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Germany's Europa Park

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Europa Park - Where the Magic happens... in 4K

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Top contributor New Entertainment Pictures created this marvelous drone video of Europa Park, one of the largest theme parks in Europe.  It's located near Rust, a town in the southwestern corner of Baden-Württemberg on the French border.  Inspired by American amusement parks, the park opened in 1975 and has been expanded numerous times.  Known for its 13 rollercoasters, it draws around 6 million visitors annually, putting it second only to Disney Paris amongst Europe's amusement parks.      

New York's Coney Island

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A Night in Coney Island


New York City's Brooklyn borough, which sits across the East River from Lower Manhattan, is the city's largest by population.  It is perhaps best known for  the Coney Island Amusement Park, which lies in the southern part of the borough, near the Verrazano Bridge which crosses the Narrows to Staten Island.  Contributor Remorales treats us to an aerial view of this park, which was the shooting location for the climactic final scene of the 1979 feature film The Warriors, a movie about gang warfare in New York City.

Israel's Largest Amusement Park

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Superland amusement park - Israel's biggest amusement park


Check out this beautiful drone video of the largest amusement park in Israel, compliments of contributor and pilot guydrory.  Superland is located in the city of Rishon LeZion, Israel's fourth largest city, which is considered to be part of Greater Tel Aviv.  The park, which opened in 1991, has two rollercoasters among about a dozen and a half total rides.  It's especially well known for its Skycoaster bungee-jumping attraction, as well as its large (and recently renovated) Ferris Wheel.  

Morey's Piers on the Jersey Shore

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Morey's Piers Wildwood, NJ

Latitude 3...

The roughly 220 km (around 145 mi.) stretch of the Atlantic Ocean in the USA's Mid-Atlantic state of New Jersey has long gone by its own name: the Jersey Shore.  Near the southern end of the Shore is a group of five neighboring towns collectively called the Wildwoods.  In this drone video by Latitude 360°, you'll get an aerial view of one of the top attractions in the Wildwoods: Morey's Piers & Beachfront Waterparks.  With three amusement parks and two waterparks, it features over 100 rides.

Abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans

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Six Flags (Abandoned) New Orleans

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Among the permanent casualties in New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina is the former Six Flags Amusement Park.  Situated in New Orleans East, the park opened on a 140 acre site in 2002.  It has been closed since the historic storm and subsequent flooding devastated the city in August, 2005.  While there have been numerous plans floated to redevelop the site, it remains in a completely abandoned state as of mid-2019.  You can see this eery reminder of pre-Katrina New Orleans in this drone video by Bumble Bee Productions.  

The Santa Monica Pier, California

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Santa Monica Pier


The imprecisely predefined "West LA" consists of a series of beach communities, most of which are independent cities.  The largest and most well known of these is Santa Monica, which lies more or less due west from downtown LA.  A city of nearly 90,000 residents as of 2018, its main pier is a popular attraction for tourists and locals.  In this drone video by Lucaspinhel, you'll get a bird's eye look at the famous pier, where actor Tom Hanks ended up when he  "ran clear to the ocean" in the movie Forrest Gump (1994)


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Fantasy World 2019 in 4K

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Fantasy World

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Coney Island Brooklyn

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Luna Park Tel Aviv

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The Children Had Gone to Bed

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Coney Island, Brookyn

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Santas Enchanted Forest

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