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DVA-Nominated Chicago Video

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Art of Endurance - Chicago

Drone Media Chicago

It is all about the "Art of Endurance" in this amazing drone production. Drone Media Chicago captures the 'Windy City in all its glory from above.  The video begins with an aerial shot of the skyline from the Navy Pier area and it proceeds to overhead shots of the financial district, aerials of the bridges over the Chicago River and the tracks of the Loop, bird's eye views of Lake Shore Drive, and skyscrapers galore.  This video is nominated in the Cities category for the 2nd annual Drone Video Awards. 

Windy City Dronelapse

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Chicago Hyperlapse 4K - Mavic 2 Pro


This epic video by Majestic shows two things: (1) the skyline of Chicago is tough to beat and (2) the new DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone is one amazing aerial video platform, with video quality that holds up well against much more expensive models.  Majestic uses some of the built in hyperlapse functionality of the Mavic 2 to produce some of the best 4k footage of the Chicago skyline anywhere.  The video includes spectacular footage of  the city's skyscrapers, the Lake Michigan waterfront, and more.

Chicago DVA Nominee

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The Windy City in 4K - Chicago from a New Perspective

  • Gianlo
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AirVuz contributor Gianlo uses his DJI Mavic Pro drone to give us an unforgettable (and DVA nominated) 60 second aerial tour of the skyline of Chicago, the city which can lay credible claim for having invented the skyscraper.  The video provides epic views of the Windy City's magnificent skyline, still dominated by the 108 story Willis Tower.  Standing over 440 meters (just over 1.4k ft.) tall, this behemoth was born as Sears Tower in 1974 and enjoyed a 25 year reign as the world's tallest skyscraper.  

One Minute over Downtown Chicago

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Mellow In Chicago

Reel Aerials

For a 60 second aerial tour of downtown Chicago, it's hard to beat this video by Reel Aerials.  Shot with a DJI Phantom drone, the video is packed with epic bird's eye views of the skyline and lakefront of this most American of major cities.  You'll be amazed and delighted by the top-down shots of the canyons of the Loop and Wacker Drive, the highway spokes leading into the city, and the stunning Lake Michigan lakefront.  The USA's best skyline?  You be the judge.

Aerial Tour of Chicago

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Chicago: An Aerial Tour


Drone_America takes us on this terrific aerial tour over the Windy City of Chicago in this amazing drone video.  The footage of all of the city's major highlights is fantastic, but what really sets this video apart is the captioning.  You'll not only see places like Navy Pier, Grant Park, Hancock Center, and the various bridges of the Chicago River, but they are helpfully labeled as such with non-intrusive captioning.  Watch it to gain a better understanding of how the Midwest's largest city "works".  

DVA Finalist from Chicago

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Beauty and the Beast-Chicago’s Story

Drone Media Chicago

In this highly creative piece, contributor Drone Media Chicago used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create an aerial story about the great Midwestern city of Chicago and its troubled neighborhoods.  The video includes a mix of ground footage and aerial footage from across the Windy City, all of which is beautifully edited.  With its powerful story told in part through aerial footage, the video was nominated as a finalist for the 2017 AirVuz Drone Video Awards in the Originality category.  

Wintry Chicago

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Chicago A Bird’s Eye View IX - Winter Finale in 4K

Aerial Vision Chicago

Chicago is one of those cities which looks completely different depending on the season.  In this video, top contributor Aerial Vision Chicago gives us a stunning toour of the Windy City in the depths of winter.  It includes bird's eye views of West Town, Navy Pier, CTA trains, Lake Michigan, South Loop, Soldier Field, Jackson Park, Lake Shore Drive, Chicago River, Trump Tower, US Cellular Field, Shedd Aquarium, and more! 

The University of Chicago

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The University of Chicago by Mavic Pro 2


Check out this drone video of the University of Chicago campus by contributor mavictraveler.  Situated about 8 km (around 5 mi) south of the Chicago Loop on Lake Michigan, the UofC is one of the world's most prestigious research universities.  Founded in 1890 with a grant by Standard Oil titan John D. Rockefeller, the school ranked #5 amongst national universities in the 2019 US News & World Report college rankings.  Its enrollment of about 16.4k students is roughly 40% undergraduate.  

Interdrone Finalist from Chicago

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City In Motion - Troy Walsh

InterDrone Film Festival

This video of Chicago by Troy Walsh was a finalist at the 2016 Interdrone Film Festival.  The video features amazing aerial perspectives of some of the most prominent landmarks in the downtown area, such as Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower and until recently the tallest in the USA), the lakefront, and the Loop District.  It also provides some amazing views of sites outside the city center, such as United Center, home of the multiyear NBA champion Chicago Bulls.  

DJI Mavic Pro over Chicago

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Above Chicago | DJI Mavic Pro | 4k

Bill Drones

A small drone like the DJI Mavic Pro is the perfect travel accompaniment for a trip to a city like Chicago.  The Loop and the Lake Michigan lakefront are not in FAA no fly zones, so capturing great aerial footage with this compact drone is quite feasible on a weekend trip.  Contributor Bill Drones did just that, treating us to this amazing aerial tour, with shots of Buckingham Fountain, Navy Pier, Chicago Harbor, and epic skyscrapers! 

Spring in Chicago

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Above the Streets of Chicago Spring 2018

Aerial Vision Chicago

Chicago winters can be hard, and the January gusts off Lake Michigan can be downright ugly.  Which makes the arrival of Spring in the Windy City that much more wonderful.  Contributor Aerial Vision Chicago flew a DJI Inspire 2 Drone with a Zenmuse X7 camera over the city at the beginning of Spring,  2018; you will get a bird's eye view of America's Second City as the thoughts turn from winter coats to Cubs baseball.  

Grant Park and Navy Pier

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First Class Views // Grant Park & Navy Pier, Chicago


The title of this video doesn't lie; watch it to get an awesome bird's eye perspective of two of the most important Chicago landmarks.  Grant Park is a giant public area on the Chicago waterfront, between the Loop and Lake Michigan.  Its centerpiece is Buckingham Fountain, one of the world's largest, which was completed in 1927.  Navy Pier, north of the park, sits to the east of the Magnificent Mile area.  The pier is the single largest tourist destination in the USA's Midwest.

Chicago's Stockyards

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Awake - The Stockyards


Chicago became the metropolis it is due to its location relative to the USA's agricultural resources and transportation systems.   This was manifested first and foremost in the massive stockyards which ringed the city, where animals fattened by grain from the country's farm heartland were converted into consumable meat for shipment east where most of the USA's mouths were located.  Heyheyyoushould gives us a brief but enlightening aerial look at the old stockyard district.

Chicago Cubs World Series Parade

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Drone Footage of the Chicago Cubs World Series Parade

Sky Candy Studios

When the Chicago Cubs won baseball's World Series in 2016 after a nearly century long hiatus, Chicago erupted like no city in modern memory.  Millions of fans turned out to watch the Cubs victory parade.  Contributor Sky Candy Studios traveled to Chicago that October day with a drone to film the parade with a drone.  While his access was somewhat limited, the video is still quite remarkable in what it captures from this historic event in Chicago and baseball history.

Northwestern University, Evanston

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Northwestern University Campus


Among the reasons for Chicago's success as a city are its two world-class universities: Northwestern University and the University of Chicago.  In this drone video by mavictraveler, you'll get a bird's eye view of the Northwestern campus in Evanston, about 20 km (12 miles) north of downtown.  Founded in 1851, the private research university has an enrollment of about 21k, about 40% of whom are undergraduate.  It ranked #10 amongst national universities in the 2019 US News & World Report college rankings.  

Chicago Harbor Lighthouse

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Chicago Harbor Lighthouse

60 Seconds

Navigating the waters of Lake Michigan can be treacherous, especially around the gigantic city of Chicago in its southern reaches.  The approaches to Chicago Harbor are safer due to the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse, which stands to the east of Navy Pier.  The lighthouse was originally displayed at the 1893 Columbian Exposition but it was moved to its current location in 1919.  Contributor 60 Seconds used a drone to create a marvelous aerial view of this important landmark. 

Frozen Chicago

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Aerial Vision Chicago

The Windy City, aka Chicago, Illinois, is known for its cold temperatures and frigid windchills. Sitting off Lake Michigan, the "lake effect" snow and wind is no joke in the winter! Aerial Visual Chicago makes a little fun of their home city by combining Chicago with the infamously cold region of Siberia in the title, dubbing it Chi-beria. This piece was shot in -22F temperatures. Yes, it looks cold, but the smoke stacks, rising sun, and frozen water also leaves the city looking magical. 

Jet Skiing Lake Michigan

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Summer Fun in Chicago on Jet Ski’s (4k)

Aerial Vision Chicago

For an urban jetskiing backdrop, it's hard to beat Chicago's Lake Michigan waterfront.  The southernmost of the Great Lakes turns into a playground in the summer for yachts, motorboats, sailboats, and yes, jetski's.  In this video Aerial Vision Chicago used a DJI Inspire 2 drone to film a couple of jetskiers shooting across the lake, with the epic skyline of the (not so) Windy City in the background.  As you'll see, the lake is amazingly calm and the jetskiing looks amazingly fun.

60 Seconds over Chicago

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Chasing Light

Drone Media Chicago

Drone Media Chicago put together this highly cinematic one minute tour of Chicago, the great American city on the shores of Lake Michigan.  In just 60 seconds, you'll see some of the most well known sights of the Windy City, for decades America's second largest.  In just 60 seconds, you'll be transported from the canyons of the Loop district to the Chicago River, from Soldier Field to the great freeways which feed traffic into the city center, and from Adler Planetarium to the foot of the Magnificent Mile.  

Chicago Drone Reel

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2019 Aerial Reel-Drone Media Chicago

Drone Media Chicago

Prepare to be amazed by this outstanding aerial demo reel by top contributor Drone Media Chicago.  Most of the footage is shot around their hometown, the Windy City of Chicago.  You'll see amazing bird's eye views of a very frozen Lake Michigan, the fog-covered lakefront, the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse, timelapse shots of the Loop area at night, and even a yoga session on the lakefront.  It's also got amazing action sequences, some incredible footage from Ireland, and more.  

Adler Planetarium

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First Class Views // Adler Planetarium, Chicago


The Adler Planetarium is one of the landmarks of Chicago's waterfront on Lake Michigan.  Opened in 1930, it was the first planetarium in the United States.  It's situated at the northeastern tip of Northerly Island, which is technically not an island but a man-made peninsula which is now part of the city's Museum Campus.  Adler Planetarium both educates the public and also has research operations.  Check out this architectural treasure in this drone video by willryan042.  

Damen Grain Silos

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60 Seconds

For well over a century, the center of the USA's grain trade has been Chicago, and in particular the Chicago Board of Trade.  In the earlier years, when a large proportion of futures contracts was settled with physical delivery, the city became the repository of vast stores of grain.  In this drone video by 60 seconds, you'll get an aerial view of one piece of this infrastructure, largely unneeeded now: the Damen Silos, a now-abandoned grain elevator and storage facility on the outskirts of downtown.  

Aerial Tour of Wintertime Chicago

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Birds-Eye of ChiTown - Winter 2017

Aerial Vision Chicago

Top contributor Aerial Vision Chicago created this marvelous winter montage of Chicago, Illinois, the great Midwestern city on the shores of Lake Michigan.  The video opens with a nice aerial view of the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse, which protects boats and ships entering the city's (mostly recreational) harbor.  From there you will be taken over Navy Pier, the Adler Planetarium, and Lake Shore Drive.  It includes some beautiful shots of the city's epic skyline, one of the world's best-known.  

Chicago Compilation

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Chicago From Above

AirVūz Social

Get swept away by these amazing aerial views of the Windy City. Chicago is one of the United States most iconic cities so AirVūz created a compilation that celebrates what makes this city so great, including its Skyline, Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Lake Michigan and much much more! 


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Chicago Drone Montage

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Chicago Climbs

Reel Aerials
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Chicago, IL