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Aerial Tour of Corsica
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Île de Beauté: Corsica from Above


Contributor C. Oberschneider used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to create this stunning aerial tour of Corsica, the great French island in the Mediterranean.  The island reflects a blend of Italian and French cultures, which is a function of its history: the island was a territory of Genoa for almost five hundred years beginning in the late 13th century.  In the video, you'll get a good overview of the island, including some of its towns, its famously rocky coastline, and its beautiful mountainous interior.  

Punta di Campomoro: Corsica's Northern Tip
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Punta di Campomoro, Corsica

Amaury Descours

The Punta di Campomoro is one of the most scenic spots in Corsica. It sits at the northern tip of this French island in the Mediterranean which is situated just to the north of Italy's Sardinia. One of the hidden gems of the Mediterranean sea, it offers a fantastic coastline and dazzling blue waters. Noted as a beach lover’s heaven, it’s no wonder why contributor Amaury Descours took his drone to the sky to capture this epic island, whose most famous personage was Napoleon Bonaparte.

Corsica's Cap Corse Peninsula
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Corsica: Island of Beauty - Drone 4K

Thib from Above

Contributor Thib from Above used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this beautiful view of the area around St. Flaurent on the Mediterranean island of Corsica.  The island's dominant feature is Cap Corse, a long peninsula which extrudes from the island's northern end.  St. Flaurent sits on the western side of the base of the peninsula, across from Bastia, which sits on the eastern side of the base.  As you will see from the video, it's a beautiful area with a quaint harbor town and numerous lagoons.

Aerial Views from Southwestern Corsica
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Murtoli and Roccapina, Corsica

david dreyfuss

Contributor David Dreyfus brings us this beautiful aerial video of the southwestern coast of Corsica, the French island in the Mediterranean.  The video was shot in between Roccapina and Murtoli, the former being on the coast and the latter being a few km/mi inland in the island's mountainous interior.  The coastline of this part of the island is one of many bays, most of which are only reachable by boat due to their distance from the main T40 road or the much smaller D48 route. 

Corsica's Famous Lighthouse
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Lighthouse of L'Île de la Giraglia (Corse)


North of Cap Corse, the peninsula which forms the northern tip of the French island of Corsica, there's a tiny island called Giraglia.  The island's two landmarks are a tower built by the Genoese in the 16th-17th centuries called Torra di Giraglia and a lighthouse.  Both landmarks are official monuments protected by the government of France.  In this video by Altrove, you'll get a bird's eye view of this iconic looking island, which is barely visible on a map.

Corsica's Fantastic Western Coastline
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  • grib
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If you look at the French Mediterranean island of Corsica on a map, one of the things which stands out is the crazy shape taken by the island's western coastline.  It is by far the most jagged looking coastline of any Mediterranean island.  "On the ground" it means a fantastic number of bays, small inlets, and lagoons, many of which are not accessible by road.  As you'll see in this drone video by contributor Grib, boaters have countless secluded spots from which to choose.

Calanche de Piana: Inlet in Western Corsica
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Calanche de Piana, Corsica, France

  • N.I.X.
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Contributor N.I.X. brings us this beautiful drone video of the Calanques de Piana, one of the more prominent of the many inlets which make up much of the western coast of the French island Corsica.  It's situated about a third of the way down the long western coastline, the most jagged stretch of coast anywhere in the Mediterranean.  The area is part of a UNESCO World Heritage natural site on Corsica, the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean. 

Corsica's Sanguinaires Islands
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Sanguinaires and Murtoli, Corsica

david dreyfuss

Contributor David Dreyfus used a DJI Mavic drone to create this beautiful aerial video of the French island Corsica.  The Sanguinaires are a group of islands which lie off the western coast of this Mediterranean island.   Murtoli is a town on the nearby coast of the main island of Corsica.  It's known for its spectacular jagged coastline, where hundreds of small lagoons and coves, which are interspersed with beautiful sandy beaches.  Enjoy the views of the island which was the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte! 

Views of Corsica's Interior
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Uomo Di Cagna, Corsica


While most videos and photos of Corsica focus on its Mediterranean coastline, with this drone video by TheCorsicanDroner you'll get a bird's eye look at the interior of the island.  The spot filmed is the Uomo di Cagna, a mountain which is situated in the south central part of the island.  The granite mountain has also given birth to some spectacular looking rock formations.  Much of the interior of the island is sparsely populated, as the vast majority of Corsica's 330,000 permanent residents live on its coasts.


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Corsica Teaser

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Corsica, Agriates desert

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Corsica from above