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Shuttered Industrial Site (France)

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Kill The Spot

Tomz FPV...
  • Tomz FPV
    • 5.4k VŪZ
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  • almost 2 years ago

Tomz FPV, is a Team AirVūz pilot who's constantly pushing the sport of Freestyle FPV. In this edit, he pilots the most thrilling lines at a very unique and appealing bando making this arguably one of his sickest flights of all time. Proximity? Check. Dives? Check. Speed? Check, check! With this flight he's rolled, power-looped, and driven himself into our Drone Video Awards' FPV Freestyle Technical Winner's spot. 

Abandoned Gas and Oil Platform Exploration

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G.O.P.L.A.T -- Freestyling an Abandoned Gas and Oil Platform!

  • nurkfpv
    • 1.7k VŪZ
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    • 15
  • about 2 months ago

Since the dawn of drone racing, many of the best first person view (FPV) drone videos have been filmed in (and around and over) abandoned properties of various shapes and sizes.  While early "bandos" focused on closed factories and commercial buildings, FPV pilots have become more and more creative in terms of accessing unusual sites.  Enter former DRL Champion Nurkfpv.  One of the great FPV pioneers, he managed to get access to an offshore oil and gas platform to create this highly cinematic and entertaining video.

Shipwrecks and Ruins in Greece

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  • Orbi_fpv
    • 1.7k VŪZ
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    • 22
  • about 2 months ago

Check out this fantastic first person view (FPV) drone video from a trip to the Peloponnese region of southern Greece, compliments of AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot Orbi_FPV.  One of the first sequences is from a flight through the Corinth Canal, which turned the Peloponnese from a peninsula into an island when it was cut through the Isthmus of Corinth in the late 1800's.  Other featured spots include the Dmitrios shipwreck in Laconia, the lighthouse at the tip of Cape Matapan, and more.    

Exploring Bayshore Train Yard

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Bayshore Roundhouse 🚂🛤 Urbex San Francisco


See the 105-year-old abandoned Bayshore Train Yard via FPV drone in this amazing bando flight by pilot InspireFPV. Blocked off from many trespassers by barbed wire, the gate is no match for a drone! The facility housed a huge freight yard, shops and store buildings, 25 outbound tracks, 39 inbound tracks, and even a hospital for its 3,000 employees at the height of the rail industry. Abandoned since 1982, many think the area may be preserved and eventually turned into a museum. 

Empty Villa Epecuén, Argentina

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Ruinas de Villa Epecuén 💦 Argentina💦 Cinewhoop


This bando location is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Brought to us by pilot Sobrevolando Patagonia, Villa Epecuén was a village in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina on the eastern shore of Laguna Epecuén. At its height in the 1950’s to 1970’s the tourist town saw around 25,000 visitors. Its founder claimed the lake had healing properties to lure people to the town. In 1985 a dam broke nearby, flooding the town and making it uninhabitable for all but one resident who return in 2009 after the waters receded.   

Deserted Waterpark Fun

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Lazy River - Rock-a-hoola


What once was a lazy river has now become a race track for both mini quads and go-karts. FPV pilot WestPsydeFPV takes us to Lake Delores Waterpark, an abandoned waterpark off Interstate 15 in the Mojave Desert. The park was built in 1962 and had been renamed multiple times becoming Rock-A-Hoola Waterpark and Discovery Waterpark until it was closed in 2004. This bando flight earned WestPsydeFPV a spot on our FPV Pilots to Watch list in February of 2019. 

Dead District (Russia)

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Dead district, drone after drone


It’s not that out of the ordinary to hear of large real estate investment gone bad. One piece of the intricate puzzle deceives another and the whole deal falls apart. That’s supposedly what happened with the massive complex in this video. Bummer for the developers, awesome news for local FPV pilot craig_dt and his crew! They ripped up the abandoned complex, ironically once named “Legendary,” in this bando flight.

Abandoned Island (Adaman Sea)

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FPV - Bando Island

  • Trinco
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  • about 1 year ago

The Andaman Sea is part of the eastern Indian Ocean and covers a total of 231,700 square miles. The Sea touches the Andaman Islands and Nicobar Islands of India, Myanmar, Thailand, Breueh Island just north of Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula. FPV pilot Trinco found one of the many islands that is located in the sea to rip through, but this is not your average island video. This island is home to what once was a pristine resort that looks recently abandoned making it prime realestate for an awesome flight.

Avengers Filming Location

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Discovering an Avengers Scene


Taking her quad out and living like an Avenger for a day, that’s where you’ll find megmichaels3. She went out with NurkFPV and BauerOutage to a graffiti-filled bando that was used in a scene with Black Widow. She flies the scene with her FPV mini quad, then takes a ground camera inside to the exact location where the scene was filmed. If you’ve never seen the movie, fear not Meg included it in this edit.

Abandoned Spaces in Milan, Italy

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New lines at Meda bando

Confident ...

Bandos, oh bandos, how we love you. FPV pilots are always finding new ways to explore what would otherwise be sad, depressing buildings. Their skills allow us to see the deserted spaces in a new light. This smooth, bando flight by Confident FPV brings us outside of one of the fashion capitals of the world - Milan, Italy. 

Tunnels and Technical Flow

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Parasite F...

Check out this aptly named bando FPV flight by Parasite FPV. He’ll hit up a graffiti-covered, below-street level walkway, then swiftly fly his mini quad to a building with plenty of jail cell-like beams for him to work on his technical flying. Finally diving the tall, cement tower nearby to the song with the same title by band AWOLNATION. This video isn’t full of flow or beauty, it’s not cinematic, it is a bando, technical rush. 

Cinematic Bando

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A Bando I respect.

Fsix fpv...

FPV bando videos are always so impressive. Pilots have the unique ability to bring a run down, beat up, decrepit building to life. These spaces, once forgotten, are celebrated in the world of FPV. The crazier the abandoned building and its surrounding area, the better. FPV pilot Fsix fpv says he respected this particular bando, which is why he decided to film it with his GoPro Hero 7 and give it the cinematic touch it deserved. 

Touring Detroit's Bandos

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FPV Detroit

  • KittFPV
    • 1.4k VŪZ
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  • over 1 year ago

No other major American city ever grew as quickly or shrank so dramatically as Detroit.  From its peak around 1950, the population within the city limits has declined by well over 60%.  Among other things, it's resulted in thousands upon thousands of abandoned buildings - upwards of 70,000 by some counts.  If there is a bit of a silver lining here, it's become a bando heaven for first person view (FPV) pilots.  You'll get a taste of this phenomenon in this excellent "bando tour" by FPV pilot KittFPV.    

Abandoned Brewery

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Abandoned Brewery FPV Exploration

Livyu FPV...

Bandos definitely make for the best location for several reasons. One, you can pretty safely say you won’t run into any one. Two, the wide open spaces, oftentimes filled with colorful graffiti, allow for some sick trick flying. Three, every time you go back you discover something new. That was definitely the case during this flight by LivyuFPV. Our FPV pilot flies back through a 100-year-old space he hasn’t been to in years, and records a 4K quality flight we certainly enjoyed watching.

Ford Ord (Monterey Bay, California)

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Fort Ord - Monterey Bay, California


See the former United States Army post, Fort Ord, in this FPV freestyle video by pilot InspireFPV.  The old post in Monterey Bay, California closed in 1994 due to a Base Realignment and Closure action and is now a national monument. Built in 1940, the land around the fort used to be a field-artillery target range and was thereafter considered one of the more attractive bases to be assigned to due to the proximity to the ocean and the calm California weather.

Ghost Town (Sicily, Italy)

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Ghost Town (literally)

Livyu FPV...

First person view (FPV) pilot Livyu FPV found an ideal place to fly his racing quad: an abandoned town on the giant Italian island of Sicily.  According to the pilot, the area was abandoned after an earthquake in the 1960’s.  It has very restricted access since the site is so fragile, but he walked right in when the gates to the area were open. Once spotted by security he asked if it would be ok to fly.  As you’ll see he was able to secure his five minutes of freestyle, bando heaven.

Abandoned Schoolhouse

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Found this abandoned school and made a creepy video

Quincy Dro...

You never know what kind of treasures you’ll find while searching for an abandoned place to fly through. Look at the location FPV pilot Quincy Drones found while out on the hunt. Set in the woods, the location includes a newer looking home that he says looked abandoned as well as a very, old school which clearly hadn’t been used in years. His creepy location and flying skills make this one great video. 

Abandoned Silos in San Francisco

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“Bayview Rise” - Abandoned Silos


These bando silos have an interesting history. Located at the Port of San Francisco’s Pier 92, these grain silos on Islais Creek were used to store the grain that was delivered by railway then loaded on to the ships for export. Since abandoned, they are now home to the Bayview Rise mural you see in this bando video by FPV pilot InspireFPV. He’ll dive and explore the urban location, giving us views of the bay and the beautiful murals all at once. 

Slaying an Office Park

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BANDO SLAYERS // Armattan Rooster & Chameleon TI


This one really is a best of bandos compilation by FPV pilot IronicGti. The gifted pilot absolutely shreds through some of the most damaged bandos we’ve seen, blowing through empty window panes, diving down cement sides, and through some eerily quiet trees, bare in the middle of winter. Get inspired to try out new bandos with this quick, freestyle FPV flight. 

Post Apocalypse Hostel

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☠☠Escape From Post-Apocalyptic Radioactive Hostel☠☠

Mr Eight F...

The spooky, abandoned location and smooth flying are made all the better by the sound effects FPV pilot Mr Eight put behind the flight in this awesome FPV bando video. He’ll explore an old hostel, flying in and out of the graffiti-filled rooms and through the tight gaps the old furniture and crawling vines provide. He sets the tone with a creepy, haunting soundtrack that plays out perfectly with the location. 

Abandoned Golf Course Rip

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Abandoned Golf Course | Orlando


We’ve seen a lot of bandos, but nothing quite like this. This closed golf course in Orlando, Florida serves as the perfect location for a slow, mellow flight brought to you by ImpactFPV. He flew his custom long-range quad to grab most of the shots you’ll see in this video, built around an Armattan Chameleon 5 inch frame with TBS Mr. Steel 2345KV Silk motors. 

Abandoned and Desecrated Orphanage

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An abandoned and desecrated orphanage, that is where you’ll find mini quad pilot BlinKFPV.  Set on spectacular, wooded grounds this place is absolutely massive, some might say it’s a shame to see such a place go to waste. Luckily for us, BlinKFPV is bringing the complex to new heights and new life, diving the towers while barreling down the lines of the building’s straightaways. It’s a wild ride that may be worth revisiting come Halloween.

Close Proximity Bando Rip

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ScRaGgLe *BANDO* // armattan rooster rip


The abandoned location is next level. The size and scope of the area is massive and intimidating, the location may have been a small manufacturing community with the amount of buildings that are there. It’s also hardly standing, just the concrete framing and scrap metal remain. Pilot IronicGti absolutely shreds the area with a group of other pilots (you won’t believe the gaps he hits), earning himself an AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch nod in March of 2019.

Beastmode on an Abandoned Factory

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Old Factory in China / Best Flight EVER #justone

  • Gespar
    • 1.5k VŪZ
    • 39
    • 26
  • over 2 years ago

Every great pilot knows it's all about location, location, location. That's why they spend nearly as much time scouting as they do working on the sticks. Gespar goes full on beastmode in this bando in China, ripping it up inside and out. His dives, proximity, and speed earned him a nomination in our 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards for FPV Freestyle Technical. 

Smoke Bombs and Bandos

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Smoking Graffiti || FPV Drone Racing


What. A. Spot. This smoked up, graffitied out, bando to end all bandos was absolutely ripped up by ShaggyFPV and his crew. Total Drone Xperience made the rip session possible at their “Loads” location. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to move at an incredible speed through a race course, then look no further than this smoke show. 

Ripping a Nuclear Reactor Plant

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Drone inside nuclear reactor


This FPV video is eerie, technically challenging, and totally unique. Pilot craig_dt took his freestyle technical skills to an old nuclear reactor plant in Crimea, weaving his way through the old reactors that were never actually in use. Our pilot says the plant was supposed to start running in 1989, but was never completed after the Chernobyl accident. See the atomic power station from a bird’s eye view in this piece.

Mental Hospital Bando

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Mental Hospital in a Quiet Town (Pornwhoop)

Mr Eight F...

Located in Volterra, Italy the now derelict Ospedale Psichiatrico di Volterra was founded in 1888 as a “ward for the demented.” By the 1950’s and 1960’s it was one of the largest asylums in Italy with over 6,000 patients, until it was closed in 1978. The psychiatric hospital was known for its brutal treatment of the inmates. This FPV bando flight by Mr Eight FPV shows the decaying and ominous building from inside to out. 

Locked Up Bando

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Well PROTECTED! | Italy


FPV pilots are naturally curious people. They take a small, flying object and tinker with it until it works the way they’d like. Then, they take it out to locations they’re curious about and take in the perspective from a bird’s eye view. ImpactFPV was on a train recently and had to check out this sweet bando tower, only to be caught by security. However, his footage survived the interaction making it so we all get to see the place that spiked his curiosity. 

Ripping an Abandoned Mall

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Mall Bando Shopping with FPV Drone 🛍😷

eVolvE FPV...

Pilot eVolvE FPV is taking us for one wild ride through an empty mall. He’ll open with a dive down the side of the glass-sided building, then zoom straight in through a dark opening. Once the camera iris adjusts to the new space, you’ll see the massive, abandoned mall from an FPV perspective, but don’t blink or you might miss it. He's just that fast. One of our favorite moments comes about two minutes in when slides in through an automatic door. 

Vacated French Mansion

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PIKA FPV - Scary


Taking us through an ornate, intricate, and beautiful but abandoned space, pilot PikaFPV has really taken it up a notch with this flight. The building is a massive, French home that was clearly once owned by a wealthy family. The freestyle pilot reverses it through the estate, make the flight all the more intriguing for both FPV fans and anyone with an appreciation for beautiful architecture. 

Left Behind Hospital

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Bando hospital "reel" perspective


This has to be one of the largest bandos we’ve ever seen. Brought to us by FPV pilot IronicGti, he’s found an abandoned hospital complex that is now filled with over grown trees and broken windows. What makes this video even better is the lighting, he’s flying during Golden Hour so the orange sun is glittering off what is left of the hospital’s glass windows. IronicGti earned his spot on our AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in November of 2019. 

Naval Bando

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NAVAL BANDO - FPV Drone Freestyle 4K

Escape Fpv...

Brace yourself for some unreal flying in a pretty sweet bando.  The über 'quick on his sticks' pilot Escape FPV used a fantastic Naval bando (what a find!) to break into the New Year, and the proof is in his flying.  He climbs those graffiti-filled walls, rolls and dives through the open spaces, and maintains his smooth-steady lines throughout.  Check out his whole profile full of FPV goodies and you'll understand why this guy has a growing Insta following, a healthy list of FPV sponsors, and an easy slide onto our FPV Pilots to Watch list in January 2020.

Freestyling Above Discarded Mines

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Ayzen FPV...

Bandos - slang for abandoned spots - are given a whole new sense of purpose when they are discovered by FPV pilots like Ayzen FPV.  In this capitivating video, we're given a careful but quick guided tour through the gaps and channels in this former coal mine in Forbach, France, near the border with Germany.  Watch carefully as he chases along the mine's train tracks, dives along the outer walls, and reminds us that *at this moment* all the action is definitely above ground.  This video landed Ayzen FPV our Pilots to Watch list in January 2020.  Bravo, Ayzen!

Ripping Valgros Castle, France

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Valgros King Castle Bando | Falco X 🧨| FPV Freestyle


Built in the 19th century, Valgros Castle is just outside of Bram, France. The castle has an incredibly beautiful facade, but not much else since it was abandoned due to a fire in 2005. Originally known as the Chateau de Valgros, it was sold to a Dutch company that had planned to make the estate into luxury apartments with a golf course and tennis courts around the property. HellninoFPV takes us through the interesting site in this FPV video. 

Star Wars Battle Bando

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Star Wars inside the BANDO

  • craig_dt
    • 1.1k VŪZ
    • 12
    • 5
  • about 2 months ago

Now this is something we haven't seen much of, but it definitely looks like a blast! Check out what FPV pilot craig_dt created here...he attached some live roman candles and other firewworks to his racing drone as he cruised around a bando in the Moscow region of Russia. This novel idea definitely gives a Star Wars battle scene like view to the flight, and we think it looks like a blast. So much so, in fact we had to recognize this creativity by adding him to the FPV Pilots to Watch list in April 2020.

Abandoned Concrete Factory

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  • COLA
    • 419 VŪZ
    • 13
    • 7
  • about 1 year ago

Tight and technical flying is the most extreme and exciting style of FPV freestyle flight. Pilots are constantly challenging themselves to fly higher, faster, through tighter gaps, and down narrower passages. Take this bando flight by FPV pilot COLA. It’s an awesome location that he rips to the seams in this exciting edit. 

Crazy Bando (Italy)

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Crazy Alitalia BANDO reverse cruising!

Dirty Seag...

We thought we’d seen just about everything in the realm of bando FPV until we saw this. Not only is the location ridiculously huge and cinematically appealing, but Dirty Seagulls used some editing tricks to make it worth the watch. He reversed the entire thing. It’s like one smooth, backwards ride we never knew we wanted to take, but now we don’t want to get off of.

Closed Down Waterpark (South Korea)

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Wons fpv...

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When your city closes your childhood-favorite waterpark, you go back and make a sick bando video. Firing up his quad, Wons FPV takes all of us on a little adventure through the closed park, flowing down and power-looping around the colorful slides and "diving" into the empty pool. It’s a little eerie, yes, but definitely cool, earning him a feature on our social media pages.

Shuttered Refinery (New York, USA)

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Project Zen Staten Island


Consider this bad boy a three-for-one! It features flight footage from FPV pilots ELCUYFPV, CORVUS.FPV, and ELBUHOFPV. The pilots ripped up the sky outside a bando in Staten Island, the New York City borough. The boys will dive, hit every gap, and burn pack after pack through the old site. With impressive technicality and challenging manuevers this bando is definitely worth the watch, making it an AirVuz Pilots to Watch video in January of 2019. 


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Gutter Ball Bando #JuicyCruisy

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Davide FPV...
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Italy - 3 Spots - One Day

Tomz FPV...
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A s y l u M

Droneruk ...
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  • Fincky
    • 1.5k VŪZ
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  • about 1 year ago
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Barn Yard Flippin