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6th Annual NYCDFF Extreme Sports Nominee:


Kamchatka. The Winter Surf Challenge

Two-time DVA winner created this magnificent drone video (itself nominated for Drone Video of the Week) from the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia's Far East.  The video includes footage of the Winter Surf Challenge - yes, surfing in Siberia!  It also includes footage of some of the area's spectacular natural scenery, including the Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano, the Parantuka river, and the Vilyuchinsky Pass.  The video earned a nomination in the Extreme Sports category at the 6th Annual NYCDFF.

Ergaki National Park, Sayan Mountains


Ergaki National Park


With multiple Drone Video of the Week/Month wins to his name, DiamondSKy is one of the top content creators in the AirVuz community.  That should be reason enough to check out this stunning new piece he brings us from Russia's Ergaki National Park.  The park is located in the southwestern part of the Siberia region, in the Ergaki Mountains.  The tallest peak in the Ergaki range is Zvyozdniy, which has a summit elevation of about 2.1k meters above sea level or around 6.9k ft.  The Ergaki Mountains form part of the larger Sayan range.  

Lake Baikal


Lake Baikal in Winter


Prepare to be blown away by this stunning wintertime drone video of Russia's Lake Baikal, compliments of top AirVuz contributor and pilot Makhorov.  The great lake of southern Siberia is one of the earth's great ecological treasures: amongst freshwater lakes, it's the world's largest by water volume, its deepest, its oldest, and by some measures its clearest.   When you see these glorious wintertime views of Baikal from this award-winning content creator, you may also agree that it's the most beautiful.  

Krasnoyarsk: Siberia's #3 City


Krasnoyarsk. Siberia. -30°С


Top contributor and former DVOW winner Makhorov brings us this stunning wintertime video of one of the most important cities in Asian Russia: Krasnoyarsk.  Capital of its namesake oblast, it's the third-largest city in Siberia after Novosibirsk and Omsk.  Founded as a border town on the banks of the Yenisei River in the early 17th century, it went on to become one of the most important junctions for the Trans-Siberian Railroad.   The video features some stunning dronelapses from the vapors visible in the frigid temperatures.  

The Altai Mountains


Altai Mountains


Several-time Drone Video of the Week Finalist Makhorov brings us this stunning drone video from Russia's Altai Mountains, home of some of the world's most remote and beautiful scenery.  The range, which runs through southern Siberia and also covers portions of China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan, has peaks as high as 4.5k meters above sea level (14.8k ft.).  Sparsely populated and studded with a number of giant lakes, the Altai's are famously difficult to access (particularly from within Russia) due to a lack of passes.    

Vladivostok: Port of the Far East


Summer in Vladivostok


Former Drone Video Award Winner panvelvet brings us this stunning drone video from the city of Vladivostok, Russia.  Vladivostok is the second-largest city in Russia's Far East region (after Khabarovsk) and the largest coastal city.  It is situated on a body of water known as the Golden Horn Bay, which is an inlet of the Sea of Japan.  The video features phenomenal footage of the city's beaches and active windsurfing scene, some of the tiny islands which lie off the mainland, the Zolotoy Bridge, and even a partially-submerged submarine! 

Burlinskoye: Pink Lake in Altai Krai


Pink lakes. Bursol


Multiple Drone Video of the Week Winner Mahhorov brings us this stunning drone video of one of the virtually unknown natural wonders of Russia: a lake in southwestern Siberia which turns pink for a period each year.  Lake Burlinskoye is located near Bursol, in the province of Altai Krai.  The change of hue is due to the presence of micro-organisms in the lake, which is one of a number of lakes near the border with Kazakhstan which exhibit this phenomenon.  The pink phase generally lasts a few weeks in late summer. This video was a DVOW nominee in September 2020.

Novosibirsk: Russia's Third City


Novosibirsk. Siberia. Dronelapse


Novosibirsk is the facto business capital of Siberia, and Russia's third-largest city after Moscow and St. Petersburg.  A comparative infant by Russian standards, Novosibirsk was founded in 1893 as the crossing-point for the Trans-Siberian Railroad over the Ob River.   During Soviet times, the city became a major industrial center, with many factories relocated here following the Nazi invasion of the USSR in 1941.  In this fantastic dronelapse by Makharov, you'll be treated to some stunning aerial views of this very modern city.

Aerial Tour of the Kamchatka Peninsula


Kamchatka Peninsula


For a first upload to AirVuz, new contributor Makhorov brings us this DVOW-winning piece from the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia's Far Eastern region, between the Sea of Ohotsk and the Bering Sea. Opening with some epic shots of the peninsula's stunning coastline, most of the video was shot in the largely volcano-covered interior of the region. The video includes footage of the Klyuchevskaya Sopka, the highest Eurasian volcano with a peak elevation of 4.75k meters above sea level (15.6k ft.). 

Irkutsk, Historic Siberian City


Aerial Footage. Irkutsk (Russia)


Irkutsk is one of the most important cities in Russia's Siberia region, and one of the 25 largest cities in the country.  The city lies just north of the southern end of Lake Baikal, on the banks of the Angara River.  Founded in the 17th century, Irkutsk later became one of the principal cities to which those opposed to the Tsarist government of Imperial Russia were sent into exile.  In this excellent drone video by top contributor and pilot VadimUshKa, you'll get a bird's eye view of this historic Russian city. 

Kamchatka and Kurile Islands


Kamchatka and Kuril Islands by drones


Explore some of the most remote (and beautiful) parts of Russia in this excellent drone video by maxbaloo. He filmed the Kamchatka Peninsula in the country's Far East and the Kurile Islands, a chain which runs across the Sea of Ohotsk between the southern tip of Kamchatka and the Japanese island of Hokkaido. The Kuriles had been Japanse territories until 1945 but were occupied by the Soviet Union near the end of World War II and subsequently annexed. This video was a DVOW nominee in August, 2019. 

Frozen Lake Baikal


The Lake Baikal


Wait until you see this incredible aerial video of frozen Lake Baikal by contributor diamondsky. Lake Baikal is an ancient, massive lake in Siberia, Russia just north of the Mongolian border. The world's deepest and most voluminous lake, Baikal remains frozen for over a third of the year (usually between January to early May or June). In this video, he'll show us the frozen caves around the lake, a car driving across the ice, and the snow-covered mountains which surround parts of Baikal. This video was a DVOW finalist in December 2019.

Tomsk: Siberia's Oldest City


Moments of Tomsk

Mayday stu...

Mayday Studio brings us this beautiful drone video of Tomsk, an important city in Siberian Russia.  It's located in the western part of the region, and is the capital of the oblast (state) of the same name.  With a population of about a half million, Tomsk is one of the oldest cities in Siberia; its establishment in 1604 was one of the seminal events in the centuries-long process whereby Russia conquered the vast region.  Today, it's a major educational center, with six universities and over 100k students.

Off-Road Event in Sakhalin


Sakhalin: Discovery with a Land Rover


Sakhalin is a giant island in Far Eastern Russia in the Northern Pacific Ocean.  Its distance from the Russian capital in Moscow - almost 6.4k km (just under  4k mi.) is testament to the vast size of this country, which spans two continents.  In this remarkable video, contributor Vision.One used a drone to create an aerial perspective of an off-road event on Sakhalin organized by Land Rover.  The video follows a group of 4x4 vehicles as they trek across this enormous yet remote island in the far reaches of Northeast Asia.

Flying along the Lena River


Siberian Flights: Along the Lena River


Contributor Adrianotrapani created this magnificent video from western Siberia in Russia.  It was shot in a district of the Irkust Oblast, which lies just to the west of Lake Baikal.  The video was shot along the Lena River, one of the three great rivers which drain Siberia into the Arctic Sea.  Drawing from the same watershed as Lake Baikal (the world's largest freshwater lake measured by water volume), the Lena runs over 4.3k mi. (almost 2.7k mi.), forming a giant delta north of the Arctic Circle.  

Droning the Altai Mountains


4K Altay Mountain August 2020


For a first upload to AirVuz, new contributor CINEMADRONE brings us these stunning drone views from Russia's Altai Mountains.  The graceful peaks of this range lie primarily in Russian Siberia but also cover portions of China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan.  The tallest of the Altais is Mt. Belukha, which has a summit elevation of just over 4.5k meters above sea level or around 14.8k ft.  The various valleys between the mountains have few passes between them, making this some of the most remote territory on earth.  

Video from the Taiga of Siberia


DMi Forest & PONSSE Ванинский район Хабаровский край

Garry Stud...

Contributor Garry Studio worked with a Finnish forest equipment company to produce this amazing video of a timber farming operation in a taiga snow forest in Siberian Russia.  Harvesting Russia's vast timber resource in some of the most remote regions on earth represents a considerable challenge.  As you'll see in the video, the ground conditions are as demanding as those found in surface mining areas, and (as one can imagine) it's even further complicated by the bitter cold of the endless winter months.  

Sheregesh: Ski Resort in Kemerovo


Sheregesh 2019 - snowboarding film


Sheregish is a municipality in the Russian oblast of Kemerovo, one of the southwestern provinces of the vast region known as Siberia. Once known primarily as an iron mining town (and named after the two brothers who made the first iron find), it's emerged as one of the top ski resort destinations in Russia.  Home to numerous groomed slopes, the area now attracts about a million visitors per year.  Seen here in this drone video by contributor alex_avdeev, Sheregesh lies on the slopes of Mount Zelenaya.

Dronie from Lake Baikhal


Dronie from the Frozen Boats of Russia's Lake Baikal

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Contributor and drone pilot Wrenee, aka the Queen of the Dronie, applied her trademark pull-out shot to a gigantic (and very much frozen) lake in eastern Russia.  Lake Baikal is situated in southern Siberia.  Formed by a giant rift valley, the long, narrow lake extends hundreds of km/mi northwards from its southern end near the border with Mongolia.  While it's surface area is not as large as some of North America's Great Lakes, its enormous depth makes it the world's largest freshwater lake by volume.

Khabarovsk: #1 City in Far East Region



Garry Stud...

Khabarovsk is one of the largest and most important cities in Russia's Far Eastern region, sometimes known as Eastern Siberia.  The city is the capital and largest city of Khabarovsk Krai, as its namesake oblast (province) is known.  Khabarovsk is situated at the confluence of the Amur and Ussuri Rivers, two of the most important waterways in Northeastern Asia.  Seen here in this drone video by Garry Studio, Khabarovsk recently overtook the city of Vladivistok (which lies to its south) to become the largest city in the Far East region.

The Giant Boguchany Dam


Boguchany Dam


Multiple Drone Video of the Week Finalist Makhorov brings us this stunning drone video of a gigantic hydroelectric dam in Russian Siberia.  Boguchany Dam is located in the town of Kodinsky in Krasnoyarsk Krai, one of the oblasts (provinces) of the Siberian Federal District.  It's situated on the Angara River, a major tributary of the Yenesei.  While the dam construction began in the 1970's, it wasn't completed until 2015.  It has a rated capacity of almost 3 gigawatts, making it Russia's fourth largest hydro generator as of 2020.

Kamchatka's Volcanoes


Kamchatka 2019 - Konstantin Larionov

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The Kamchatka Peninsula is located in the Russian Far East, which is sometimes referred to as Eastern Siberia. The 780-mile peninsula borders the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Sea of Okhotska to the west.  The western part of the peninsula is home to a cluster of volcanoes, some of them still active.  The volcanic area has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. Drone pilot Rocannon takes us to the remote, Siberian destination to enjoy its dynamic views from the comfort of our warm homes.

Trip to the Altai Mountains


A flashback to my trip all around Altai


Check out this stunning drone video of a mountainous region of Russian Siberia, compliments of content creator and pilot antonioxt5.  The video was filmed in the Altai Mountains, which lie at the very southernmost extent of Asian Russia near its borders with Kazakhstan and Mongolia.  Located southwest of Lake Baikhal, it's one of the most remote areas of Russia. The highest peak of the range is Belukha Mountain, with a peak elevation of about 4.5k meters or around 14.7k ft. above sea level.  

Rafting in Chukotka




Check out this amazing video from the far northeastern corner of Russia, compliments of brand-new contributor valuiskikh.  He used a combination of drone and ground camera footage to film himself rafting on the still partly frozen Kazachka River river in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, a federal subject (essentially, an oblast) of the country's Far East region.  Covering an area of 737k square km (around 285k square mi.), roughly 10% larger than continental France, the terrritory has a permanent population of about 50k.  

Far Eastern District: Buryatia


Russia. Buryatia.


Check out this amazing drone video of a region of Siberian Russia, compliments of content creator and pilot Vaterlou.  Buryatia is a republic within Russia's Far Eastern District, which covers the eastern half of Siberia.  It covers the region to the east and south of Lake Baikhal.  It's a vast and relatively thinly populated province, crossed by many rivers.  This video features footage of the Zelter River, which rises in Mongolia, crosses into Russia, and ultimately flows into Lake Baikhal.

Kamchatka's Kurile Lake


Kurile Lake, Kamchatka, Russia


Check out this drone video of a well known lake on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the far eastern end of Russia, compliments of contributor and pilot Vision.One. Kurile Lake is at the southern end of the great peninsula, which forms the easternmost part of the Russian Far East region.  The lake was formed by the same geological processes that produced the many volcanoes which run down much of the length of Kamchatka.  The lake covers just over 75 square km (around 25 square mi.) and is over 300 meters (over 1k ft.) deep. 

Waterfalls of the Kamchatka Peninsula


Kamchatka Waterfalls

Valius Vid...

There's the Russian Far East, and then there is the Russian Far Far East.  This video is shot from the latter, on the giant Kamchatka Peninsula which marks the furthest eastern reaches of Eastern Siberia.  Situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Ohotsk, further from Moscow than London is from New York, the mountainous region is full of rivers and waterfalls.  In this video, Valius Video gives us a spectacular drone's eye view of two roaring waterfalls fed by runoff from the Vachkazhets range.  

Berd River: Ob Tributary


Berd river and rocks by the drone.

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The Berd River is an important waterway in Russia's Siberian region.  It is the right tributary of the Ob River, the world's seventh-longest and one of the three main rivers which drain Siberia northward into the Arctic Ocean (the other two being the Yenisei and Lena Rivers).  The Berd River's course runs for just over 350 km or around 225 mi.  In this drone video by ZURG, you'll get a bird's eye view of this important Siberian waterway, which originates in the highlands around the Altai Mountains.

Siberia's Rivers Thawing


Ice drifting in Siberia

Mayday stu...

Russia's Siberia region is vast, and large parts of it receive comparatively large amounts of precipitation - as much as 50 cm. or about 20 inches per year.  That's why three of the roughly two-dozen largest rivers in the world are in Siberia - the Amur, Ob, and Lena Rivers, all of which essentially exist to drain Siberia into the Arctic Ocean.  In this video by Mayday Studio, you'll see this process in action as peak drainage approaches with the coming of spring.  

Fall Colors on the Kazyr River


Река Казыр Кузнецкий Алатау Республика Хакасия


AirVuz contributor and pilot yuriylobachev brings us this excellent drone video from southern Siberia, Russia.  The video was shot during the height of the Fall colors season over the Kazyr River.  The waterway runs a bit under 400 km (around 240 mi.) through the Irkutsk Oblast and Krasnoyarsk Krai before joining with the Amyl River to form the Tuba River, a major right tributary of the Yenisey River.  The Yenisey is one of the three giant waterways which drain the vast watersheds of Siberia into the Arctic Ocean.  

FPV Views of Buryatia


That's one way to conduct a sightseeing tour


As first person view (FPV) pilots increasingly travel around the globe with their racing drones, we're starting to see some of the world's most remote locations from an entirely new perspective.  Case in point is this fantastic piece by AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot n00b_fpv.  He ventured to the territory of Buryatia in Russian Siberia.  Here he managed to film a spot near the city of Ulan-Ude which is referenced in the epic Central Asian poem about King Gesar which is believed to date to the 12th century.

Lake Baikal Drone Views



Air Cinema...

For a first upload to AirVuz, new contributor Air Cinema brings us this phenomenal aerial view of a frozen Lake Baikal in the Siberia region of Russia.  Baikal is what's known as a rift lake, formed by movements within the earth's crust.  This explains both the unusual rock formations around the lake's shoreline as well as its stupendous depth - up to 1.65k meters or about 5.4k ft., by far the world's deepest freshwater lake.  Frozen during the first 4-5 months of the year, the ice thickness reaches over 2 meters (nearly 7 ft.) in places.  

Wintry Lake Baikal


Baikal from above 4K


Prepare to be blown away by these stunning wintertime views of Russia's Lake Baikal, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot sokolkola.  Situated in southern Siberia, the world's deepest lake (astoundingly) holds almost a quarter of the world's freshwater water supply - more than all of the North American Great Lakes combined.   Believed to be the world's oldest lake, Baikal is part of a great rift valley which is formed by the earth's crust being pulled apart.  During winter, its ice can be as much as 2 meters thick (over 6 ft.).  

Altai Mountains Drone Views


beautiful Altai


For a first upload to AirVuz, yuriylobachev brings us this stunning drone video from Altai Mountains in Siberian Russia.  Some of the earth's most remote territory, the Altai's are located near the country's southern borders with China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan.  While they aren't quite as high as the Caucasus (the country's highest mountains), the Altai's are probably the most difficult to access; the lower of the two main passes into the range lies at an altitude of 2.8k meters above sea level or almost 9.3k ft.

Sinegorye: Semi-Abandoned Town in Kolyma


Sinegorye (2020)

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AirVuz contributor and pilot iOleg brings us this fascinating drone video from the Russian Far East.  The video was filmed over the settlement of Sinegorye, which lies on the Kolyma River in the oblast (province) of Magadan.  The development of Sinegorye occurred in the 1970's in connection with a giant hydroelectricity project, following which the town was largely abandoned.  Previously, the Kolyma region was the site of some of the most notorious work camps in the Gulag, the vast penal system established during the Stalinist era.  

Kamchatka by Drone




Enjoy these spectacular aerial views of Russia's Kamchatka region, compliments of new AirVuz contributor and drone pilot CINEMADRONE.  The great peninsula is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Ohotsk, close to the eastern extent of mainland Russia.  With two large volcanic belts containing 160 volcanoes (of which 29 are still active), it's considered the most geologically active zone of the Eurasian landmass.  The video will take you over massive volcanic craters and lakes, rushing streams and waterfalls, geysers, and more.

Lake Baikal: World's Deepest Lake


Unforgettable Baikal


Prepare to be blown away by this collage of winter aerial views of Russia's Lake Baikal, compliments of top contributor and drone pilot Tanya Shkondina.  The video opens with an epic shot of some giant rock formations of this natural wonder in Siberia, the world's largest freshwater lake by water volume.  From there, you'll be taken over the frozen lake and its shore line to see, among other things, some epic "drifting" action as well as an ice hovercraft (starting at about :50!).  This video won DVOW in May 2019.

Ice Road on Lake Baikal


Baikal Icy Road


Check out this beautiful drone video of a very frozen Lake Baikal in Siberian Russia, compliments of contributor Tanya Shkondina.  The lake is something of a natural wonder; due to its depth more than its surface area, it's the largest freshwater lake in the world by water volume - incredibly, nearly 25% of the world's surface freshwater is contained in this oblong-shaped lake in southern Siberia.  In the video, you'll see an ice road running to Olkhon Island, which lies along Baikal's western shore.  

Siberia Demo Reel


Aerial Action

Mayday stu...

Check out this impressive action reel by content creator and drone pilot Mayday Studio. The video was shot in various locations in Russia's Siberian region, mostly in and around the city of Tomsk - the oldest city in this vast area east of the Ural Mountains.  While the video features some beautiful landscape shots, what makes it so visually compelling are the action and people sequences.  These range from music concerts, mountain bike and off-road races, and even (near the end of the video) a shot of a powered hang-glider.  



Beautiful Altai (4K)


Russia's Altai Mountains

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Showreel Night Khabarovsk

Garry Stud...

Watching Tomsk

Mayday stu...

Amazing Baikal Ice