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Boston by Drone

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A Beautiful Day in Boston


Take an aerial tour of Boston, Massachusetts in this 4k drone video by pilgrimdroner.  The video features footage of the following locations: Back Bay, the Massachusetts State House, the Harvard Allston Campus, the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown, Fenway Park, the Maurice J. Tobin Bridge connecting Charlestown and Chelsea,Boston Public Garden, MIT and the Harvard Bridge, the Longfellow Bridge, the Financial District, Park Street Church, Arlington Street Church, and the John Hancock Center.  

Aerial Tour of Cape Cod

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Taste of Cape Cod

iDrone Aer...

Cape Cod extends from the Massachusetts mainland just southeast of the city of Boston as a great arc sweeping into the Atlantic Ocean.  At the far tip of the cape is Provincetown, the site of the historic Mayflower landing in 1620.    While naturally connected to the mainland, Cape Cod Canal's construction in the early 1900's separated the cape.  In this drone video, top content creator iDrone Aerials gives us an aerial tour of this summer district, one of the most popular tourist spots on the USA's East Coast.  

Fall in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire Fall Eye Candy


Known for being one of the best locations in the United States to see the leaves change, the northeastern state of New Hampshire looks marvelous in this Drone Video of the Month Staff Pick by contributor armandom. Whether it be shots of the sun peaking over the mountains, close-up, reveal, and top-down shots of the fall foliage, or panoramics of the colors mirrored along the water, contributor and drone pilot Armandom's video knocks it out of the park with these epic scenes from the heart of the New England region.  

Hartford: Connecticut's State Capital

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Rush Hour Sunset in Hartford


Check out this drone video of Hartford, Connecticut at rush hour, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Manx.Cat.  The capital of the Constitution State, Hartford is one of the USA's oldest cities.  Shot at sunset during rush hour, the video features footage of the city's tallest buildings, including City Place 1, the Travelers Tower, and Goodwin Square; all three stand roughly 160 meters or around 525 ft.  You'll also see aerial views of the Connecticut River and the State Capitol building. 

Vermont Fall Foliage

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This is Fall in Vermont - Foliage in the Groton State Forest

Green Moun...

The New England in the northeastern United States is known for its brilliant colors in Autumn.  Among the states of the region, Vermont is the smallest but also is blessed with thick forests.  In this video, contributor Green Mountain Drone treats us to an aerial view of Fall in the state of Vermont with footage of Groton State Forest at Kettle Pond State Park, Boulder Beach State Park and Owl's Head State Park.  Famously, Vermont was the first state after the original 13 Colonies to join the United States.

Salem: American Literary Treasure

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Salem Harbor and the House of Seven Gables


Salem, Massachusetts has played a particularly important role in American literature: among other honors, Nathaniel Hawthorne, one of the USA's greatest authors, was born here in 1804.  Contributor and drone pilot Adventurousdrone created this beautiful aerial view of the New England port town northeast of central Boston, including shots of the Turner-Ingersoll Mansion.  Also known as Turner House, this house served as the inspiration for Hawthorne's 1851 classic the House of Seven Gables.  

Maine's Wetlands

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Reverie Above a Maine Pond


The USA's New England is home to some of the country's most important wetlands.  Away from the urban centers on the coast, you'll find sizeable areas of marshes, bogs, and swamps.  Some of the best wetland areas are in Maine, which is the largest (by area) and most rural of the New England states.  In this drone video by PeterBloch, you'll get a great bird's eye view of a pond which is surrounded by a quaking bog.  These Maine wetlands are critical to the healthy functioning of the eco-system of the entire region.  

Cape Cod's Nobska Lighthouse

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Nobska Lighthouse and Woods Hole, MA

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Nobska Lighthouse sits between Buzzars's Bay and Vineyard Sound on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in the USA's New England region.  Constructed in 1876, the lighthouse is an important navigation point for water traffic on the south side of Cape Cod as well as traffic to and from Martha's Vineyard island.  Contributor Ryan Smith created a beautiful drone video of the lighthouse, which is a designated site on the USA's Historic Register.  With a 13 meter (42 ft.) tower, the lighthouse has been automated since 1985.

Judith Point Lighthouse, Rhode Island

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Point Judith Light // DJI Phantom 4 Pro


The Point Judith Light lighthouse is located on the west side of the entrance to Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. Seen here in this drone video by contributor and pilot AGLAerials, the lighthouse sits at the confluence of two waterways.  The currents and other navigational hazards here pose numerous challenges to the busy shipping lanes that pass near here.  While there have been many shipwrecks off these coasts even with active lighthouses, it's safe to assume that the toll would have been far larger without them.

Maine's Famous Lighthouses

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Maine Lighthouse Experience - 4K


PO3SMITH created this beautiful aerial tour of some of the lighthouses of Maine, in the northeastern USA.  The state's rocky coastline makes for some of the country's most dangerous waters, and it's no surprise that some of the world's most famous lighthouses are here to protect shipping from a myriad of hazards.  The video's opening shot is of Portland Head Light, the most well known Maine lighthouse.  Located on Cape Elizabeth, the lighthouse has been guiding traffic in and out of Portland Harbor since 1791 and is still operational.

Ski Video of Maine

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Maine 2017 Sam Kolder Cinematic


Maine is situated in the northeastern corner of New England, which is to say the northeastern corner of the United States.  The largest of the New England states by land area, Maine is quite distinct from a cultural standpoint.  In some respects, the state bears close resemblance to Canada's maritime provinces, which lie just to the north of it.  In this amazing Sam Kolder Inspired video, contributor and drone pilot Thelordroachvlogs gives us an excellent bird's eye view of the Pine Tree State.

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

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Aerial Tour of Martha's Vineyard

Flying Fil...

Martha's Vineyard is a large island south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, in the USA's New England region.  Accessible by ferry and by air, it is known as a summer getaway for wealthy families from New England, the Kennedy's being the most prominent of the island's summer residents.  Contributor Flying Films NY used a number of different DJI model drones to create this mesmerizing aerial portrait of this summer beach paradise, which was the main shooting location for the 1970's blockbuster movie Jaws.

Maine's Cape Elizabeth

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Cape Elizabeth, Maine


The Maine coast in New England offers some of the most spectacular "cliff and rock" scenery to be had anywhere in the USA.  In this video, you'll get a bird's eye view of Cape Elizabeth, which sits roughly halfway between better-known Portland and Bar Harbor.  The coastline here looks nothing like the Atlantic coastline running hundreds of km/mi to the south.  Cape Elizabeth is just north of Kennebunkport, the seaside town which (famously) serves as the summer retreat for the Presidential Bush family.  

Maine's Cape Neddick Light: The Nubble

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Sunset over Nubble Light

DaveIN NH...

Check out this fantastic sunset drone video of one of the USA's most famous lighthouses, compliments of contributor DaveIN NH.  Known formally as Cape Neddick Light, it's best known for its nickname: "the Nubble".  It sits on a tiny island on the southern coast of Maine, roughly halfway between Kennebunkport and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Built in 1879 and automated since 1987, the cast-iron plate tower has a height of 12 meters (around 41 ft.).   A picture of this American icon was sent along on the 1977 Voyager mission to outer space.

Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

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Nantucket Island


Nantucket is a tiny Atlantic Ocean island off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts in the USA's New England region.  The historic island is perhaps most closely associated with the long-prohibited practice of whaling.  At its peak, Nantucket was the center of the industry, which for a time played an important role in the New England economy.  Famously, Nantucket is featured in Herman Melville's 1951 novel Moby-Dick, widely considered to be one of the greatest works of American literature. 

Boston Aerial Highlights

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Boston - Home of Champions

  • Blaze
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Check out this amazing aerial tour of Boston, shot on a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone by AirVuz contributor and pilot Blaze.  The video opens with an epic shot over the Charles River towards the MIT campus in Cambridge, followed by amazing views of the Financial District and Back Bay.  Most of the video is focused on two of the best known spots in the Boston Area, a legendary sports town: Fenway Park in South Boston and Gillette Stadium in suburban Foxborough, home of the Red Sox and New England Patriots, respectively.

Providence: New England's Second City

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Providence Rhode Island Drone Art - DJI Mavic 2 Pro - 4K FPV


Check out this outstanding drone tour of Providence, Rhode Island, compliments of contributor AlTheGreat.  One of America's oldest cities as well as one of its first to industrialize, Providence is situated at the head of Narragansett Bay, about 80 km (around 50 mi.) southwest of Boston.  The video features footage of the following locations: the Industrial National Bank Building (aka the "Superman Building"), Textron Tower, the Graduate Providence Hotel, the Turk's Head Building, and the Rhode Island Statehouse.

Aerial Tour of New Hampshire

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New Hampshire - 4K

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One of the USA's original 13 states, New Hampshire has maintained a significance out of proportion to its size by being the first state to hold presidential primary elections.  While much of its southern reaches is part of Greater Boston, its more rural northern and central portions have some of the most beautiful natural scenery in New England, Contributor PO3Smith used a DJI Phantom 4 Pro to make a beautiful aerial tour of the Granite State, including Mt. Washington and Frankonia Notch State Park.

Pilgrim Monument

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Pilgrim Monument, Provincetown, Massachusetts

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The ship Mayflower carrying the Pilgrims who settled what became the USA region of New England made landfall at the very tip of what is known now as Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in 1620.  The town they founded there was named Provincetown, and the Mayflower Compact they signed here is one of the most important documents in the American historical record.  The monument to commemorate these events is called Pilgrim Monument, which was completed in 1910.  Check out from above in this drone video from PO3SMITH.

Hublein Tower, Connecticut

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Heublein Tower, Connecticut


SD Heath created this drone video of Hublein Tower, which sits atop Mt. Talcott overlooking the city of Hartford, Connecticut.  It was built in 1914 by the father of A-1 Steak Sauce, Gilbert Heublein.  Standing 50 meters (165 ft.) tall, it is now one of the most recognized sights of New England.  In 1950, General Dwight Eisenhower attended a party at the tower in which he was invited by the Republican Party to run for President.  He agreed to do so there and then, going on to become a two-term President.

Harvard University

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Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts


Harvard University is the USA's oldest institution of higher learning and is generally regarded as the world's most prestigious.  Its main campus in located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just west of Boston.  Founded in 1636, its enrollment of about 22k is roughly 30% undergraduate.  In recent decades, much of the growth of campus has been on the far (southern) bank of the Charles River, in the Allston neighborhood of Boston.  Check out the famous campus from above in this drone video by pilgrimdroner.   

The South Shore of Massachusetts

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The South Shore of Massachusetts in 4K

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Contributor and pilot PO3SMITH created this beautiful drone video of the South Shore of Massachusetts, in the heart of the USA's New England region.  The South Shore is an area of coastline which begins south of Boston and continues southward to Cape Cod, the great peninsula which extends from southeastern Massachusetts into the Atlantic Ocean.  Although not precisely defined, the South Shore includes numerous seaside towns, lighthouses, and important historical sites like Plymouth.  

Nantucket: Former Whaling Capital

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HD Drone Video | Nantucket Montage

TeBe Titan...

Contributor ToBe Astro created this beautiful drone video of Nantucket, an island situated about 50 km (30 mi.) south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  The island was the center of the whaling industry for many years before losing its position to New Bedford in the mid-1800's, following which the island endured a century of stagnation and depopulation.  Nantucket was "rediscovered" as a summer getaway spot beginning in the 1950's, and today it's one of the prime beach getaways on the USA's Eastern Seaboard.    

Maine's Bath Iron Works Shipyard

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Bath Iron Works Shipyard!


Top contributor and pilot PO3SMITH created this amazing drone video of one of the world's most important naval shipyards.  It's called the Bath Iron Works, and it's in the eponymously named town in Maine, in the USA's New England region.  Currently owned by defense giant Northrup Grumman, the Bath Works has produced some of the most storied vessels in the US Navy.  For example, many of the Fletcher-class destroyers, which played a key role in the USA's victory in World War II, were built here.  

Sankaty Lighthouse

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Sankaty Head Light

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Check out this stunning drone video of one of the most well-known lighthouses on the USA's East Coast, compliments of contributor PO3SMITH.  Sankaty Head Light sits on the east end of the island of Nantucket, south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  One look at a map will tell you why a lighthouse would be important here; the island sits astride busy shipping lanes in and out of Boston Harbor and points further north.  The 21 meter (70 ft.) lighthouse was completed in 1850 and has been automated since 1965.

Springfield, Massachusetts

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Springfield, Massachusetts

Chris Bona...

Despite being the fourth-largest city in New England, Springfield, Massachusetts is comparatively less well known.  It sits on the Connecticut River, just a bit upstream from Hartford, CT.  It's the home of the (now-closed) Springfield Armory, the main military-grade firearms manufacturing facility in the USA for nearly two centuries.  Contributor Chris Bonanno used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this aerial view of the city, which is also known as the birthplace of modern basketball.

4K Maine Lighthouse Tour

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Maine Lighthouse Extravaganza V2.0!

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If you look at a map of Maine, you will immediately see why this New England state has so many lighthouses.  Its complex coastlines presents great navigational challenges to the shipping traffic between Boston and the Canadian Maritime provinces: literally hundreds of islands, inlets, offshore rock formations, and other hazards.  In this brilliant 4k drone video by top contributor PO3SMITH, you'll get a bird's eye view of some of the more than 50 lighthouses which grace the state's Atlantic coastline.

Hyperlapse of Gloucester and Boston

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Boston Hyperlapses 2018

  • CShel
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  • almost 2 years ago

Contributor and pilot Cshel put the DJI Mavic Pro 2 to work creating this awesome hyperlapse from greater Boston.  The first few shots are from Gloucester, an outer suburb of the city on Cape Ann.  Then the action shifts to Boston proper, beginning with a beautiful shot looking over the Charles River towards Fenway Park.  Then it's on to the skyscrapers around Copley Plaza before finishing up near the Financial District, wrapping up with a nice sunset sequence in the Back Bay neighborhood.

Yale University

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Yale University Campus


Check out this drone video of the Yale University campus in New Haven, Connecticut, compliments of contributor and pilot pilgrimdroner.  Founded in 1701, Yale is the USA's third-oldest institution of higher learning.  Originally affiliated with the Congregationalist Church, it moved beyond its original undergraduate focus beginning in the mid-1800's and awarded the first PhD in the USA in 1861.  Its enrollment of about 13.4k is a bit over 50% graduate and professional school students.  

Private Island in Connecticut

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Tavern Island, CT

  • mrinab
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The Connecticut coastline along Long Island Sound is home to a number of islands, some of which are uninhabited.   One of them is called Tavern Island.  It's a privately owned island due south of Norwalk, just a five minute boat ride from the mainland.  The island covers just over 2.5 acres.  The main house was built in the 1930's and was the scene of some legendary parties in the 1950's.  The island recently sold for just under $9 million.  Check it out from above in this drone video by contributor and pilot Mrinab.

Connecticut's Stony Creek and Thimble Islands

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Stony Creek and the Thimbles


AirVuz contributor Manx.Cat brings us this fantastic drone video of the area around Stony Creek, Connecticut.  The town is located roughly in the middle of the state's southern coastline on Long Island Sound.  The video features footage both of the town itself as well as the Thimble Islands, a group of about two dozen small islands  which lie in and around Stony Creek's natural harbor.  Stony Creek and the Thimble Islands have long been known as summer retreats; Davis Island, for example, was the summer home of President William H. Taft.

Dartmouth College, New Hampshire

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Dartmouth College


Here's a drone's eye view of prestigious Dartmouth College, compliments of pilgrimdroner.  Founded in 1769, it's one of a group of schools once known as the Colonial Colleges and now known (with a few changes) as the Ivy League.  Located in Hanover, New Hampshire, Dartmouth is the most undergraduate-focused of the Ivies; its enrollment of about 6.4k is roughly 65% undergraduate.  In the 2019 US News & World Report college survey, Dartmouth ranked #12 amongst the national universities.     

Historic Salem, Massachusetts

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Salem, Massachusetts


Salem, Massachusetts is one of New England's oldest settlements.  Located about a half hour drive northeast of Boston, the town was the epicenter of one of the USA's greatest travesties of justice: the Salem Witch Trials of 1692-3, in which 20 innocent people were executed.  The episode was later adapted as an allegory for McCarthyism by playwright Arthur Miller in his classic play, the Crucible (1953).  In this video by pilgrimdroner, you'll get a bird's eye view of historic Salem, including its Witch Museum.  

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Campus

Chris Bona...

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or "MIT" for short, is one of the world's top science and engineering universities.  Founded in 1861 as an institution devoted to the advancement of technological progress, it's situated across the Charles River from Boston in the town of Cambridge, just a km/mi. downriver from the Harvard University campus.  In this drone video by contributor Chris Bonano, you'll get a bird's eye view of the MIT campus.  The video was shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone.  

Boston's Fenway Park

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Fenway Park, Boston

Chris Bona...

Contributor Chris Bonano used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 to create this aerial view of Boston's Fenway Park, one of the most storied venues in American sports.  The oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball, since 1912 it's been the home of the Boston Red Sox.  Part of its appeal is its size - with seating for just over 37,000, it's one of MLB's smallest stadiums.  Located in the city's Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood along the Charles River, the park was the filming location for the climax of the crime thriller the Town (2010).

Brown University, Providence

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Brown University

  • Blaze
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  • about 1 year ago

Here's an aerial view of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, compliments of Blaze.  Founded in 1764, it's the seventh-oldest institution of higher learning in the USA and a member of the Ivy League.  While the school's roots are tied to the American Baptist Church, it was the first college to remove religious affiliation as criteria for admission.  Sitting on a 143 acre campus east of downtown Providence, Brown currently has a student body of about 10.3k, of which roughly 70% are undergraduate.  

Williams College

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Williams College, Massachusetts

Chris Bona...

Check out this drone video of Williams College by contributor Chris Bonano.  Founded in 1793, Williams is located in Williamstown, in the northwestern corner of Massachusetts.  Among other distinctions, it's the state's second-oldest college, after Harvard.  In recent years, Williams has dominated the highly influential US News & World Report annual rankings of the USA's colleges: in 2019, Williams was ranked as the #1 school in the liberal arts college category for the 17th consecutive year.  

Stamford, Connecticut

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Autel EVO - Over the Top - Cityview


The southwestern part of the USA state of Connecticut has essentially become part of the greater New York City area; from the closest part of Manhattan to the Connecticut border it's only about 20 km (around 12 mi.).  The principal city in this part of the state is Stamford.  With a population in 2019 of about 130k, it's the third-largest city in the Constitution State.  In this drone video by SDPilot, you'll get a bird's eye view of gleaming Stamford, the epicenter of one of the wealthiest parts of the country.   

New Bedford, Massachusetts

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USA's Most Valuable Fishing Port


New Bedford is a port city in the southeastern corner of Massachusetts.  It's located about 100 km (around 60 mi.) south of Boston.  Its waterfront sits on Buzzard's Bay, opposite Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard.  First settled in 1652, New Bedford became the pre-eminent center of the whaling trade during its heyday in the mid-19th century.  Seen here in this drone video by AlTheGreat, it continues to be an important fishing center, and it's also the home of one of the USA's largest concentrations of Portuguese immigrants. 

Beavertail Lighthouse, Rhode Island

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Beavertail Lighthouse - Jamestown, RI // Yuneec Typhoon H


Contributor AGL Aerials used a Yuneec Typhoon H drone to create this aerial view of Beavertail Lighthouse, the most well-known lighthouse in the USA state of Rhode Island.  The lighthouse sits at the southern tip of Conanicut Island, at the entrance to Naragansett Bay.  Located in an important spot relative to shipping lanes in and out of the state's main harbors, a crude beacon was operational here as early as the early 1700's.  The current structure dates to 1856, and it's been automated since 1989.  

Cape Cod Whale Watching Boat

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Fastest Whale Watch Boat in New England!


Cape Cod, off of mainland Massachusetts in the New England region of the USA, is one of the country's best whale watching spots.  Cape Cod Rib operates a custom-built whale watching boat which will keep up with the fastest whale.  The watercraft has a 1000 HP engine, enabling it to hit a top speed of over 60 km/hour (40 mph).  Contributor PO3SMith used a drone to show the capabilities of this monster speedboat, which is also used for "joyride" tours.  Definitely progress since the whaling days of 1800's New England! 

Springfield Armory: America's Firearms Factory

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Springfield Armory, Massachusetts

Chris Bona...

Contributor Chris Bonanno used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 to create this aerial video of the Springfield Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts.  From the Revolutionary War through the mid-1960's, the Armory was the USA's principal manufacturing site for military firearms.  Its 40x increase in rifle output during the course of the Civil War was one of the key factors behind the Union victory.  Springfield's extensive use of standardization and interchangeable parts also contributed heavily to the USA's industrialization.  

Block Island, Rhode Island

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Block Island RI - Cow Cove and North Light

  • Manx.Cat
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  • about 2 months ago

Check out these iconic New England views from Block Island, Rhode Island, compliments of contributor Manx.Cat.  The island is located in Block Island Sound, a little under 25 km (around 15 mi.) east of Montauk Point (the eastern tip of Long Island).  The island was recently listed by the Nature Conservancy on its Last Great Places list of the twelve best spots in the Western Hemisphere.  The video features footage of some of the island's top sites, including Cow Cove and North Light, a historic lighthouse at the island's northern tip.

New Hampshire: Seven Nature Scenes

3:36 click to play video

Seven Summer Stories


Although small, the state of New Hampshire is largely rural and is home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery in New England.  Top AirVuz contributor and pilot PeterBloch created this drone video put together with footage from seven spots across the Granite State: Clark Creek in New London, Blackeyed Susans in Wentworth, Crawford Cemetery in Alexandria, the Wentworth covered bridge, Joe Pye Weed in Sutton Mills, McDaniel's Marsh in Springfield, and Purple Loosestrife in Surrey.

New Hampshire's Rye Harbor

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Rye Harbor, New Hampshire


Here's a beautiful aerial video of a small harbor town in the USA's state of New Hampshire, compliments of pfritz66.  It's the town of Rye, which is situated on the Atlantic coastline just south of the port city of Portsmouth in this New England state.  This area was home to some of the earliest settlements in New England, some dating to just a few years after the Mayflower landing in 1620.  With a permament population of around 5,000, Rye is the birthplace of Dan Brown, the noted author of the DaVinci Code.

New Hampshire's Bradford Bog

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"Incandescent" Bradford Bog


Prepare to be blown away by this stunning aerial view of New England's Fall colors, compliments of contributor and pilot PeterBloch. It was filmed at Bradford Bog, New Hampshire, in the west-central part of the Granite State.  It's part of a large system of wetlands throughout rural New England which provide vital sanctuary for birds and other species and also make for some of the finest day hiking trips around. This was filmed in late September, as the area approaches its peak colors in early October.  

Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire

2:30 click to play video

Sunrise Over Sunset Hill


Check out these glorious aerial views of Lake Sunapee in the New England state of New Hampshire, compliments of contributor PeterBloch.  It's located in Sullivan and Merrimack Counties near the middle of the state.  The long, narrow lake runs for about 13 km (around 8 mi.) north-to-south, covers about 17 square km (around 7 square mi.), and is home to nearly a dozen islands.  Sunapee is part of a larger lake and wetland area, which offers some of the most spectacular Fall scenery to be had in the entire USA.  

Fiery Fall Colors in New Hampshire's Marshlands

2:10 click to play video

"Luma" Cascade Marsh


Contributor Peter Bloch has created some of the finest aerial Fall color content on AirVuz or any other platform.  In this stunning piece, he shows off Autumn scenery in the marshlands of central New Hampshire.  The video was filmed around the town of North Sutton, near the middle of the Granite State.  Located roughly between the towns of Hanover and Concord, it's a wetands and lake area which turns to brilliant hues of yellow, orange and red during the Fall months.  The video was filmed with a DJI Mavic Pro 2.  

Connecticut's Old Saybrook Lighthouse

2:23 click to play video

Old Saybrook - Lynde Point - DJI Mavic Air 4K


Lynde Point, Connecticut sits near the mouth of the  Connecticut River, one of the most important waterways in New Engand.  To protect shipping along the river as well as along the north shore of Long Island Sound, one of the USA's first lighthouses was constructed here in 1803.  The current lighthouse structure here opened in 1839.  Automated since 1978, Lynde Point Lighthouse is listed on the US National Register of Historic Places.  In this drone video by GolfTango, you can see this beautiful landmark from above.  

Maine's New Portland Wire Bridge

2:58 click to play video

The Wire Bridge


Check out this drone video of a famous bridge in the USA's New England region, compliments of contributor rdrivas.  It's called the New Portland Wire Bridge and it's in the interior town of New Portland in the state of Maine.  It's a cable suspension bridge which was opened in 1866, right after the end of the US Civil War.  It's believed to be one of the last bridges of this design in existence.  The 57 meter (188 ft.) long bridge spans the Carrabassett River.  It's listed on the US Register of Historic Places

Droning America: Nantucket

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Droning America: Nantucket, MA

Droning Am...

In this episode of Droning America, hostess Angie Avestruz heads to Nantucket, Massachusetts.  Nantucket is a small island off the southern coast of Cape Cod, about an hour's drive southeast of Boston.  Angie and AirVuz contributor Ryan Smith (PO3SMITH) will take you around and show you some of the sites of this beautiful spot, by drone. They travel all over the island checking out Main Street, the historic Whaling Museum, famous landmarks and sprawling beaches…all decked out for the holidays!


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2019 Teaser

5:26 click to play video

USS Massachusetts 4K via Drone

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  • almost 4 years ago
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Nubble point

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Magnificent Maine By Drone

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Higher Fall

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New London Ledge Light

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Autumn Fire 2019

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Greens Ledge Light