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Antarctica, Union Glacier Camp. Mamont Cup Expedition, January 2018


Contributor Kirillumrikhin traveled from Russia to the Union Glacier Camp in Antarctica, the only part of the seventh continent which is open to tourists.  This magical video, which captures the beauty of this polar land, was chosen as a winner of the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week Contest in April, 2018.  For a bird's eye view of the world's most mysterious and least-explored continent, this video is hard to beat! This cinematic piece was also chosen as a Finalist for the second annual Drone Video Awards in the  Nature & Landscapes category. 

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One Wonderful Winter in Saint Petersburg (Russia) 4k UltraHD


Prepare to be astounded by this stunning wintertime drone video of St. Petersburg, Russia by vitaliy.karpovich.  The video opens with an epic shot of the old Stock Exchange and its two red Rastral Columns on Vasilevsky Island.  Then it moves on to the magnificent star-shaped Peter and Paul Fortress, the gold-domed St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Palace square and its Winter Palace, and other highlights from the erstwhile Russian capital city on the Neva River. This video was a DVOW nominee in May 2019

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Discover Qazaqstan

  • baikenxx
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Check out this amazing drone video of Kazakhstan by baikenxx, a Drone Video of the Week and Month Winner in April 2019.  From the southern part of the country it includes footage of Sauran and Otyrar, the Akmeshit cave, the mausoleums of Arystan Bab and Kozha of Ahmed Yassawi. From western Kazakhstan you'll see footage of the Caspian Sea, the sacred sites of Becket Ata and Aday Ata. In the central part of the country, it has footage of Ulytau mountain and flamingos in the Korgalzhynsky Reserve. 

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Victor Met...

The HBO hit show Westworld has inspired many creatives, including drone pilot Victor Metron who took his drone to Utah and Hawaii to create this short film. Westworld is about a futuristic park that is created for rich vacationers. The park is looked after by robotic “hosts,” that allow visitors to live out their fantasies through artificial consciousness. Hence the white robot featured throughout. Filled with time lapses and incredible landscape shots, it’s a drone video you just have to watch. This video was a DVOW nominee in June, 2019.

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The Art of Flight

Seven Road...

Top AirVuz contributor and pilot Seven Roads Media said he wanted to create a video without a narrative so each viewer could be inspired however they chose to be. The stunning top-downs, breathy still shots, and exciting angles will certainly leave you feeling inspired to fly, travel, and more.  With locations ranging from the Faroe Islands to the Southwestern USA, and filming sequences ranging from landscapes to epic action shots, it's no wonder that this video was picked as a Drone Video of the Week Winner in April, 2019. 

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Byron Bay


With over over a million views, this viral aerial video of from the eastern coast of Australia’s is worth a watch. Cinematographer and drone pilot Jaxon Roberts, along with yogi and social media influencer Sally Mustang, brings us dolphins, horses, palm trees, beaches, and more in this must-see drone video of the beautiful Byron Bay.  Byron Bay is located in the northeastern corner of the state of New South Wales, just a bit to the south of Gold Coast in the neighboring state of Queensland.


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Surfing Bali

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A New Zealand Adventure - 4K Drone

  • BenMack
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Tears of Pele

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Drone Reel Radikal Pictures 2019

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Northern Norway

  • Away
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  • about 2 years ago
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Unique Lodges Of The World

Sandrine H...
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Kasei Vallis

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Drone Showreel 2018

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Drone Reel 2018

  • Mattcoq
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