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Perth, Western Australia: The World's Best Sunsets!

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Perth is the capital of Western Australia, the vast state which would be a large country on its own.  Roughly 80% of Western Australia's 2.5 million inhabitants live in this city on the Indian Ocean, making it the fourth largest city in the country after Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.  The city is extremely remote from other Australian cities, the closest one being Adelaide nearly 2.7k km (1.5k mi) away.  Using a DJI Inspire 2 drone, contributor Intrepid Drone Services created this memorable aerial video of Perth at sunset.  


Skateboarding Adventure in Auckland with Mavic Pro

Thib from ...

It’s hard not to have fun with top contributor and drone pilot Thib from Above as he explores urban Auckland, New Zealand on his Penny skateboard with his guitar and DJI Mavic Pro. It's a perfect setting for the action; Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and often counted amongst the most beautiful urban areas in the world.  From dodging traffic and pedestrians to visiting city landmarks, the only thing more impressive than his skating is his flying - he says he does it all manually!  


Brisbane, Australia: DJI Mavic Pro Footage


Here is an awesome aerial video of Brisbane, the great Australian city near the mouth of the river by the same name.  Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, the third most populous of Australia's seven states and its second largest by land area.  Contributor Hekticdrones used a DJI Mavic Pro to shoot this dawn-to-dusk montage of Australia's third largest city, whose metropolitan area is home to nearly 2.5 million people and which has one of the most impressive skylines of the cities of Australasia.


Sydney Harbour, Australia

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Contributor EdDrone used a DJI Mavic Air to treat us to this epic aerial view of Sydney Harbor.  Australia's largest city and capital of the New South Wales state, Sydney is blessed with one of the world's finest natural harbors, comparable to Hong Kong's.  Watch the video to get a sense of how closely the city's most recognized landmarks - the downtown, the famous Opera House, and the equally famous Harbor Bridge - are tied to its great harbor, the second busiest in Australia after Melbourne.


Four Seasons in Wellington, New Zealand

Vaughan Wi...

In this video, you'll get a bird's eye look at Wellington, New Zealand and its surrounding area.  Wellington is the capital of this Australasian country, as well as its second largest city.  It is situated near the southern tip of the North Island, some distance from New Zealand's #1 city Auckland, which lies nearer to its northern end.  Wellington generally appears at the top of lists of the world's most beautiful capital cities, and when you watch this drone video by Vaughan Wilson you'll see why.


Adelaide South Australia- Drone Footage

Sandrine H...

Behold this marvelous video of the beautiful city of Adelaide, Australia from top contributor Sandrine Heq.  The capital of the state of South Australia, Adelaide offers a more relaxed urban environment compared to Sydney and Melbourne.  While its skyline lacks the skyscrapers of some of Australia's other large cities, its natural backdrop makes it amongst the most attractive.  Situated on the St. Vincent Gulf, the coastline around Adelaide is backed by high cliffs, beyond which lies the Outback.


Melbourne Aerial View: 2018


Here's a spectacular aerial tour of Melbourne, the capital of Australia's state of Victoria and the country's second largest city.  It includes epic shots of the skyline of the city, which is home to five of the seven tallest buildings in Australia as of year-end 2018.  The list is led by Eureka Tower, a 91 floor residential structure that reaches a height of just under 300 meters (975 ft.).  Other notable Melbourne skyscrapers include Aurora Melbourne Central, 120 Collins Street, 101 Collins, and Prima Pearl.  


Gold Coast of Australia


Fromabove brings us this beautiful drone video of Gold Coast, Australia, the second largest city in the state of Queensland.  The sixth largest city in the country, it's known for its surfing beaches and other aquatic-based recreation, and features an impressive skyline.  It's largest building, the Q1 tower, tops out at just over 320 meters (about 1,050 ft.).  Since its opening in 2005, it's been the tallest building in Australia and for a time was the world's tallest residential structure.  


Ovation of the Seas Approaching Hobart, Tasmania

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This drone video by FergTas manages to accomplish two things.  It will give you (a) a beautiful bird's eye view of one of the world's largest cruise ships and (b) an equally epic view of the Tasmanian capital city Hobart, which said ship is approaching.   If you look at a map of this Australian island state, you'll also get an appreciation for the navigation skills of the captain of this 167k gross ton displacement ship operated by the Royal Caribbean cruise line: the approach to the Hobart may be the world's most complex.



Newcastle August 2016

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Sunrise in Brisbane, Australia

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Early Morning Melbourne


Majestic Sydney from Above


Christchurch and Canterbury


Cloudy day in Auckland