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Aerial Tour of Manitoba

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Manitoba From the Air


Manitoba is one of the three so-called prairie provinces in Central Canada, sitting to the east of Alberta (which is partially prairie and partially mountainous) and Saskatchewan.  Contributor Tomtom used a DJI Phantom 4 Professional drone to capture the essence of summer in the Canadian heartland.  The video includes aerial footage of St. Adolphe and St. Agathe,  over-water footage from Otter Falls, Eleanor Lake and the Winnipeg River, and much more.

The Prairies of Southern Alberta

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Travel Alberta


Alberta is the Canadian province where the prairies of central Canada and the mountains of western Canada meet.  Myworldphoto created this short but extremely impressive video of the southern part of the province, not far from the US border.  While the Canadian Rockies are visible in the background, the aerial video shows a side of Alberta such as expansive canola fields which resemble the landscape of Saskatchewan, the province to its east.  

Demo Reel from Saskatchewan

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EpicJib Aerial Media Demo Reel 2017

epicjib aerial media

Saskatchewan is one of Canada's prairie provinces, situated between Alberta and Manitoba.  Its landscape is similar to that of the USA state of North Dakota, which lies immediately to its south.  EpicJib, one of the top drone pilots in the province, created this epic demo reel showing both the breadth of their work as well as the beauty of this province which extends from the USA border to the Northern Territories and is the only Canadian province with no natural borders.  

Winnipeg's Bridges

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Bridges of Winnipeg

Wake Up, Matt

Moving west across Canada, the first major city of the prairie region is Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba.  The city sits at an important spot on the Red River, one of the most important waterways in North America.  Winnipeg is situated at the place where the Assiniboine River joins the Red River of the North as it flows towards Hudson's Bay.  In this video, contributor Wake-Up Matt gives us an aerial tour of some of the river bridges of this Prairie city known as the Gateway of the West.  

Alberta's Waterton National Park

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The Hills of Waterton


Contributor and drone pilot Myworldphoto created this epic aerial video of the area around Waterton National Park in Alberta, along the line where the Canadian Prairie turns into the Canadian Rockies.  It's in the southwestern part of the province, due south of Calgary, near the United States border.  In this part of the province, the transition occurs in a beautiful highlands area, which was turned into the country's fourth national park in the late 1800's.

Drone Tour of Winnipeg

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A Flight Over Winnipeg

  • Blaze
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Contributor Blaze used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this 60 second aerial tour of Winnipeg, the city on the Canadian Prairie in its Manitoba province.  The video contains excellent footage of the city's two rivers and the bridges spanning them, which form its most critical infrastructure.  The video will also show you aerial views of Investors Group Field, the $210 million home for the Canadian Football League Winnipeg Blue Bombers which was built in 2013.

Canada's Giant Wind Farms

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Wind Turbines in Southern Alberta, Canada

Aero Retina Optics

Canada's western prairies are blessed with considerable windpower potential.  Canada was the #6 country worldwide in installed windpower capacity in 2017, with the largest concentrations of its turbines in the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.   In this video, Aero Retina Optics provides us with a bird's eye view of a wind farm operation in southern Alberta, where the winds through the mountains of the west sweep over the prairies of the eastern part of the province.

Alberta's Canola Fields

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Flight over canola fields in alberta

Inspired by Inspire

While Canada's Prairie Provinces have a relatively short growing season, they nonetheless are highly productive.  That's due in part to the introduction of Canola (rapeseed) an oilseed that was developed in Canada for Canadian climate and soil conditions.  In 2018, Canada produced a staggering 20 million tons of Canola, almost all of which was harvested in Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.  Here's a drone view of Canola fields in Alberta, compliments of Inspired by Inspire.  

Grain Silo and Locomotive on the Prairie

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Grain Silo and Locomotive


Before oil and other minerals were discovered, the economy of Canada's Prairie provinces was largely dependent on agriculture.  Given the sparse population of the area, it's hard to overstate the importance of railroads to the equation; without them the millions of acres now under cultivation would have remained fallow.  In this drone video by Dronerdahl, you will see the symbolic connection between farm and railroad.  Shot near Glenlea, Manitoba, it features a grain silo next to a locomotive.