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Canadian Nature

Fujiabra Films

While the Canadian province of Ontario is Canada's most populous by a considerable margin, it actually has very low population density.  The province occupies an enormous land area of almost 1.1 million square km (a bit over 400k square mi).  This is about equal to the combined USA states of California and Texas, which together have about 5x the population of Ontario.  In this video, Fujibara Films gives us an aerial view of a very rural (and beautiful) Ontario.

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Toronto, the capital of Ontaria, is the largest city in Canada as well as its principal business and financial center.  Contributor 416 Shots gives us an aerial tour of this metropolis on the shores of Lake Ontario.  Using a DJI Phantom 3 drone, he gives us bird's eye views of the Toronto skyline, which is graced by the gigantic CN Tower (once the world's tallest structure, with a rooftop height of 450 meters or about 1.5k ft.)) and numerous gleaming bank headquarters buildings.

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Lucid Dreaming in Nottawasaga Bay


Ontario's Nottawasaga Bay sits at the south end of Gulf Bay, itself an eastern extension of Lake Huron, part of the Great Lakes system of North America.  This is a quintissential Great Lakes scene, with a rocky shoreline backed up by forests.  In this amazing video, top contributor Elnaz, a native of Ontario, flew her drone over the bay just as the ice was beginning to break.  The aerial perspective is amazing. 

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Toronto: 5:00 PM


For a <1 minute tour of the ultramodern Toronto skyline, it's hard to beat this drone video by Sukoon2Fly.  This city on Lake Ontario has one of the most impressive skylines in North America.  Part of the reason is the concentrated nature of the Canadian financial industry: the so-called Big 5 banks are all based in Toronto, and their headquarters towers dominate the city's skyline.  The tallest of these is the nearly 300 meter (978 ft.) First Canadian Place, headquarters of the Bank of Montreal.   

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Lucid Dreaming: Ontario Spring


In a temperate climate like Ontario, Canada, the transition from winter to spring is as profound as that from summer to fall.  The transition can occur quite quickly, depending on weather conditions.  In this amazing video, contributor elnaz555 filmed the Ontario landscape over a three week period and used timelapse editing to put together this remarkable aerial perspective of Ontario turning to spring.

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Niagara Falls


When you think of the world's most famous waterfalls, Niagara Falls is near the top of the list. Situated on the border between Canada and the USA, it's a cataract system of three falls on the Niagara River, which connects two of North America's Great Lakes: Huron and Erie.  At peak times, about 168k cubic meters (almost six million cu. ft.) of water flows over its 51 meter (167 ft.) drop every minute.  In this video, you wil get a bird's eye view of the mighty waterfall, compliments of contributor Nonexistent Jay.

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Lucid Dreaming: Long Sault Parkway


One of the most beautiful bits of "natural" scenery in Canada's Ontario province isn't actually natural - it's a park comprised of man made islands.  Long Sault was an area of rapids on the St. Lawrence River, just upstream from Cornwall.  In the late 1950's, a massive hydroengineering project resulted in the flooding of some of the mainland and creating new islands in the river.  Now a park, contributor Elnaz555 captured the beautiful spot in this amazing drone video.

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Flowerpot Island

Fujiabra Films

Anyone who thinks that Ontario is all about Toronto should watch this beautiful drone video of Flowerpot Island, which sits off the end of a remote peninsula of Lake Huron.  It's near the town of Tobermoy, a small town which sits at the end of the Bruce Peninsula.  Fujibara Films used a drone to create this beautiful spot in rural Ontario, just a few hours drive but a world apart from the skyscrapers of Toronto to the south.  This is Canada's Cottage Country at its best.

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Lucid Dreaming: Muskawa


Contributor Elnaz555 created this beautiful drone video of a region of rural Ontario, Canada.  Muskoka is a region west of Georgian Bay, a gigantic Bay of Lake Huron that could almost be the sixth Great Lake.  Apart from Lake Huron, Muskoka has over 1,500 other lakes, and it's an extremely popular cabin/cottage location for urban dwellers in Toronto, the great metropolis due south of the region, seeking a relaxing change of pace.  

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Lucid Dreaming: Fall in Ontario


The province of Ontario is home to some of Canada's largest westlands.  They cover much of the central and northern part of the province, where bogs and marshy areas abound amidst thousands of lakes.  In this drone video by Elnaz555, you'll get a bird's eye view of one of Ontario's cranberry bogs, which put wetlands areas to agricultural use.  It's near the town of Muskoka Lakes, an area of Ontario's "cottage country" located a two hour drive north of Toronto.  

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A Cinematic Canadian Winter | DJI Mavic Pro

Chris Brockhurst

Chris Brockhurst created this beautiful capture of a couple of idyllic semi-rural spots in Ontario, Canada.  Port Perry is located on Lake Scugog, a large artificial lake located about an hour's drive northeast of Toronto.  It's known for its well-preserved Victorial area downtown.  Pickering is located on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, about 40 km (around 25 mi.) east of Toronto.  An old town that was once considered a stand-alone community, it's considered an outlying suburb or Toronto.  

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Filming Things in Ontario: Episode 4


Contributor Thejgordon used a DJI Mavic Pro to create this highly cinematic tour through the country-within-a-country known as Ontario, Canada.  The video will take you all around Canada's most populous province, which offers a unique blend of natural and urban scenery.  In quick succession, you'll get glimpses of the province's vast wetlands and forests, the vastness of Lake Ontario, the gleaming cosmopolitan city of Toronto, and reversing shots of the mighty Niagara Falls.

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Sunset in Kingston, Ontario

Daniel DeGagne

Contributor Daniel DeGagne used a DJI Mavic Air fitted with polarizing filters to create this beautiful sunset aerial of Kingston, Ontario.  Kingston is the primary city on the eastern side of Lake Ontario, opposite Toronto.  Among other things, it's a gateway to the Thousand Islands area in the St. Lawrence River, into which Lake Ontario empties.  Kingston is one of the oldest cities in Ontario, and was built on the site of a French fort called Frontenac.  For several years in the 19th century, it was Canada's capital.

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Webster Falls and Tews Falls in Hamilton Ontario


Bubbawoods created this beautiful drone video of the second most known waterfall in Ontario, Canada after Niagara Falls.  Webster Falls is located in Hamilton, Ontario, at the western end of Lake Ontario.  While Hamilton has in many respects become a satellite of Toronto, Webster Falls is a world away from the skyscrapers of the Toronto lakefront.  It's a plunge-type waterfalls on Spencer Creek, with a height of 22 meters (just under 70 ft.).  The falls was featured in the 2005 sci-fi movie Descent.  

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Dundas Peak Sunrise


Baileyroseking used a DJI Mavic Pro and a Sony ground camera to capture the beauty of Ontario's Dundas Peak on a beautiful fall morning.  Dundas lies just to the west of Hamilton, at the western end of Lake Ontario.  A substantial city of over a half-million in its own right, Hamilton is now considered part of the greater Toronto-Hamilton metropolitan area, a metropolis of over seven million.  The area around Dundas Peak is in the transition zone between the rural and urban sides of Ontario.


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Summer Toronto 2017

miguel arenillas
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Daydreaming in Toronto

Arthur Luyens