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Get to Know NurkFPV, Team AirVūz Pilot and DRL Champion

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Behind The FPV Goggles: nurkfpv

Behind The Goggles

If the Drone Racing League is the premiere drone racing league, then Paul Nurkkula (aka NurkFPV) deserves the moniker of the world's best drone racing pilot.  He emerged as the winner in the third season of the DRL's racing championship series, which was broadcast throughout the world on ESPN.  He is also a highly accomplished freestylist, and his "Flight of the Year" took the Best FPV Video honors at the first annual Drone Video Awards.   Get to know him better in this episode of BTG.  

Announcing the 2018 DRL Champ: NurkFPV

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AV News: 2018 DRL World Champion

AirVūz News

AirVūz couldn't be more proud of Team AirVūz FPV pilot NurkFPV. Why? Because he's raced his way to the top, now claiming the 2018 DRL Allianz World Championship! NurkFPV has been working towards this goal for 3 years, quitting his full-time job in order to practice 10 hours a day so he could be the best in the world. Hear from NurkFPV the day after his title was announced in this AirVūz News story. 

Learn about Nurk's Path to the Championship

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Fly Your Own Race // My Journey to Professional Drone Racing


Like the title says, follow Team AirVūz pilot  Paul Nurkkala - aka NurkFPV - on his journey into professional drone racing. As he'd only been flying for three years, his crowning as the 2018 DRL Allianz World Champion was a huge moment. He says he spent 10 hours a day practicing to get to that moment when, flying over 90 MPH, he clinched the title. Learn Nurk's story, watch his fantastic footage, and get inspired to fly too in this great video. 

Watch Nurk's DVA Winning Micro-Drone Video

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City Museum of St Louis, Missouri is a museum whose exhibits consist largely of repurposed architectural and industrial products. Museum founder Bob Cassilly's voice pops up throughout this mystical piece by top pilot nurkfpv who was given rare access to fly his micro drone through the legendary museum. It's a moving, inspiring one you won't want to miss. This video was the Winner in the Micro Drone Acro Mode category in the 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards.

Catch His Epic Award Winning Flight (Under a Moving Train!?)

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NURK's Flight of the Year // Trains, Bridges, Rapids, Mountains, Sunset, Gapping, Perching, Powerlooping

  • nurkfpv
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  • 2 years ago

AirVūz pilot nurkfpv's most epic flight of 2017 was a winner in the 1st Annual AirVuzDrone Video Awards for the best Freestyle Drone Video, and it continues to pile on the views, comments, and deservedly, the accolades.  Like a train heist you see in a movie, he unexpectedly lands his quad on top of the moving train he's chasing. It's a jaw-dropping fllight you have to see, although you just may find yourself ducking and flinching as his quad makes these bold FPV maneuevers.  This flight has inspired many creative FPV flights.

Watch His Adventures and Recoveries in Iceland

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I lost a Drone on top of an Icelandic Waterfall


Team AirVūz pilot nurkfpv ventured through the Icelandic landscape with his trusty racing quad in this long range flight and happened upon an epic waterfall. Whilst diving and cruising in - and - around the rushing water, he has an unwelcome encounter of the drone fail variety.  Wondering how this gear fares in this challenging turn-of-events?  Check out his profile and watch his follow-up vids for yourself! Leave it Nurk to create a full fledged FPV adventure...

Fun with the Rotor Riot Guys on AirVuz Turf!

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Micro Drone SHOOTOUT!!

Rotor Riot

The team at Rotor Riot has, again, pulled together some phenomenal pilots to rip up a perfect location. This time, UmmaGawd, Le Drib, and StingersSwarm are joined by NurkFPV and Phluxy FPV at the Big Thrill Factory in Minneapolis just after the 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards. The focus? Taking the most popular micro brushless drones and comparing them for on racing, freestyle and durability capabilities. Out of the Beta65 Pro, Mobula7, EMAX Tiny Hawk, and Tiny Whoop which do you think won the battle of best micro brushless drone? Watch the video to find out.

FPV Freestyle Against a Creative Backdrop

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Unnatural Beauty


This FPV freestyle session from 2018 DRL champion and Team AirVūz pilot Nurkfpv features a bando...maybe not so much a traditional bando, but rather a bando that is more one with nature.  Coasting skillfully over graffiti-covered boulders, nurk raises a deep and important philosophical question for the FPV community: if something's simply tagged as such, does that really make it a bando?  Go home and think about that for a bit and let us know in the comments.

Mountain Surfing with the King of Long Range, Gab707

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Long Range FPV in the Swiss Alps with Gab707 and Jet


Nurk goes on a long range FPV adventure with his wife and fellow DRL racers up in the Swiss Alps mountain range in this drone VLOG. First, they hike up the trails of the scenic mountain peaks and once they settle on a good spot to hook up the googles, he starts cruising the jagged ridges and dives downward toward the valley below.  Is there really any better way to make the most of those incredible vistas, pristinely fresh air, and time with the coolest bunch of people?  We think not...

Marking His Best FPV Flights in 2017

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NURK Showreel 2017 // Proximity


Professional drone pilot, 2018 Drone Racing League chamption, and Team AirVuz member nurkfpv is always looking for ways to push his skills and seek out opportunities to make an impact in the FPV world. In his showreel from 2017, he reflects on some of his favorite flights, (specifically those of the proximity variety) that take us through a range of locations with some pretty ballsy maneuvers.  Cheers to a good year, Nurk!

Doing the Dynamic: Chasing a Wakeboarder

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Wakeboarding and Drones


NurkFPV has shown that he is not afraid of putting his FPV quads in harm's way.  It's no surprise then that he and his wakeboarder bud, Randy Kizer, took some freestyle risks in the filming of this crazy good drone video.  Flying a racing quad over water and allowing your buddy to chase you with a set of (sharp enough!) blades can be tricky biz.  Nonetheless, these guys manage to pull through the good fun with an action-packed FPV vid you just have to watch for yourself!

Nurk's Epic 2018 Reel

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NURK's Flight of the Year 2018


When AirVuz pilot and DRL World Champion nurkfpv calls something “Flight of the Year” you know it has to be good. After all, his “Flight of the Year 2017" won the inaugural AirVuz FPV Video of the Year Award. The professional drone racer says that when he claims something to be the best of the year it has to be a phenomenal location and, most importantly, a single take flight. No fancy editing, no tricks, just straight epic flying. This flight through the rooftop of the City Museum in St Louis, Missouri, is certainly worthy of the title. 

World Champ FPV Pilot + World Champ UTV Drivers

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The Kings of the Hammers - Chasing World Champion UTV Drivers


Just north of Highway 247 in the Mojave Desert Johnson Valley is the small community that lives in this desolate, rocky, droner's paradise. It's where nurkfpv ripped up the dirt with Polaris and ATV legends 6x World Champion Mitch Gutherie Sr. and 2x World Champion Mitch Gutherie Jr. It's the perfect combination of location, dynamic flying, and extremely talented subjects that makes this video one to remember. 

Diving and Dashing!

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Guerrilla Whoop Dive


Nurkfpv and friends go rogue with a TinyWhoop inside a hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.  Through whispers and crafty scheming, they attempt an elevator bank dive in the center of the hotel with great success.  Props to these guys for taking on the challenge. Watch as their guerilla whoop dive plot goes down in this drone vlog!

Diving Montagne Sainte-Victoire, Mais Oui!

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Top AirVuz contributor and 2018 Drone Racing League (DRL) Champion nurkfpv created this stunning first person view (FPV) video from a famous mountain in Southern France.  It's called the Montagne Sainte-Victoire, and it's a mountain ridge which runs about 18 km (around 11 mi.) on an east-west axis, beginning at a point a few km/mi east of Aix-en-Provence.  The mountain featured prominently in the paintings of the great Post-Impressionist Paul Cezanne, and later inspired the work of Pablo Picasso.   

Ripping it Up in Iceland, FPV Style

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This Icelandic Canyon is the Best Freestyle Spot We've Been To


The title pretty much say it all. We’ll have to agree with nurkfpv that this Icelandic canyon has to be the best freestyle spot many an first person view (FPV) pilot could find to rip through. The scene is so stunning, we have to imagine it was hard for the AirVuz FPV Pilot focus on what he was doing. The intense, mossy green foliage latches onto the rocks that surround the gushing falls, every color brighter through the lens of this 4K video. What a session; we're jealous we couldn't witness it in person.

FPV Shredding Over the Football Field

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First Run with 6 Cell Freestyle


Showing is better than telling as seen in this football field freestyle session from FPV pilot, nurkfpv.  As he applies new drone racing gear for freestyle, he demonstrates the benefits of this 6 cell set up in regards to power and efficiency for this flight style.  His tight control while maintaining speed really shine as he cruises around the bleachers and goal posts!

Dive the Smokin' (Stacks) If You've Got 'Em

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Smokin' Stacks


Someone get the fire extinguisher because these stacks are SMOKIN'! AirVuz sponsored FPV pilot spotted an abandoned power plant, set on the banks of the Mississippi River, and had no other options than to rip that bando.  The smoke stacks that protrude out of the crumbling factory make for some good ol' FPV dives and dive he does in this rad drone video. 


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How We Practice for DRL

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MegaDroneX 2.0 // Cave Race

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Tenth Story Gravity Gate

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The Fading Summer Light

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Long Range Reno