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Drone Video of the Year

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Kingdom Of The Wild - Wildlife in Namibia Africa


Award-winning contributor and drone pilot Mike Bishop was supported by DJI to make this incredible film of wildlife in Namibia in southern Africa.  Shot on the Erindi game reserve, it features elephants, lions, cheetahs, hyenas, ostriches, crocodiles, other exotic animals only found in Africa.  Chosen as a winner of the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week and Drone Video of the Month, it went on to win the Drones for Good category in the second annual Drone Video Awards and was named the Drone Video of the Year.

Off-Road Fun in Namibia

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NAMIBIA 4k4 drone Exploration

geko exped...

Join AirVūz contributor and drone pilot Geko Expeditions as they take us on a very much off-road "drone safari" of the southwestern African nation of Namibia with their 4x4 Jeep.  See the stunning scenes they captured the heart of the African animal kingdom and the beautiful landscapes within it in this stunning 4K aerial production of the country.  A one-time German colony, Namibia became a sovereign nation in 1990 when it won its independence from South Africa following a bloody civil war.

DVOW Nominee from Namibia

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Follow us in Namibia


Take an adventure through the Republic of Namibia with this awesome trip video by contributor Benandstories.  Ride along as he takes us from the capital city of Windhoek, to the famous salt pan Deadvlei (which translates to "dead marsh"), the coastal city of Swakopmund, the granite peaks of Spitzkoppe in the Namib desert, and Etosha National Park, known as the home of the endangered black rhino.  It is easy to see why this video was picked as a finalist for the Drone Video of the Week in late 2018.  

The Namib Desert

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The Mighty Namib Desert

Elevated P...

The west coast of the African nation Namibia is covered by the Namib Desert, which runs the length of the country's Atlantic coast. In this video, contributor and pilot Elevated Perspectives International gives us a bird's eye view of the mighty desert and includes footage of Sossusvlei, Cape Cross and Spitzkoppe.  The desert, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, was the primary shooting location for the movie Mad Max: Fury Road (1999), the fourth installment of the series.

Hippo's of Namibia

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Hippopotamuses from Namibia

FreD ...//...

Like many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Namibia is known in part for its large mammal wildlife, many of which can only be seen in the wild on safaris to the country.  One of these mammals is the Hippopotamus, the third-largest form of land mammal, and only native to Africa.  In this drone video, contributor FreD gives us a drone's eye view of a very relaxed group of Hippo's cooling themselves in some Namibian waters.  From the video, you'll see how their noses let them lay almost totally submerged.  

Aerial Views of Namibia

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Beauty of Harshness


In this drone video by Bxtreme3D, you will see get an appreciation for the diversity of the southwest African country Namibia.  The video opens with aerials of some spectacular shots of the Namib Desert, believed to be the world's oldest.  From there it goes to spectacular rock formations in the Sossusvlei, an epic shot of an elephant trying to stay cool in the Bushveld, and more.  Watch it and you'll see why this country is becoming an emerging tourist destination for safari and desert lovers alike.

Aerial Tour of Namibia

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Namibia Areal


If you enjoy seeing dramatic aerial shots of African safari animals, this very professional reel of Namibia from contributor and professional drone piloting company is for you.  Shot across the vast southwestern Africa country, you will be treated to bird's eye views of gazelles, giraffes, zebras, and more, running this way and that in large formations.  Watch it and you will understand why this former German colony in southwestern Africa is widely considered to be one of the world's best safari destinations.  

Namibian Road Trip

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Namibia - Road Trip of a Lifetime


Travel blogger Youmitrip bought his first drone, a DJI Phantom, to document his amazing journeys across the globe. In this stunning aerial film, he shares his travels through the awe-inspiring Sub-Saharan country of Namibia.  A strong ecotourism industry contributes healthily to Namibia's GDP, with so many tourists lured by the wide variety of Namibian wildlife, such as the Plains Zebra, twenty species of antelope, and more, many of which are seen here in this Drone Video of the Week Nominee video.

Namibia by Mavic Pro 2

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Mavic Pro 2 in Namibia


Check out this stunning drone video from the great nation of Namibia, the large country in Southwestern Africa.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone, the video opens with an epic shot of Victoria Falls, which is actually located just to the northeast of Namibia, on the Zimbabwe/Zambeze border.  Then it's on to three rivers in the northeastern part of the country (the Namushasha Cubango, and Chobe Rivers); the (western) Erongo region; the Sossus-On-Foot bushman's camp; and the town of Swakopmund in Erongo.

Namibia by Drone

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Johannes G...

Travel high above the Namib desert, accompanied by the diverse wildlife, and the limitless expanse of stars sparkling across the night sky in this outstanding drone video of Southern Africa by contributor Johannes Gruenwald. Flying over the landscapes of Namibia (along with some footage from the neighboring countries of Botswana and Zimbabwe), we get aerial views of the massive sand dunes while cheetahs, elephants, and zebra roam the country's central plateau, making for an unforgettable adventure.

Salt Pan Near Walvis Bay

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Salt baisen, Walvis Bay, Namibia


Check out this drone video from a giant salt basin in the southwest African country of Namibia, compliments of AirVuz contributor sphereview.  The basin is located just off of Walvis Bay, a natural harbor which lies about halfway down the country's long Atlantic coastline.  In addition to being one of the biggest sources of salt for human consumption in Sub-Saharan Africa, the salt pan also feeds a large shrimp population and the wetlands here constitute one of the continent's largest bird sanctuaries.  

Fish River Canyon and More

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Namibia by Drone


Contributor and drone pilot Rikk08 created this amazing aerial mini-tour of Namibia in southern Africa.  In addition to some amazing shots of the Namib Desert and the beautiful Atlantic seashore, the first part of the video will give you a very rare look at one of the world's most well known canyons.  Fish River Canyon is in the southern part of the country, along the South African border.  Carved by the river bearing the same name, with a maximum depth of 550 meters (over 1.8k ft.) it's the deepest gorge in Africa.  

The Mighty Namib Desert

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Namibia 4k

Justin Sul...

In this video, contributor and drone pilot Justin Sullivan shows us the beauty of the Namib Desert in the southwest African country Namibia.  It runs for about 2k km (around 1.2k mi.) along the coast of western Africa, also including territory of South Africa and Angola.  It is believed to be possibly the oldest desert in the world, and widely studied for it.   The Namib Desert was seen by millions after it was used as a primary filming location for the 2015 post-apocalyptic movie Mad Max: Fury Road. 

Fish River Canyon

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Fish River canyon, Namibia

  • XG121
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  • 11 months ago

Here's an amazing drone's eye view of Namibia's famed Fish River Canyon, compliments of contributor XG121.  Located in the southern part of the country near the South African border, it's created by the Fish River.  The canyon is about 160 km (around 100 mi.) long, and up to 550 meters (around 1.8k ft.) deep.  It's the largest canyon on the African continent, and appears near the top of most authoritative lists of the world's top canyons.  Its accessible via a hiking trail, one of the most popular in Sub-Saharan Africa.  

Namibia and Botswana

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Namibia and Botswana with WWF Travel


Prepare to be amazed by this stunning travel video from two of the world's best safari destinations, Namibia and Botswana.  Contributor Seppiolone collaborated with two travel groups to create a marvelous aerial collage showing the diverse wildlife of these two neighboring countries in the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa.  The mammalian species you'll see in the video include zebras, giraffes, elephants, water buffalo, lions, hippo's, and more.   The video was shot with a combination of drone and ground cameras.

Road Trip through Namibia

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  • ChriLo
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  • 12 months ago

Namibia, home to its famous namesake desert along the ocean coast of southwestern Africa, is one of the top destinations for safari explorers around the world. Pilot ChriLo headed out to the southwest African country with his drone and GoPro in tow to capture some of the incredible scenes you can see. From zebra’s stopping traffic, to seal feeding, endless miles of desert sand to incredibly breathtaking peaks, and more, this spectacular piece has us planning a trip to Namibia for ourselves.

Drone Views of the Namib Desert

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Namib Desert


Check out these magnificent aerial views of the Namib Desert in Namibia, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot sphereview.  The giant desert runs along the western coast of southern Africa, covering the entire length of western Namibia as well as bits of Angola to the north and South Africa to the south.  It covers an area of about 81k square km or around 31k square mi.  With annual rainfall in the driest regions of only 2 millimeters (a small fraction of an inch), it's one of the most arid regions of the world.  

Dronie from the Orange River

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Dronie from a Kayak on the Orange River


Contributor and drone-explorer extraordinaire brings us this epic pull-out shot taken on the longest river in southern Africa.  The Orange River sources from the Drakensberg mountains and runs most of its 2.2 km (1,4k mi.) course westwards through South Africa, serving as its northern border with Namibia before discharging into the South Atlantic Ocean.  It is considered one of South Africa's greatest natural resources, supplying vast amounts of irrigation and hydropower to the region's most populous country.


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VLOG1 [First 24hrs in Namibia]

  • GAPiT
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  • almost 4 years ago
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Giraffes from Namibia

FreD ...//...
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Ostriches from Namibia HD

FreD ...//...
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Down the Line

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Best of Donkey Bay May 2017

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Namibian Arches

  • P_vandew
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  • about 3 years ago
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Oryx from Namibia HD Gazelles

FreD ...//...
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Namibia Teaser - DJI Mavic 2 Pro