second music video? Wild Willy FPV can. The majority of this Friday flight edit is in his typical, goofy style, but leave it to the AirVuz Pilot to use his cinematography skills to make his bike look pretty BA. He’ll then work in all of the moves as he shreds around the Australian outback in this FPV flight. 

Get to know Nick Willard, aka Wild Willy FPV


Behind the FPV Goggles: Wild Willy FPV

Behind The...

Although Nick Willard, aka Wild Willy FPV, is always gearing up for his next big project, his followers know he makes plenty of time for fun in between his flights too.  Whether prepping for an entertaining and informative VLOG, racing in the impressive Drone Racing League (DRL) series, or enjoying a sweet session with his pals, Wild Willy FPV always brings killer flights and great content for the rest of us to enjoy.

The One, The Only, Wild Willy FPV


Wild Willy FPV, Team AirVūz FPV Pilot


Meet Wild Willy FPV (or as his parents know him, the honorable and goofy Nick Willard), the very talented Team AirVuz sponsored, Drone Racing League pilot who splits his time between Atlanta, Australia, and just about anywhere he can launch his beloved quad and share a few laughs (especially those that require dolphin noise bleeping!).  Get to know this charming FPV drone pilot in this AirVuz Originals highlight.



the BEST FPV weekend EVER??

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